Chapter 126: Into the palace and better use the Imperial Uncle’s wife (Part 1)

Inside the house, Lin Chujiu and her four maidservants are still talking. But, Xiao Tianyao could no longer hear them. All he knows is that he’s feeling very uncomfortable. He felt like he acquired a heart disease.

Xiao Tianyao doesn’t know how long he stayed in front of the door. But, when he finally calms down, he notices that the house has already become quiet. And he heard Zhenzhu was helping Lin Chujiu to go to bed, and so… …

He no longer goes inside and just ordered his people to go back.


Back to the study room. Even though it was already late, Xiao Tianyao ordered Su Cha and Liu Bai to come. And when they arrived, he said with closed eyes: “Go and leak some news to the Northern Country.”

The Northern Country is full of snow. So, they only have very few resources. And because of that, they’ve been eyeing the Eastern Country’s abundant resources. But because of Xiao Tianyao, the God of War, they didn’t dare to attack the Eastern Country.

And in this two years, the Northern Country was only relying on Southern and Western Countries’ resources to live. But because the Southern and Western Countries’ resources were limited. Every year, there were many northern old people and women that die due to famine.

So, if the Northern Country will receive a news that Xiao Tianyao became a waste and can no longer lead his army. And his troops are now in the hands of the emperor. They will no longer hesitate to attack the Eastern Country. They will now have a prosperous winter.

And once the Northern Country attacks the Eastern Country. The Emperor would no longer have the energy to suppressed Xiao Tianyao. Of course, that is not the most important issue, the most important issue is that Northern Country’s soldiers are brave and experienced. And aside from Xiao Tianyao’s soldiers, no one else can defeat them.

At that time too, to save his country, the emperor had sent Xiao Tianyao and his soldiers to fight them.

So, even though it is against the law, Su Cha and Liu Bai have raised this plan a long time ago to suppressed the emperor. But, Xiao Tianyao refused, because… … 

Not only he’s the prince of the Eastern Country, he is also a general who leads the war. So, he knows how harmful the war is more than anyone. He actually doesn’t want to have a war, but the reality is forcing him to do so.

With the war, the officials won’t be able to rest.

With the war, the generals will have a great opportunity.

Seeing that Xiao Tianyao is finally determined, Liu Bai and Su Cha secretly felt relieved, but then Su Cha sighed and said: ” Tianyao, this move is not harmful, but rather beneficial to the people of Eastern Country. In these past few years, the Northern Country’s soldiers become a lot stronger. So, we need to lessen their strength. Because if we won’t, Eastern Country will suffer far greater in the future.”

“Mmm.” Xiao Tianyao still said with an expressionless face.

Once he got determined, he will not regret it no matter what. And even if his decision was wrong, he will still keep moving forward.

Su Cha and Liu Bai no longer say anything. Going off to war is not as easy as it may seem. The two of them need to prepare a lot of things. And it must be done as soon as possible so that the emperor’s suppression stops before he persecutes them.

Xiao Tianyao didn’t move away, he just continues sitting right there in the same place. And even when the candlelight in the room was blown out, Xiao Tianyao’s deep thought remain unknown… …


When Divine Doctor Mo and Mo Yuer stayed in the palace for a month. Third Prince Xiao Zian’s condition becomes more and more stable. Third Prince’s disease didn’t attack for the whole month. Because of this, Imperial Concubine Zhou was so grateful to Divine Doctor Mo. Mo Yuer’s beauty also added some points.

Many good things keep happening, so they didn’t forget to pay Mo Yuer a good attention and even hinted her, that as long as Third Prince Xiao Zian’s legs got healed. Her future will be limitless.

To say that her future will be limitless, it’s more likely that she’ll sit in the Phoenix chair. Mo Yuer understands Imperial Concubines Zhou’s hint, but she didn’t take it seriously.

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11 thoughts on “Chapter 126: Into the palace and better use the Imperial Uncle’s wife (Part 1)

  1. Look at him, raising war to save his reputation. This is the same situation with LC. He let her suffer for his reputation, the man is too cold hearted. How many people should die for his rep?

    1. I think u forgot to read what Su Cha had said. The emperor is falsely accusing the military confidants that save his country from the previous war, just to drag down Xiao Tianyao. Those people are Xiao Tianyao’s men, that’s why they’re trying to save them.

  2. Oh, look at Mo Yuer finally learning a thing from the world. It is wise to not take an offer of “an unlimited future” too seriously.

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