Chapter 44: Good luck

Old Lady Bai led Bai Dazhu, Mrs. Liu, and Bai Erzhu. The four of them went to Hu Changlin’s house on the east side of the village. When the villagers saw this, they knew there will be a good show. So, they stopped working and followed.

On the other side, Bai Zhi and Hu Feng arrived at Doctor Lu’s house. Doctor Lu was tidying up the dried medicinal herbs in his courtyard. Most of the dried herbs were personally collected up by him. Because after drying, he can sell them in the town. In this mountain village, doctors couldn’t earn much money. So, if he won’t sell some medicinal herbs, he wouldn’t be able to support his family.

“Lu Dafu, are you busy?” Bai Zhi stood outside the yard and warmly smiled at Doctor Lu.

When Doctor Lu looked up and saw that it was Bai Zhi and Hu Feng. He quickly got up and put down the basket in his hand. Then, he got up and asked: “Did your niang’s illness worsen?”

Bai Zhi shook her head: “No, no, I have something to ask Lu Dafu.”

When Doctor Lu saw Bai Zhi’s smile and the bag on her back. It didn’t take him long to understand what was happening. He smiled and waved his hand: “Come on in, and say it.”

Doctor Lu pushed aside his basket and walked quickly to open the gate for the two people.

But, when Bai Zhi entered the yard, he whispered: “Lu Dafu, let’s go inside your house and talk.”

Doctor Lu was stunned. Was it something that can’t be discussed in the courtyard? He can see that Bai Zhi’s face has this mysterious looked. So, he got curious. Doctor Lu nodded and said: “Okay, let’s go inside the house.”

Doctor Lu’s house was not so big. It was not as big as the Bai Family’s house, but very neat and clean.

After entering the house, Bai Zhi closed the door with her own hand.

“What on earth did you bring for you to act so mysterious like this?” Doctor Lu smiled and asked.

Bai Zhi unloaded the bamboo bag on her back. Then, she took out the wild ginseng. She unwrapped the covered leaves and handed the ginseng directly to Doctor Lu’s hands: “Lu Dafu, what do you think about this wild ginseng?”

When Doctor Lu heard it was a wild ginseng, he was excited and immediately hold the wild ginseng. He had dug several wild ginseng in the mountain, but most of them were small. However, this wild ginseng in his hand, not only looked very good but also very big.

“This, this wild ginseng’s size and appearance are at least 100 years old!” Doctor Lu looked at the wild ginseng in his hand. He said it was almost 100 years, but more likely it was 1000 years old. He had seen such a big ginseng before. The pharmacy’s owner was not willing to sell it for a few thousand silver coins.

“Where did you get this from?” Doctor Lu asked anxiously.

Bai Zhi answered: “Today, Hu Feng and I went to the Luoying Mountain. I was originally looking for Selaginella. But as a result, I accidentally found this wild ginseng and brought it back to the village.”

There was still a little fresh soil left on the wild ginseng. The stems and leaves on the top of it were still green. It was indeed newly dug out.

Doctor Lu looked envious: “You are very lucky ah. This was your first time on the Luoying mountain, but you dug out such a big treasure. I have been there many times. But, I only get ordinary medicines. I didn’t see any big wild ginseng.”

Bai Zhi smiled and looked at Hu Feng beside her. Then, she smiled and said: “Not only me, I found it with Hu Feng. It is his good luck. Without him, I can’t survive in there.”

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