Chapter 290: Whisper in the ear


Mu Wanrou assisted Mu Sheng to sit down next to the table. The old man sat upright, raise his chin and look at Mu Wanrou. Then, suddenly, he asked: “That boy didn’t return last night?”

When the old man mentioned Mu Yazhe, Mu Wanrou had a melancholy look on her face, but then she said: “Mmm, he didn’t come back. I don’t know where did he go. Maybe, he’s still busy in the company!”

“He goes to the company and work at night?”

Mu Sheng laughed ironically and expressed his displeasure: “I think this boy was thinking that the family didn’t know that his wings are broad and his heart is wild. But still, you should also manage him!”

“Grandpa, how am going to manage him?”

Mu Wanrou said with a grin, she sat down to the chair next to the old man. Then, sadly said: “Grandpa, he never listen to my advice. From childhood until now, he only listens to your words. I asked him to come back early yesterday, but he didn’t return for a night. This is not the first time he didn’t listen to me, but he had never done this!”

Mu Sheng nodded his head in agreement. That boy, although cold, he never causes trouble to the outside.

Unlike other rich kid, who loves spending time and money to countless women, that boy never performs such a thing.

In the old man’s heart, Mu Yazhe is a responsible father. Every night, he will come back to accompany Little Yichen to have dinner. And even if he was busy with work, he never came late.

However, these days, his exceptional behavior made him particularly attentive.

Mu Wanrou saw the awkward look in his face, so she continued and whisper: “Grandpa, you say, do you think he has another woman?”

“He dared!” As he listens, Mu Sheng got angry and slammed his hand on the table. The water in the cup shakes a bit.

The maidservant behind the old man got scared and run outside.

However, seeing this, Mu Wanrou felt happy.

Mu Sheng has always favored her. So this time, he will definitely make a decision for her on his own!

“Silly girl, you can rest assured. If he is being unfaithful to you out there. Grandpa will take a shot and break his legs!”

The old man look at Mu Wanrou lovingly, but when he said his last sentences, he hit the floor with his cane in hand.

Mu Wanrou curled her lips and look at the old man with pity: “Grandpa… …”

“Don’t be sad, I won’t let him upset you again!” Mu Sheng said, and then he patted her hand on the top of his hand with overflowing care: “Feel at ease!”

Seeing that Mu Sheng is now making a decision for her, Mu Wanrou was happier. But, she added with a distressed look: “Grandpa, if you… … break his legs, I’ll feel bad. Grandpa will also feel bad by then!”

“Well! You know him better! But regardlessly,  if you don’t set a rule, his heart will sooner or later become wilder!” Mu Sheng is quite familiar in this setting.

When he was young, he was also a romantic person. He married a wife, but he also keeps a lot of women.

Mu Wanrou added: “Granpa, do you still remember that girl who surrogates six years ago?”

“Remembered!” Mu Sheng chooses that girl personally. That girl’s face is exceptionally beautiful.

What’s more commendable is, her face is very similar to that woman.

As if… … she was her replica.

Therefore, Mu Sheng chooses her on the spot.

Mu Wanrou continued: “I think that woman is not as simple as that!”

Mu Sheng knitted his eyebrows, then he quickly asked, “Not simple?”

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6 Replies to “Chapter 290: Whisper in the ear”

  1. Seriously though. She’s damn lucky. She stole someone’s life and managed to get away, but now that someone’s stealing her fiancé who is not rightfully hers, she’s out to kill them. What a hypocrite

  2. WanRou is a true bad seed. Bad from birth. Shi shi is not stealing anything. Mu Yazhe is trapping Shishi in his net.

  3. I feel bad for Shi Shi mu yazhe is blackmailing her and most of the time she feel insulted or like a thing and now his fiancee is also targeting her

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