Chapter 334: The previous dynasty, look down on (Part 1)

Nannuo Yao’s provocative eyes were very obvious. The people who noticed it were not only Xiao Tianyao and Lin Chujiu, but everyone who’s present.

Nannuo Yao announced in public that she would like to compete with the talented young ladies in the East. So, even if the emperor wanted to escape, he couldn’t do so. Of course, he hopes that some of the young ladies present will go up and try it. Lin Chujiu’s identity was high, he couldn’t let her lose face, so as to his own children.

On the stage, the silver plate dance was still ongoing. Nannuo Yao jumps very well. Every step she takes was like stepping on a person’s heart. Her dance steps were as if a butterfly dancing in a palm and will fly away the next second.

Seeing Nannuo Yao’s performance, a lot of people changed a heart. They think that Nannuo Yao was not only a proud person but also not simple.

After the dance was completed, Nannuo Yao gently jumped down and made her final speech in a proud way: “Huangshang, Huanghou niangniang, this is the silver plate dance of the south.”

It can be seen that Nannuo Yao spent a lot of physical energy. Because she spoke with a bit shortness in breath.

“The silver plate dance of the south is really remarkable. It’s simply amazing.” The Emperor took the lead of praise, then everyone followed by clapping their hands.

Good is good, bad is bad, Nannuo Yao could jump pretty well. They will not say any bad things about her performance.

“This princess’s performance is lacking. Huangshang, this princess will rest for a bit. Why don’t we ask a one or two east young ladies to exchange talents?” Nannuo Yao still maintained her straightforward character and didn’t show hesitation to offend other people.

“Precisely.” On the top, the Emperor smiled, but he was actually not happy inside his heart.

Nannuo Yao’s silver plate dance was great. The difficulty was quite high. It will be very difficult to surpass her.

After Nannuo Yao went down, the emperor asked which young ladies would like to show their talent. But, the young ladies who were so full of confidence earlier were now hesitating.

For everyone, dancing was only to please a man. It was never a compulsory talent for the young ladies. They only learned how to play chess, calligraphy, and painting. If they want to win over Nannuo Yao in a dance, it will be very difficult.

The emperor asked, but no one answered for a long time. However, the emperor was not in a hurry, he just sat quietly. He knew his palace officials will worry about this for him.

Sure enough, after a moment of silence, General Ning Yuan’s daughter stood up and said: “Huangshang, this young lady wants to offer a sword dance, this young lady is asking for his highness’s permission.”

Nannuo Yao’s dance performance was full of shocking force, skill, and power. If they performed a soft and weak looking dance, everyone will feel less interested. Sword dance is just right.

“Go on.” When the emperor gave his permission, another young lady with a purple dress said she was willing to play guqin for General Ning Yuan’s daughter.

A sword can be a dry dance. Someone volunteered to perform, the emperor has no reason to disagree. Soon, the stage was emptied, and the palace servants took out a long sword and guqin. 

When Nannuo Yao came back, the palace servant just placed the guqin,. The young lady in the purple dress tried the strings. General Ning Yuan’s daughter determined the song. As the young lady in purple dress gently plucked the strings, a smooth sound of the guqin sounded… …

Lin Chujiu doesn’t understand the elegance in the art of guqin. The owner of her body also doesn’t understand. So, Lin Chuju couldn’t tell the difference to others, she only knew that it sounded very nice.

When Xiao Tianyao looked at his side, he saw Lin Chujiu smiling. So, he didn’t say anything anymore. He just secretly added a bit force to his hand that was holding her hand tightly.

His wangfei, he can bully her, but others cannot.

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