Chapter 98: Grateful and start the plan (Part 2)

“He’s that cold?” Mo Yuer facial expression suddenly changes and her heart got chills.

“Xiao Wangye’s only sin is being heartless. That is why Father has advised you not be emotional in front of him. But, you didn’t listen, you still go along with your emotion.” This is the kind of daughter he has. She grew up arrogant and naive, even though he didn’t raise her like this. Nevertheless, he’ll always stand by his daughter’ side.

“I, I don’t believe it. I’m sure I’ll be an exception. Didn’t father always say that even the most ruthless man can also be the most affectionate man? I believe I can make Xiao Wangye deeply in love with me.”

Mo Yuer says with full of confidence. Because she firmly believes that she is the best. If it’s still like before, Divine Doctor Mo will agree with her daughter. However, they have been staying here in Xiao Wangfu but she and Xiao Tianyao haven’t spent time together for a long time.

Additionally, Lin Chujiu is several times better than his Mo Yuer. The only problem with her is she doesn’t have a good father. But it seems, Xiao Tianyao doesn’t mind.

If such a woman cannot catch Xiao Tianyao’s heart, what more if it is his daughter?

Divine Doctor Mo had a doubt, but his daughter is so obsessed with Xiao Tianyao. He doesn’t know how he will persuade his daughter, so he can only do his best to help her.

Divine Doctor Mo created a new treatment to Xiao Tianyao’s legs. However, this new treatment will require him to add the special herb he acquired. Because of this, he became reluctant.

If this special herb will be added, Xiao Tianyao’s legs will return to its normal state seventy to eighty percent more. He’s very reluctant to use it, but it seems he has no other choice but to sacrifice his special herb for his daughter’s sake.


The servant boy of Divine Doctor Mo followed him quietly in the pharmacy room. Divine Doctor Mo thinks highly to this servant boy, because no matter where he goes, this servant boy always followed him around. Because of this, Xiao Wangfu’s guardsmen didn’t pay any attention to this servant boy anymore.

After going in, the servant boy didn’t rush to show himself in front of Divine Doctor Mo. Instead, he pretended to be pounding some medicine. The servant boy keeps his head low, but his eyes keep moving around. He only stops observing when Divine Doctor Mo finally went outside. The servant boy went close to the bucket that Divine Doctor Mo used to fetch some water. And when he smelled something unique in the bucket’s handle. He secretly nodded his head.

The servant boy lifted up the bucket, but he hit Divine Doctor Mo’s disciple, Lu Yuan. When Lu Yuan was hit, the water splash in his body and he almost fell on the ground. The servant boy immediately bows down his head and apologize. Lu Yuan didn’t say anything, he just turns around and returns to his room.

This scene is not unusual, but Xiao Wangfu’s guard immediately looked at them. However, when he didn’t notice any abnormalities, he continues his patrol.

Lu Yuan went back to his room. He looks calm as always, but the only difference is he was now holding a small note in his palm. And when he looks at the note, the expression on his face slightly change.

Lu Yuan read the note: “Dragon soul”

After reading, Lu Yuan folded the small note in his hand and put it inside his mouth. Then he chewed and swallowed it.

Lu Yuan put on clean clothes and then open up his medicine box. Inside his medicine box, there was a beautiful white hairpin.

The Hairpin’s body was completely made out of a white jade. And it is curved into the shape of an orchid, so it looks very delicate and luxurious. The hairpin looks like a real orchid, so in just one glance, a person could tell that it’s worth a lot of money.

Lu Yuan took out the white jade hairpin and quietly holds it in his palm. Then, he went out and walked towards Mo Yuer’s room.

“Sister Mo, are you there? I have a few questions in mind. Can you help me please?” Lu Yuan knocked on Mo Yuer’s door. Not long after, Mo Yuer came close and open the door.

“Lu Yuan? What can I help you?” Mo Yuer said, but she didn’t let him in.

Lu Yuan respectfully state his series of questions. But, when Mo Yuer hears them, she couldn’t help but knitted her eyebrows and let him come inside: “You sit down first. I’ll go and get my medical book.”

Mo Yuer doesn’t know the answer to Lu Yuan’s questions.

“Then, I’ll trouble Sister Mo.” Lu Yuan sits down in a very respectful manner. While his eyes were showing a bit praise.

Mo Yuer went back to her room to find her medical book. But, as soon as she gets inside the room. Lu Yuan immediately stood up… …

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