Chapter 92: Sincerity and selfishness (Part 2)

With only those trait of personalities, Lin Xiang successfully won the heart of the ordinary people. But at this moment, Lin Xiang hated that thing called “Heart”.

“Quiet, everyone please be quiet.” Lin Fu’s servant came forward to maintain the order. But because his throat seems to hurt, he only barely manages to quiet down the ordinary people.

So, how did Lin Chujiu manage to drag all these people here?

And at this moment too, all the scholar students had a red face due to embarrassment. They simply couldn’t lift up their face.

Because right now, in the eyes of the other people, they definitely look like a monkey. They have a very thick skin, but they also extremely love their image as scholar students.

In front of the Lin Fu, Lin Chujiu were no longer planning to control them. So, when she saw Lin Xiang came out. She came forward and said: “This daughter greets father.”

“Xiao Wangfei is too courteous. This old one is getting terrified.” Lin Xiang busily said. And in return to Lin Chujiu’s greetings, he said: “This old one is so glad to see Xiao Wangfei.”

Lin Chujiu naturally go along with him, so she replied: “Father, you absolutely shouldn’t. I maybe Xiao Wangfei now, but I am still your daughter. So, how can I not pay respect?”

No matter what they really feel inside. The two of them still made an excellent job. So, if a person will see them, that person will think that they really like a filial father and daughter.

“Why do I feel sick?” Liu Bai who is standing in the crowd said. And to make things more exaggerated, he covers up his face.

In order to protect Lin Chujiu, Liu Bai was sent out. So, whether he likes her or not, he has a duty to protect her. He cannot let Lin Chujiu get into an accident.

On the other hand, Su Cha couldn’t help but laugh when he saw Lin Chujiu and Lin Xiang’s performance. He’s worried that Lin Chujiu might suffer. But, it seems, if Lin Xiang is an old fox, Lin Chujiu is a baby fox.

The father and daughter exchange their greeting for a long time. In the eyes of the outsider, they seem like a loving father and daughter. But, to those people who know the truth, they know that it was only a hypocrite ceremony.

Lin Xiang ask Lin Chujiu’s conditions again and again. Because he couldn’t think another word. Lin Chujiu did the same, she asks things about the house again and again because she couldn’t think of another topic.

However, they can’t go on like this. Because there were people that were waiting for them outside.

Although there was a saying that who calls first will win. Lin Xiang didn’t expose his urgency. Because he also believes in the word called: “preemptive attack”.

And since Lin Xiang is not in the hurry, Lin Chujiu bluntly attack first.

Lin Chujiu heard that when Lin Wanting visited the Xiao Wangfu, her condition got worse. Because of that, Lin Chujiu took out her handkerchief and wipe her eyes, even though there were no tears: “How can Wanting meimei be so careless ah? Didn’t she know that she could get a scar on her forehead? Isn’t she worried to get that?” 

Lin Chujiu tried to make another opening: “Although it was really Wanting meimei’s fault because she didn’t walk properly. I and Xiao Wangye couldn’t sit still. So, we ask Divine Doctor Mo if he could check Wanting meimei’s face. We also ask him if he could give her some ointment. Wanting meimei’s face look so beautiful, so we cannot let her face have a scar.” 

After hearing her words, Lin Xiang’s mouth keeps twitching. After all, he couldn’t believe that his eldest daughter is not only foolish but also have a clever tongue. Lin Chujiu did not only expose that Lin Wanting’s face could have a scar but also tried to take responsibility. Because of this… …

A person couldn’t simply respond!

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  1. What “baby fox”, this woman is more like a fox goddess!
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  2. Hahahaha baby fox? Sir your 100 years too early to challenge this girl for being a fox. You will get what you deserve later on.

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