Chapter 88: Hidden card and their fault (Part 1)

Hearing Lin Chujiu’s question, Liu Yongsheng got shocked. Because he didn’t expect that Lin Chujiu still care about his disrespect and not kneeling in front of her.

At this very moment, he knew that he should kneel. But, if he kneels, then it means he lost this game. So, he… … shouldn’t! Especially, not in front of these people that he gathered.

Liu Yongsheng tightly clenches his fist and suppressed his fear. He then straightens his back and looks at Lin Chujiu.

There is someone that is backing him. So, even if he clashed with Lin Chujiu. He won’t fall into a bad situation like any ordinary scholar. Because that someone will definitely protect him.

Just by thinking like that, Liu Yongsheng’s resolution becomes more firm. So, he unruly look at Lin Chujiu. He wanted to make things clear to her that he would rather die than yield to her misgivings. He would never kneel in front of her.

All the other scholar students behind him got influenced by his actions. So, they also stiffly stand straight to show to Lin Chujiu that they are also ready to have a confrontation with her.

Lin Chujiu saw their reactions, but she didn’t get angry, nor laugh. She also didn’t continue talking about his kneeling. Instead, she said: “Scholar Liu seems very determined. But, let this princess ask you a question first. Do you think you have the right to decide the fate of these people?”

Lin Chujiu’s voice is still as soft as earlier and sounds as pretty as any princesses. But, the meaning of her words is sharper. Hearing this, Liu Yongsheng’s forehead instantly had thin sweats.

Ranging from Liu Yongsheng’s reaction. Lin Chujiu added: “Scholar Liu, and as well as the others. Today, this princess want to teach you only one thing. And that is, to don’t go to the wrong place. The life of these people can only be changed by the Emperor. So, Scholar Liu, you should plead to the Emperor instead of causing trouble in Xiao Wangfu. I think after conveying all your concerns to the palace, the Emperor won’t such watch, right? So, I think what you’re doing right now is not to plead for these people, but to gain fame.”

Lin Chujiu said her last sentence a bit slow and heavy. So, every word she said seems like a knife that stabs Liu Yongsheng’s heart. And every stab seems like knocking his conscience.

“No, that is not the case,” Liu Yongsheng got panic and hurriedly said: “We are here to see Prince Xiao. These people are the member of the families of the deceased soldiers that didn’t get their pensions. Prince Xiao should at least come out and explained, right? But instead, he sent a woman to come out. What’s the meaning of this? Could it be Prince Xiao is scared that’s why he hides behind a woman?”

Liu Yongsheng got panic for only a short while. Once he had calm down himself, he tried to control the situation in his favor once again. And didn’t let Lin Chujiu control him under her nose.

With Liu Yongsheng’s words, the people he had gathered near the gate to make troubles also recovered their mind. The people one by one started shouting. They keep saying that Prince Xiao is such a coward for hiding behind a woman.

Their words are very harsh. But at the very least, they are not bold enough to come forward and hit Lin Chujiu.

Lin Chujiu’s identity is not fake, her body is also not fake. So, if these people would dare to rush over to her. Xiao Wangfu’s guardsmen wouldn’t hesitate to kill them all just to protect her.

However, just keeping these people outside is not the right thing to do. Because if that is only the solution, then Lin Chujiu doesn’t even need to come out. Su Cha and Liu Bai can do that.

And since Lin Chujiu was the one who comes out. She should at least solve this matter once and for all. She shouldn’t let these people come again and cause trouble in front of Xiao Wangfu.

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