Chapter 237: Questions, don’t know (Part 2)

The palace guards came in and dragged Divine Doctor Mo, who was somewhat hesitant. Imperial Doctor Qin raised his eyes when Divine Doctor Mo disappeared. He didn’t take away his gaze.

Xiao Wangfei gave him a new idea. Divine Doctor Mo seemed not worthy of his name.

After the two protagonists left, the Emperor also didn’t stay long. He left with Imperial Doctor Qin. The two monarch retired and walked back slowly to the imperial hall.

“What do you think of those two?” The Emperor opened his mouth and asked Imperial Doctor Qin’s opinion: “Divine Doctor Mo is not Xiao Wangfei’s opponent. Divine Doctor Mo… … is now old.”

The Emperor asked Lin Chujiu to enter the palace today, not only because Divine Doctor Mo requested it, but also to explore.

The Emperor didn’t speak, but Imperial Doctor Qin was his confidant. He understood that the Emperor now completely gave up Divine Doctor Mo.

Divine Doctor Mo did not only lose the Emperor’s support but also offended Xiao Wangye. So, can he still have a boundless future? Can he still be called the most famous doctor in the four countries?

Imperial Doctor Qin lowered his head to cover the joy in his eyes… …


When Lin Chujiu came, Xiao Zian was already awake. So, he saw Imperial Concubine Zhou and Lin Chujiu entering the room at the same time. His eyes flashed with glimmer light and his pale face showed a shallow smile: “Mother, Lin… … Imperial Aunt.”

Xiao Zian bent his arms and struggled to get up. Seeing this, Lin Chujiu busily said: “Prince Xiao Zian, you don’t need to be polite. Your body is still weak. Just stay lying in bed.” Obviously, she was younger than him. But, he treats her like an elder seriously. Lin Chujiu couldn’t accept it. 

“It’s okay, I’ll just sit up.” Xiao Zian insisted on getting up, Imperial Concubine Zhou stepped forward to help her son. She seemed to be complaining but proud when she opened her mouth: “This child has always been like this. Even in front of me, he doesn’t dare to act rude.”

“Prince Xiao Zian is very kind.” Lin Chujiu get along with Imperial Concubine Zhou’s words. But Xiao Zian’s ears redden and seemed felt uncomfortable: “Mother you don’t need to exaggerate.”

When Lin Chujiu smiled, Xiao Zian blushed. Imperial Concubine Zhou’s heart jumped at that moment. She knew her son very well. He was not someone who will blush easily just for a mere praise.

Imperial Concubine Zhou looked up at Lin Chujiu. She was wearing a red dress. She looked dignified and pretty. Her face was full confidence. Her clear black eyes looked very calm. Such an excellent woman can easily attract men’s attention.

Seeing her son looking at Lin Chujius eyes in a serious manner. Maybe, he has no other thoughts yet, but she was sure, his son has a good impression on Lin Chujiu.

This can’t be!

Lin Chujiu was Xiao Wangye’s wife. Xiao Zian was the emperor’s son.

Imperial Concubine Zhou saw Lin Chujiu and Xiao Zian happily talking. Her face slightly changed in color by then. She quickly organized her emotion, stood up and pulled Lin Chujiu’s hand: “Look at me, you came for a long time, but I didn’t even ask you to sit down. Come, come in and sat down, then talk slowly.”

“Imperial Aunt, I’m very sorry, I also forgot to invite you to sit.” Xiao Zian also apologized. But, he doesn’t sound uncomfortable, he was calm.

“It’s all right.” She was visiting a patient. And there was no chair she could sit. Additionally, she has no intention to stay any longer: “I will not sit. Prince Xiao Zian’s body is still weak. You need to take a rest. I can no longer bother you. I will leave.”

In front of Imperial Concubine Zhou and Xiao Zian’s grateful eyes, Lin Chujiu was actually suffering from it. She couldn’t sell out Imperial Doctor Qin and Xiao Tianyao. She could only avoid these two people… …

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  1. Ever since LCJ and Xiao Zian met I was somehow hoping he’s the second Male lead but then he rarely appears after that so 🌚🤔…but with the how the story is maybe…just maybe we’ll see more of him and that weird two face kid prince

    1. No don’t say that Dx
      Poor Xiao Zian lost his chance when his mother switched our MC’s NEW engagement to current ML T^T
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