Chapter 271: Passing by, He will not say (Part 2)

The other hospital courtyard was very small. So, the two of them arrived immediately to where the baby boy lived. Inside, there were also a few children, who was diagnosed with a cough and fever. The other children didn’t have any reaction when Lin Chujiu arrived. Only the baby with pneumonia reached out his hands immediately, asking to be carried.

“Yi…yi…ya” The baby was treated in time, so now his symptoms have been reduced a lot. His hands and feet can now move much stronger. His pair of black eyes were full of cleverness.

“You little smart ghost, I can’t carry you right now.” Lin Chujiu pinched the baby’s hand. She didn’t carry him because she still had blood in her clothes.

“Yi…yi…ya,” The baby boy smiled heartily, he thought Lin Chujiu was playing with him.

Lin Chujiu took the baby’s temperature. She untied his clothes, wanting to listen to his heartbeat and lung’s sound… …

After opening the baby’s clothes, the baby’s small size flower-shaped birthmark was revealed. Lin Chujiu was checking the baby’s condition every day, so she didn’t find it strange anymore, but… …

It was the first time Xiao Tianyao saw it!

“Wait a minute,” Xiao Tianyao’s facial expression slightly changed. He pulled Lin Chujiu’s arm with force, so she staggered and nearly fell: “What?”

Xiao Tianyao noticed that he was too fierce, so he frowned his eyebrows and asked: “Did benwang hurt you?”

“No, I was just shocked.” Fortunately, there was nothing much inside the ward. Otherwise, with Xiao Tianyao’s strength, she will really fell badly.

Xiao Tianyao still couldn’t find himself to apologized. He only said as an explanation: “Just a habit.” It became a habit, after all, there was no woman around him most of the time.

“I’ll pay more attention to myself next time.” I’ll stay away from you.

“No, benwang will remember.” Xiao Tianyao looked dignified, as he made a promised. However, Lin Chujiu only laughed and didn’t take it seriously. She pointed out the flower-shaped birthmark and asked: “Is there a problem in his birthmark?”

“This is not a birthmark. This is a family logo.” Xiao Tianyao was very familiar with this logo. Six months ago, someone was crazily looking for a baby with this pattern: “He is from the Hua Family of the Central Empire.”

Half a year ago, the young master, who was just less than three months old was stolen. No one could find him. In order to find this baby, the Hua Family of the Central Empire traveled all over the four countries but failed.

“What?” Lin Chujiu’s voice suddenly became louder. She remembered that there were still children in the ward, so she lowered her voice: “Isn’t he an abandoned baby?”

“No, he was stolen.” Xiao Tianyao knew about this incident but didn’t pay any attention to it. However, now that he accidentally encountered this baby, he couldn’t turn a blind eye anymore.

He and the Hua Family have a little friendship. The Hua Family was quite good.

“It’s so good!” Lin Chujiu smiled in happiness.

“It’s really good.” What Su Cha had said was right, Lin Chujiu was very lucky.

While being teased by Xiao Tianyao, Lin Chujiu helplessly said: “Are we going to inform his family, so they can pick him up?”

“Of course, but we have to bring him back first, it’s not safe to leave him here.” If other people discovered the baby, it will become a big trouble.

“This baby hasn’t fully recovered yet, he still needs to be monitored,” Lin Chujiu was worried.

“He will stay in the Wangfu until the Hua Family came.” In the Imperial Capital, no place was much safer than his Xiao Wangfu.

“Good.” Lin Chujiu had no opinion. She was only responsible for the baby’s treatment. Xiao Tianyao can take care of the rest.

Xiao Tianyao didn’t directly bring the baby to the Xiao Wangfu. Instead, he arranged some people to send back the baby. Xiao Tianyao didn’t directly bring the baby, not because it was unsafe, but because he doesn’t want this baby to destroy his time together with Lin Chujiu… …

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  1. She’s really lucky to find many missing children. And XTY so possessive, he better be careful next or he might hurt LCJ. I only want her to be happy!

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  2. he cant bring himself to apologize? oh god. this romance is so forced i dont understand why fl suddenly fell for him again

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