Chapter 207: Consent, The effect is gratifying (Part 1)

After Xiao Tianyao and Lin Chujiu had opened up and discussed things. And knowing that Lin Chujiu still has some knot inside her heart, Xiao Tianyao didn’t show up himself to her. Instead, he gave her enough space and freedom to think it through… …

Lin Chujiu’s room soon restored its original appearance. And Xiao Tianyao no longer stepped inside her room. The two of them seemed like returned to the time of their wedding. They don’t meet unless there was a business to discuss.

Lin Chujiu gave the prescription to Xiao Tianyao as an agreement. But, she also gave him 20 pieces of scalpels and 100 sets of sutures. Which counted as her own contributions.

Xiao Tianyao didn’t ask Lin Chujiu where those things suddenly came from, but Doctor Wu asked. However, Lin Chujiu didn’t give him any answer at all.

Miss Mo’s recovery was fairly good, but she still couldn’t personally feed her son. So, Lin Chujiu arranged a nanny that will take care of the baby, until she could do it on her own.

Although Mo Qingfeng dislikes the baby’s father, he doesn’t hate this baby. He even felt distressed, when he heard his eldest sister no longer wanted to live together with that bastard. After all, his nephew was doomed to grow up without a father’s affection.

After the child was born, Mo Qingfeng used the Mo Family’s special channels to pass the news. But of course, along with this news, Xiao Tianyao’s proposal was included.

When the Mo family learned that their Eldest Miss and her son were safe. They were very happy.  But after seeing Mo Qingfeng’s remarks, the family couldn’t help but think deeply.

“The contradiction between Xiao Wangye and the East Emperor has reached the point of no reconciliation. Although the Northern Territory was not under the East Emperor’s command, he asked our emperor to watch our movements.”

The Mo Family was not in the eyes of the Northern Territory Emperor. They have no heir that was related to him. So, their relationship became more and more rigid. 

“But, we already set foot on Xiao Wangye’s boat. Even if we reject Xiao Wangye’s proposal now, the emperor wouldn’t believe us. Xiao Wangye wouldn’t help us, and the Dan Family will abandon us.” Mo First Son said.

Mo Second Son nodded his head and added: “Father, Xiao Wangye saved the eldest sister and nephew, we, Mo Family owed them their lives.”

Obviously, the Mo Family was not very reluctant to accept Xiao Tianyao’s proposal.

The Dan family has a good relationship with the son of the imperial princess of Northern Territory. If they won’t look for a mountain to lean on, they will be beaten to death by the Dan Family.

“Your opinions, are your consent?” Mo Headmaster asked his two sons.

Mo First Son and Mo Second Son stayed silent for a moment. But afterward, they looked at each and spoke at the same time: “Yes.”

In order to convince their father, Mo First Son added: “Father, we don’t really need a backing. The icing not only makes a cake look good but also added sentimental value. If we help Xiao Wangye this time, and he ascends to the throne, he will never forget us.”

“But, what if Xiao Wangye fall down?” Mo Headmaster thrown a heavy sentence.

The father and sons were silent again. But in the end, they said: “If that happens, we shouldn’t blame the others.”

“Well then, give a reply to Third Son.” Mo Headmaster didn’t speak much.

Across thousands of miles, the letter was received by Mo Qingfeng within three days. Mo Qingfeng was not surprised when he learned the decision of his family. He smiled and folded the letter. Then, he took a deep breath and went to see Xiao Tianyao.

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  1. Un comentario leí respecto a que si XT gana la guerra contra el emperador el puede convertirse en este personaje y claro con la ayuda LC todavía queda mucha historia por leer 😊 gracias por el capítulo

  2. “Father, Xiao Wangye saved the eldest sister and nephew, we, Mo Family owed them their lives.”… 😡😡😡 it is not HIM that save them idiot !!!! It is OUR MC!!!!!!

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