Chapter 95: Calm and the most suitable person for Wangye (Part 2)

Lin Chujiu’s steps look very firm and steady. And even though her hair was full of bead hairpins, the bead hairpins didn’t even ring a sound. Seeing her walking like that, the scholar students and the ordinary people couldn’t help but get shocked. And even some young ladies couldn’t help themselves but watch her quietly.   

Lin Chujiu just continue walking, as if she was like a flower that was leisurely and unoppressively moving along on the stream. Su Cha and Liu Bai thought that Lin Chujiu would continue to act like this near the Lin Fu. But, they suddenly heard her say: “Young Master Liu Bai, let’s hurry. If we got late, Wangye will be unhappy.” There’s now only a quarter of an hour remaining before Xiao Tianyao’s massage time. So, Lin Chujiu should hurry.

“Huh?” Lin Chujiu left all Xiao Wangfu’s guardsmen in the Lin Fu. So, she doesn’t have any other choice but to use Liu Bai as her coachman. Liu Bai thought he heard her wrong, so he asked again: “Wangfei, what did you say?”

So, Lin Chujiu once again said: “I said let’s hurry to go back. If we got late, Wangye will be unhappy and I’ll be miserable.”

Lin Chujiu knows clearly that Xiao Tianyao is a man with a strong self-control. But, if it’s related to her, he’s not.

“You’re afraid of Wangye? I thought you’re not afraid of anyone.”  Lin Chujiu started talking as if she’s not a princess, so Liu Bai also talks freely. 

Su Cha nodded his head in approval to Liu Bai’s words.

Lin Chujiu didn’t hesitate to offend the Emperor and Lin Xiang, but she’s afraid of Xiao Tianyao?

“Aren’t you also afraid of him?” Lin Chujiu didn’t say much. But, those words are enough to block their mouth.

Of course, they are afraid of him. All the people in the East Country are afraid of him. Some people even start crying, just by hearing his name. And there was even this folk lore among the children, if you will cry, the God of War will come to catch you.  So those children will stop crying immediately.

Liu Bai doesn’t care about what might happen to Lin Chujiu, but still, he didn’t dare to delay her because it is related to Xiao Tianyao. And because of his superb skill, they arrive in Xiao Wangfu very smoothly.

Lin Chujiu arrived in front of the Xiao Wangfu within the time limit. But, there was still some distance in between the front gate and Jing Tian courtyard.

“Damn it, I’m sure that obnoxious father and daughter will cause trouble for me.” Lin Chujiu jump off from the carriage, then she lifted up her skirt and run towards the direction of Jing Tian courtyard. And because she was running, the bead hairpins in her hair collide and created an intense sound. The elegance she had earlier completely vanish.

Su Cha who was still standing in front of the mansion got dumbfounded: “This is in front of the mansion, but Wangfei already changed her attitude?” What happened to that noble and dignified princess ah?

Su Cha suddenly feels pity for Xiao Tianyao, because she married such a princess. Is this really okay? 

Liu Bai originally hated Lin Chujiu, so he said: “What an annoying father and daughter.” But, seeing Lin Chujiu in a hurry, Liu Bai couldn’t help but laugh out loud.

“Well, to be honest, I think Wangfei is really a good and interesting person.” While still thinking her laughable image, Liu Bai’s hate to Lin Chujiu has lessened. Well, not only because she’s helping Xiao Tianyao, but also because she brings happiness to him.

Liu Bai likes Mo Yuer, but he can say that compared to Mo Yuer. Lin Chujiu is the most suitable person for Xiao Tianyao.

“You think so too?” Su Cha looks at Liu Bai in the eyes. But, Liu Bai didn’t answer him and just turn to leave. Because of that, Su Cha busily pulled him and said: “Let’s go. We have to see how miserable Wangfei can be if Wangye is unhappy.”

However, that was only an excuse. Because what Su Cha really wanted Liu Bai to see is how annoying Mo Yuer is. And he believes that Lin Chujiu will not exaggerate things.

Liu Bai’s heart is telling him not go, but his feet are out of control because Su Cha is pulling him. So in the end, he walked toward the Jing Tian Courtyard… …

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