Chapter 94: People and too early to be happy (Part 2)

“Early this morning, I asked Housekeeper Cao to look for Magistrate Shun Tian to help us deal with this matter. However, we didn’t even see his shadow in the Xiao Wangfu. Earlier, before I left the Xiao Wangfu, I also sent some people to look for him to maintain order in this place, but still, no one came. So, it seems Magistrate Shun Tian is very busy.”

Reporting and asking for help is the right thing to do. But, because the government officials were too busy. She has no other way but to use the royal guards to help her father: “Father, I’m sure Wangye would also do the same. So, don’t hesitate and just call them. Although they are clumsy at times, I’m sure they can help father with some errands.

Lin Chujiu’s words were full of lies, but she needed to say those things so that Lin Xiang couldn’t refuse. In fact, Magistrate Shun Tian is so confused so he couldn’t differentiate white from black. But, if Xiao Wangfu’s guardsmen will really stay in Lin Fu, it will really be a bad thing.

“Xiao Wangfei, if you will leave your maidservants and guardsmen here, who will protect you?” Lin Xiang also put a masked of a caring father. He looks at her with full of worries so he doesn’t want to agree.

However, when it comes to acting, Lin Chujiu is also not his opponent. 

“Father, you don’t have to worry. I am standing in the Imperial Capital where the Emperor lives, so who would dare to bring chaos. As for the maidservants? This daughter still has her hands, so I can take care of myself.” The first half of her words is a lie, but the last part is true. However, no one believes it.

“This… … how can you say that? You are a princess. You don’t need to take care of yourself. I’ll ask your mother to arrange a few maidservants to take care of you.” Lin Xiang said because he also wanted to leave some of his people to Xiang Wangfu.

However, Lin Chujiu bluntly refused: “Thank you, father, for your care. But, if you will lend me a few maidservants, they will only be sent back right away. Wangye has always been so thrifty, that’s why I only have four maidservants. So if you will add some more. Wangye will definitely be unhappy.”

Lin Chujiu was only lying, but her words made Su Cha and Liu Bai dumbfounded. And the two them can’t help but think: Tianyao is that stingy?

However, Lin Xiang doesn’t want to give up, so he also said: “But, they were only filling the absence of your maidservants. They will go back once your maidservants return.”

“Father, there’s no need for such trouble. But, if you really need to send those maidservants, you can send them to Cien Hall instead. There were lots of children that need to be taken care of there than me.” Cien Hall is a place where abandon babies and children were sent, that place… … is a total mess due to lack of manpower. So, what Lin Chujiu said is right. 

Lin Xiang was blocked by Lin Chujiu twice in a row, so he couldn’t help but get angry. However, he couldn’t accuse her of being an unfilial daughter. Lin Chujiu might be his daughter, but now, she is Xiao Wangfei. Her attitude and action are self-evident that she won Xiao Wangye’s heart. So, how can he just easily snap his anger to her?

Lin Xiang took a deep breath and slowly suppress his anger. He no longer wants to drag this matter, so he said: “Xiao Wangye is truly principled. If the Emperor will know this, he will surely be happy. Then, this official will shamelessly borrow Xiao Wangye’s guardsmen.” 

AfterLin Xiang realized that he cannot refuse, he immediately wears the big hat (big humiliation) that Xiao Tianyao has prepared. Lin Chujiu only laughed in silence and didn’t answer, because… …

She knows that this trick and hat that she had used, will certainly… …

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  1. Thanks for the update, I also wish for this father daughter farce to end quickly and the plot to resume to where we were ie with our ML and the Doctor’s daughter

  2. Hahahaha!!! Lin Chinju overwhelmingy won this duel!!! I pity this father for disregarding this daughter (although the one inside isn’t really his daughter) and has to pay such suffering and humiliation. Thanks for the chapter!!!

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