Chapter 376: I like you, you like me (Part 1)

From Xiao Wangfu to the Imperial Palace, the road was not short. For someone who was sitting alone, at first, Lin Chujiu didn’t feel anything, but after a long while. She couldn’t help but felt bored. She couldn’t help but miss the moment she was with Xiao Tianyao… …

Although Xiao Tianyao was not talking to her in the carriage, at least there was another person. She didn’t find it boring at all.

After getting bored for a long time, Lin Chujiu looked around the carriage. In addition to the tea set, she didn’t find anything else.

Lin Chujiu only looked at it for a moment, then silently put them back to their original place.

“I better look at the evidence, maybe I can find something useful.” After Lin Chujiu put back the tea set, she took out the evidence and read them one by one. Looking at it more closely, Lin Chujiu find this case funny.  Because… … the empress herself led the wolf into her own place!

Mo Yuer wants to harm her, but it’s not just a matter that can be done in a day or two. She had already prepared the poison, but she has no chance to use it. Not long after, the empress invited her to Luanfeng Hall three times on different occasions. The two even became close, which gave Mo Yuer a chance to get familiar in Luanfeng Hall.

Mo Yuer decided to poison the Seventh Prince. When she heard from the maidservants in Luanfell Hall that the empress will invite Lin Chujiu. Mo Yuer used this opportunity to proceed to her plan. She planned to poison the seventh prince and frame Lin Chujiu for it.

In order to prevent Lin Chujiu from turning over the case, Mo Yuer used a highly toxic poison. If Lin Chunjiu failed to treat the seventh prince in a timely manner, the seventh will die on the spot.

The mantis stalks the cicada, unaware of the oriole behind. I don’t know what the empress is feeling this time.” Lin Chujiu smiled sarcastically.


At this time, the Empress was very unhappy. When she learned that all of this was done by Mo Yuer, she was so angry that she almost kills her.

After Mo Yuer entered the palace, she offended Imperial Concubine Zhou. If she didn’t secretly guard her, can she stay alive in this palace up to this point?

“Just like Lin Chujiu, she is nothing but a white-eyed wolf.” The Empress slammed her hand on the table, her fingernail was broken. But, she didn’t pay attention to it. She only coldly said: “She dared to make a move on my Little Seven, then this empress will make her regret living in this world.”

When the Old Mama saw the empress’s situation, she feared that she might lose her sense of reasoning. So, she busily said: “Huanghou, this slave know that you’re distressed about his highness and angry at Yu Meiren, but this matter isn’t something to be revealed right now.”

“Hmph… … what’s the difference between now or later. Mo Yuer’s method is extremely poor. You think things that we can find out, cannot be found by Xiao Wangfu’s people? Lin Chujiu dared to escape from the prison, she must have found a solution in this case.” Meng Xiuyuan’s disease was also cured now, even if they detained Lin Chujiu. Their plan to get a favor to the Meng Family is no longer feasible.

When the Old Mama heard of this, she hesitated to say: “This… … If the emperor intervenes, Xiao Wangfu might not find anything.”

“The emperor? He is now having a headache because of Princess Fushou Zhang, so how he will manage these things?” Additionally, the emperor fainted because of this scandal. As soon as he woke up, he ordered the imperial army to take Lin Chujiu back in the palace. Although he wanted to manage this incident, he doesn’t have the energy.

Remembering that Princess Fushou Zhang collapsed, the empress didn’t get angry, instead, she revealed a smile. Although Lin Chujiu was still clumsy and doesn’t have self-awareness, she was much better than before. Knowing that Princess Fushou Zhang took a shot against her, she also did the same but in a much intense manner. Her method was completely contradicting to the attitude of a pampered daughter.


* The mantis stalks the cicada, unaware of the oriole behind  – Pursuing a narrow gain while neglecting a greater danger.

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  1. I still don’t understand the Empress’s attitude. She’s sick and needs help. She knows LCJ has cured many people. Instead of scheming against her, why not just ask for her help? As a doctor, she wouldn’t refuse.

    Thank you!

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