Chapter 226: Give back

“Woman, don’t you know your identity? Huh?”

“My identity? What is my identity? Tell me, what is my identity ah?!”

Yun Shishi angrily and aggressively asked. And when she somewhat understand the meaning of his words, Yun Shishi grab his shirt and said with her trembling voice: “You mean to say, I am your lover, I am your woman, I am your possession. Is that my identity your talking about?”

Mu Yazhe looked at her coldly and indifferently, but he remains silent.

As if he agrees to her series of questioning.

And with his reaction, Yun Shishi couldn’t help laugh.

“Mu Yazhe, how can you be this extreme ah? What do you take me for? Your toy? Your stuff? That when you wanted to play, I’ll just play with you?”

“Are you not?” Mu Yazhe asks coldly. Apparently, he got also provoke by her words.

“Your mouth is really fierce, do you think you have the right to be this fierce to me? You are my woman. And since you are my woman, you should know how to act right. You should know, that I don’t like my thing being touch by others.”

“Your thing?”

“Aren’t you? Your whole being is mine!”

Mu Yazhe overbearingly declared, as if his words are law and no one should question it.

Yun Shishi sneered right after he finished saying his words. And laughed out loud, as if she just heard the funniest joke in the world while looking at him with her red teary eyes.

“I am your thing? You keep saying that I am your woman and your thing ah! Why? Is it because of these things? Well, if that is the case, then I’ll give back your things to you!”

After saying those words, Yun Shishi unbuttons her coat right away. And then, she throws it over to Mu Yazhe while screaming with a hoarse voice: “I’ll give back everything you own! Here, take it! Take them all!”

Mu Yazhe’s facial expression change. He grabbed her shoulder to stop her from what she’s doing:  This woman, how can she be stubborn? What does she mean?

“Do you really have to belittle yourself?”

“I am belittling myself? No, you’re the one who’s belittling me!”

After she paused for a moment, Yun Shishi mockingly smiles.

“What exactly did I do wrong for you do this ah? You said I offended you? So, what you’re expecting me to do ah? Cry and beg you to keep me as your woman? Do I really need to continuously shame myself to you? No! So, why are you forcing me? Mu Yazhe, why are you belittling me? Is it because I agreed to be your surrogate mother six years ago? Yes, I admit, I volunteered to do that. Nobody pushes me! And because of that contract, I received an astronomical amount of money! I… … I sold my right as their mother in exchange for that money! But, if my father’s business didn’t go bankrupt, do you think I’ll do that? If I give you back your 10 million, no, a billion, will you give back my child? Will you give back my rights as their mother? Are you willing to give them back to me? Are you?”

A confession can sometimes be as sharp as a knife. But even though she tried hard to hide her sadness, her heart was already cut open so her blood keeps dripping.

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  1. Poor Shishi… Yazhe, do a better job in being her hubby… If you don’t your other will forever be unwilling to share his mom to you and his brother (poor kid) and be your enemy forever, he might never acknowledge his ancestry this way… Σ( ° △ °|||)︴Nooo!!!!! Please get your grip together!!! Like right now!!!

    (P.S. At least I’m more comfortable with him than Xiao Tianyou)

    1. You think so? Both of these boys are wolves in sheep’s clothing.Once Yi Chen finds out that the pretty lady is his birth mother ,all bets are off.That wicked stepmother to be fiancee` and whom ever is backing her will become mince meat And Mu Yazhe may get caught in the fallout.

  2. There there YSS calm down baby(pats back)

    These ice bergs from everywhere they just need good thrashing uggghhh u insolent men stop treating women as your possesions

    Arrogant jerks😤😤😤😤😤😤

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