Chapter 94: People and too early to be happy (Part 1)

“Very well, very well said!”

The listeners can’t completely understand what Lin Chujiu had said, but they know that her words are scolding those unfair government officials. On the other hand, Lin Xiang, Liu Yongsheng, and the other scholar students understand the meaning of her righteous words. Her words are about loyalty to Emperor. But in fact, she’s just helping Xiao Tianyao to get off from the corruption case while pushing all the blame to the Emperor and his chosen people.

This country belongs to the Emperor. The Emperor was the one who appointed those government officials after testing their loyalty to him. Meaning: the corruption issues happened because of the current Emperor’s chosen officials and not because of Xiao Wangye!

What a clever mouth, it’s really good in picking flattery words!

Lin Xiang can’t tell if it’s Lin Chujiu’s own words or Xiao Tianyao’s early teachings. So at that moment, his smart looking eyes couldn’t help but flash.

Lin Chujiu doesn’t know what was he’s thinking, so she only stood there while smiling. Her Phoenix coronet was shaking a bit, so he couldn’t tell if she really has this noble atmosphere or not, but he also couldn’t ignore looking.

No matter how much he thinks, he finds her very different from her usual self. He couldn’t believe that in such a short period of time, Xiao Wangye will be able to mold her.

It seems this daughter of him grew up in silence because he actually doesn’t know a thing about her!

Lin Xiang squinted his eyes, then he carefully examined Lin Chujiu. But in the end, he cannot think of any.

Is she only pretending to be this good or she really grow up like this?

Anyway, he no longer had a chance to repute her tongue. In the eyes of the people, Xiao Wangfu is now standing in highest moral. So, he could no longer drag them down.

Lin Xiang sighed lightly and turn his eyes away from Lin Chujiu. He no longer wants to have a battle of the tongue with her, so he turned his eyes to the crowd instead.

After her bitter and righteous words, Lin Chujiu no longer say anything and just remained silent. The ordinary people also remain in silence, only Liu Yongsheng and his group said a few words. But, it doesn’t mean that Lin Xiang can just send them away.

Lin Xiang knows very clearly that these people came in front of his mansion to solve the corruption issue. So, he has to say a few words regarding about that matter, if he really wants to get rid of them.

“Everyone,” Lin Xiang said while raising his hand to caught the people’s attentions: “Rest assured, I’ll make sure to present all the questions you asked one by one to the Imperial Court so that the truth will come to light immediately.”

Lin Xiang made sure his words sound so beautiful to the people.

But, as for finding the truth?

Why would he say the truth? Even if these people all die, he would never say the truth.

Hearing his words, Su Cha and Liu Bai almost fainted in anger. So, they wanted to come forward and talk to Lin Chujiu. But, Lin Chujiu suddenly said: “Father is truly a selfless man, unlike this daughter. I heard Lin Furen and Wanting meimei are seriously ill, so I’m afraid that father couldn’t take care all of the details regarding this matter while looking at them. So please let these few maidservants and guardsmen help you, just giving them some errand to do.”

After saying those words, Lin Chujiu doesn’t want to give Lin Xiang an opportunity to refuse. So, she turned around immediately and commanded: “You will all stay here and help my father. Wangye ordered to solve this matter. So, you don’t need to go back with me.”

Lin Chujiu’s command sounds so strange. She said that Xiao Wangye ordered to solve this matter, but who could go there to verify ah?

Lin Xiang’s eyes widen and busily refused: “Xiao Wangfei, the royal guard’s primary responsibility is to protect Xiao Wangye. So, how can they stay here?” Why would he let these group of people stay behind and watch his back ah?

“Father, I also don’t want to them to stay. But, the government officials work is too poor. Haven’t you seen that father?” Lin Chujiu sighed, then look at him with her eyes that saying: I’m only thinking about you.

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  1. LCJ is so smart that her so called father have no way out but will have to carry out what he has just said. Thanks for this chapter.

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