Chapter 323: Will not, apologize (Part 2)

The shadow guard, who was on the side saw Xiao Tianyao being driven out. He also saw how Xiao Tianyao stood outside the door for a long time and couldn’t react. The shadow guard got worried because of it. So after hesitating for a long time, he came forward and said after lowering his head: “Wangye, are you okay?”

The shadow guard’s voice brought back Xiao Tianyao to his senses. Xiao Tianyao’s face got stiff, he turned his head and said: “Meddlesome!”

The shadow guard was stupefied on the spot.

He was obviously worried about their Wangye, so how did he suddenly became meddlesome?

“Benwang is too busy to look you!” Their Wangye doesn’t even have time to look at him!

“This subordinate, this subordinate… …” The shadow guard stuttered. He was not good in words, so he doesn’t know how to explain.

He just witnessed their Wangye eat defeat.

Originally, their delicate Wangfei turned out to be tough, he should be careful in the future. Their Wangye seems to be so strong, but it seems he doesn’t know what to do with their Wangfei.

“You can’t even talk how will you protect people? It seems you need to train again.” Xiao Tianyao put his injured hand behind his back and left. Leaving the shadow guard kneeling in the same place petrified.

He, he was wronged!

How would he know that their Wangye and Wangfei will quarrel outside and it happened that he was there?

Train again? He will die!

However, Xiao Tianyao was now gone… …


Lin Chujiu, who was standing behind the door, breathed a sigh of relief. It was right to gamble!

However, Xiao Tianyao was more tolerant of her than she imagined. Now, she can completely follow her own will. After all, Xiao Tianyao was reluctant to take her life.

After thinking about it, Lin Chujiu’s lips couldn’t help but curved into a smile. She even walked back in the bed while humming a tune.

With Xiao Tianyao’s pride and personality, Lin Chujiu know that Xiao Tianyao will not fold back just like that. However, she still locked the door and the windows before going to sleep.

Although she doesn’t know whenever Xiao Tianyao comes to her room. Just by thinking she could sleep alone, Lin Chujiu was very happy.

This is a historic step!

She finally dared to talk back to Xiao Tianyao.


When Lin Chujiu got up in the morning, she saw no traces of someone sleeping on her side. Because of it, the smile on her face became bigger and bigger. Feicui and Zhenzhu noticed that Lin Chujiu was in a good mood today.

They thought that Xiao Tianyao and Lin Chujiu had reconciled. Although they didn’t put good words for Xiao Tianyao, it seems things went smoothly.

After grooming herself, Lin Chujiu decide to have a breakfast, but Xiao Tianyao came before she could start.

Xiao Tianyao’s face looked very bad. There were even dark circles under his eyes, it was obvious that he didn’t sleep.

His left hand was wrapped with a bandage, but it wasn’t enough to make him look pitiful.

“Get out.” Xiao Tianyao naturally sat down opposite to Lin Chujiu with a sullen face.

Feicui and the other maidservants don’t know what happened. So, they only looked at each other one by one and didn’t dare to leave.

*Bang* Xiao Tianyao slammed the table and said: “What? Benwang’s words no longer matter now?”

“Go on.” Lin Chujiu didn’t make things hard to the four maidservants. When the four maidservants left, Lin Chujiu looked at Xiao Tianyao and said: “Wangye, if you are angry you can take it out on me, why do you make things difficult for them?”

“Didn’t you said that benwang can’t bear?” Xiao Tianyao went back last night to his room to think about the issue. And he realized that he was not really willing to force Lin Chujiu.

He really wanted Lin Chujiu to agree to him like a puppet, but he also doesn’t want her to act like one.

The current Lin Chujiu was really good.

He likes seeing Lin Chujiu’s true nature, but… … Lin Chujiu was too hostile to him, which was not good.

“Wangye, it is not for you to decide, it is mine.” Lin Chujiu no longer pay attention to Xiao Tianyao after saying those words. She continued eating leisurely. She completely treated Xiao Tianyao like thin air.

Xiao Tianyao was angry but felt powerless. And after seeing Lin Chujiu was cheerful, all he could do was sigh: “Lin Chujiu, what benwang needs to do for you?”

He can’t bear this, so should he apologize to make peace?

He will not… …

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  1. Still so arrogant.

    How can you want her to be like a puppet but don’t act like one? It is either she is a puppet or she can exercise freewill.

  2. Jaja sorry I’m just like her… That’s why I’m still looking for. But it is worthy… I’m a good person but no one wants to feel like a puppet

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