Chapter 389: Do it, save or not (Part 2)

Knowing the purpose of their trip, the 30 people arranged by Su Cha were all good swimmer. After putting a skin fish-like suit, they all dive into the water… …


After Xue Chengwen returned from the South Courtyard, he had been in a daze in the house. He can understand why his grandfather doesn’t want to save Nannuo Li, but he couldn’t accept it. They knew he was in danger but they are not doing anything.

Xue Chengwen and Nannuo Li were cousins. They have a good relationship. Both of them were from Xue Family, but they don’t compete with each other. Instead, they always help each other. They were like more like brothers. So now that Nannuo Li is in danger, Xue Chengwen can’t sit idle.

However, Xue Laotai didn’t agree. He couldn’t mobilize the Xue Family’s people, even if he wanted to save Nannuo Li.

“Do you really just want to watch when he is in trouble?” Xue Chengwen sadly asked himself inside his heart.

He was well aware of the coldness of the Xue family. His grandfather will also give up on him if something happened to him.

If such a day will come, he hopes that someone will save him. It doesn’t really matter if he can’t be saved. But at least, he knows that someone will lend a helping hand to him when he is in danger.

Xue Chengwen couldn’t sit still, he walks around the house with eyes full of struggles… …

“Save or not?”

If he saves him, he will inevitably make his grandfather dissatisfied to him. He might even expose the Xue Family’s existence in the east.

If he will not save him, his conscience will remain restless for the rest of his life.

“God, you’re tormenting me.” Xue Chengwen closed his eyes in pain, he clenched his hands into fists, his veins almost burst.

“I… …” Xue Chengwen opened his mouth, but he couldn’t make a decision.

“I… …” After hesitating for a long while, Xue Chengwen vowed even in death: “Save! I will save him! If I will not save Nannuo Li, I will be restless for the rest of my life. It will be impossible to live further.”

Determined, Xue Chengwen no longer hesitated, he immediately went to the study room and wrote a letter. When the ink dried, he immediately put it inside the envelope: “Someone come!”

Xue Chengwen personal guard immediately came in, “Young Master.”

“Give this letter to Princess Nannuo Yao. Remember, you must hand it over to Princess Nannuo Yao. Also, this matter cannot be learned by someone else except you. Even grandfather.” Xue Chengwen’s face looks dignified. His savvy voice has traces of killing intent. The personal guard was so shocked and busily nodded his head.

After sending the letter, Xue Chengwen ordered his guard to help him change clothes and prepare a carriage. He wanted to go out.

“Young master, everyone is prohibited to go outside in the middle of the night. You can’t go out.” When the housekeeper heard Xue Chengwen’s instruction, he said with a bitter face.

“Do you think I don’t know that its already in the middle of the night? Just make preparations. Remember, this matter must not be leaked. If I learned someone tipped me off to grandfather, I will sell his entire family to the northwest mining. place” Xue Chengwen said with a cold face. The housekeeper knew Xue Chengwen’s temperament very well. So, he didn’t dare to say no.

The carriage was soon prepared, and Xue Chengwen, who changed into night clothes and wrapped his head, only revealed his pair of eyes.

There was no symbol on the carriage. The horse pulling the cart also looked very ordinary. No one will think that it was the carriage of the Prince of the Southern Country.

Xue Chengwen nodded his head with satisfaction, he got on the carriage and reported the name of the place, letting the driver immediately sent him over… …


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3 thoughts on “Chapter 389: Do it, save or not (Part 2)

  1. So is he running to the rumour palace? Or going to the mountain? He probably knows of what happened with Nannuo Yao and XTY+LCJ and he decides to involve her? That is a serious lack of judgement.

    Thank you for the chapter!

  2. The strange think is that Nannuo Li despised Nannuo Yao some chapters ago so they are not so close so as in other novels she should rather dance from joy not help him.

  3. Xue Chengwen think he is so smart. I bet all his moves are known to his grandfather.

    He better hope that there is someone from the Xue family who will save both him and Nannuo Li.

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