Chapter 367: Power, the woman Xiao Wangye will be fond of (Part 2)

If they want Lin Chujiu to cure Meng Xiuyuan, they need to go to the palace and ask the emperor’s permission, and then they will owe a favor to the emperor.

“I really don’t want to do that.” Meng Daren released a heavy sigh.

Their Meng family never got involved in these messy things, and he really doesn’t want to get involved in the dispute of the four countries. The four countries were in a chaotic state. If they joined this time, no doubt they will die in the end.

Meng Daren was hesitant. In order not to make decisions that he will regret, he went to find Meng Xiuyuan.

In the Meng family, Meng Xiuyuan is always the most rational one.

Meng Xiuyuan was sitting alone in the study room and playing chess against himself. He was not surprised at all to see his father coming. He put down the piece in his hand and got up to greet him.

Meng Daren nodded his head lightly, and then the two of them sat down. Meng Darren didn’t beat around the bush. He explained the situation to his son: “We found out that the poison found in the snacks, is related to Divine Doctor Mo’s daughter, Mo Yuer. She wanted to use the Seventh Prince’s death for Xiao Wangfei to die.”

The reason why they can find out this matter, was not because Meng Family is too powerful. But because Mo Yuer’s side is too weak. Her foundation in the palace was too shallow.

When Meng Xiuyuan heard of this, he only revealed a faint smile. And under Meng Daren’s gaze, he wrote: Don’t make a move.

“Is this really okay? What if the emperor deliberately put this crime on Xiao Wangfei’s head?” Meng Daren was not doubtful about this possibility. If they could found out this matter, why the emperor and empress will not?

We have an appointment date with Xiao Wangfei tomorrow. Whether Xiao Wangfei will arrive tomorrow or not, that is a matter Xiao Wangfu has to solve. Meng Xiuyuan wrote a very long paragraph, but his faint smile was not affected by his mood.

“We will just let it go? Xiao Wangye is not in the capital, who can save Xiao Wangfei?” Meng Daren frowned and looked very worried.

The woman Xiao Wangye will be fond of is definitely not simple. Let’s just wait for tomorrow to come. Meng Xiuyuan wrote without hesitation. He wrote with ease, he looked like not worried at all. Seeing his son like this, Meng Daren tried to suppress the anxiousness inside his heart.


Just like what Meng Xiuyuan was thinking, Lin Chujiu was not expecting any help from them. As for Xiao Wangfu’s people?

Lin Chujiu believes that the people Xiao Tianyao left will find out the truth. What she needs to do is to leave this prison and comply with her agreement with the Meng Family. So as to prevent the emperor’s conspiracy to succeed.

If it was before, Lin Chujiu will have a hard time to leave the palace prison. But now?

There were two female public servants sent by Princess Fushou Zhang. Lin Chujiu doesn’t think escaping is difficult.

The two female public servants don’t know why they suddenly lost their voice. When it happened, they were terrified. They also found that their feet were tied and they couldn’t move at all.

“Hmm…mmm” The two female public servants were really scared this time. They curled up their body in the corner and shivered in fear. They didn’t dare to look at Lin Chujiu anymore.

Lin Chujiu didn’t bother to completely take care of them. She only said to them to lick-clean the food, she didn’t force them to do so, but the two were very scared of her. If Lin Chujiu will make another drastic move, maybe the two will definitely eat the foods on the ground.

In the eyes of two female public servants, Lin Chujiu was terrible. Such fierceness, such violent actions, she was not like a pampered lady at all.

The two female public servants didn’t dare to move. The palace guard outside, who received an order earlier, also didn’t dare to move.

The two female public servants just curled up themselves in the corner the whole night, they didn’t dare to close their eyes. On the other hand, Lin Chujiu sat on the stone chair for one night. From time to time, she walked around with a pleasant face.

When the sun shone through the small window, Lin Chujiu got up and went to close to the sunlight. She bathed herself under the sun, then swept her eyes over to the two female public servants… …


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