Chapter 390: Assassin, first-class bodyguard (Part 2)

Xue Chengwen just stared in a daze, he doesn’t know how he should react.

The man casually sat down and sneered. He rudely said: “Is young master Xue is a fool? Did you come in here in the middle of the night to make me laugh?”

Xue Chengwen was clever, he immediately returned to his senses. When he does, he saw the disdain look in the man’s face. Xue Chengwen was annoyed to himself, but he tried to remain calm: “I’m sorry, I was lost in thought.”

Xue Chengwen bowed his head to concealed his red cheeks.

The man disdainfully looked up, and proudly said: “Speak, why do you want me to see you?”

The man said casually, but his voice sounds unparalleled and domineering, which could make people dare not to refuse. Xue Chengwen originally wanted to make connections, but now he didn’t dare to talk nonsense. He went straight to the point: “I want to ask you to help me protect a person.”

“Ha ha ha… …” The man laughed wildly. “Protect a person? Young Master Xue, are you joking? I am a brothel owner, not a bodyguard. You seemed have come to the wrong place. Someone come… …”

“Wait,” Xue Chengwen eagerly interrupted the man’s words: “I know this is the Shadow Moon Tower, the place where you guys accept business. I have 100,000 silver ticket, I want you to help me protect a person for a night.”

“The Shadow Moon Tower is accepting assassination business. Are you sure that your brain has no problem?” The man looked at Xue Chengwen with eyes full of ridicule as if he was looking at a fool.

Xue Chengwen was angry, the other person doesn’t give him a face, but how could he show his anger?

Xue Chengwen secretly took a deep breath, he suppressed the dissatisfaction in his heart and softly said: “A first class assassin must be proficient in all kinds of killing method. But as an assassin in Shadow Moon Tower, I’m sure it was more than that. I want to protect a person, he was in danger tonight, except your group, I can’t think of anyone else who can protect him.”

“I’m happy with this flattery, my shadow moon’s assassins are first-class in killing people. Naturally, protecting is a piece of cake. There is no person that my shadow moon cannot kill, nor can’t protect.” The man takes for granted his statement, which made him felt a bit bitter.

Is a narcissistic person always this good?

Xue Chengwen went straight to the important point: “You’re right, except for the shadow moon tower, I really can’t think of anyone else who can help me protect that person.”

This was obviously a compliment. The man certainly listens, he has been so bored lately, so he wants to have some fun. He doesn’t mind getting involved.

The man didn’t even look at Xue Chengwen. He said with a proud tone: “Speak, who do you want us to protect? And who is the opponent?”

“Nannuo Li, the son of the southern emperor. He is now in the east. I want to ask you to send someone to protect him tonight.” Xue Chengwen didn’t hide anything, but when it comes to speaking about the opponent, he hesitated for a moment. He doesn’t know what to say until he saw the impatience to the man’s face. Xue Chengwen closed his eyes and said: “The other party is the East God of War Xiao Tianyao!”

When Xiao Tianyao’s name was mentioned, Xue Chengwen was waiting for the other party to refuse. But after the man heard the name, his eyes brightly shine: “Xiao Tianyao? He is a worthy opponent. This business, my shadow moon will accept it, but for 1 million silver tickets.”

Just kidding, how can his first task only be worth 100,000?

“Okay, one million silver tickets.” When Xue Chengwen saw the other party didn’t back out even after hearing Xiao Tianyao’s name, he immediately took out the silver tickets.

Ten pieces of 100, 000 worth of ticket, a total of 1 million.

The man didn’t even look at it, he just said: “My shadow moon tower always finish the job. Nannuo Li will definitely live to see the sun tomorrow.” As for after seeing the sun, it has nothing to do with him.

“I will wait for your good news.” Xue Chengwen got up and fold his hand into a fist, then he left.


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