Chapter 403: Sad, the only loved ones (Part 2)

“What are you talking about? Grandmother… impossible, how is that possible?” Tears fell down from Lin Chujiu’s eyes without warning.

When she saw the white lantern being hanged, she had a bad feeling inside her heart. And when she heard someone confirmed it, she still couldn’t accept it.

“How can grandmother… … so suddenly? When I came to see her the day before yesterday, she was fine.” Lin Chujiu lifted her skirt and ran towards the inner courtyard.

She can’t accept it, she can’t accept the old lady who loved her just go, and what more… …

She didn’t see her last moment.

People in the courtyard hanged white lanterns one after another. When they saw Lin Chujiu on the road, they informed her that Meng Laofuren died.

“Grandmother…” Lin Chujiu ran while crying. The memories when Meng Laofuren visited her in Xiao Wangfu kept playing in her mind.

In her past life and in the present, only Meng Laofuren loved and protected her. Why God is so cruel and took her away from her?


At this time, several members of the family had already accepted the fact that Meng Laofuren died. Meng Shi’s tears stopped falling, but when he saw Lin Chujiu, his tears fell once again.

“Chujiu, you finally came, your grandmother, she… …” Meng Shi’s tone had a bit trace of anger.

His mother died with regrets, she didn’t see the person she wanted to see before she died.

“Uncle…” Lin Chujiu cried and called. When she saw the Meng Family gave her way, Lin Chujiu didn’t pay any false courtesy and just ran all the way to the old lady’s room.

In the room, Meng Laofuren was lying peacefully on the bed. The Old Mama was standing beside her. Everything was just the usual as if Meng Laofuren was only sleeping.

“Grandmother.” Lin Chujiu came in and unconsciously slowed down as if she was afraid of disturbing the old lady.

“Young Miss, you finally here.” The Old Mama was standing like wood, but when she saw Lin Chujiu came in, her tears didn’t stop from falling.

The person who the old lady was so worried about before she died was Lin Chujiu.

“Grandmother, I’m here, I’m here… … wake up and talk to me.” Lin Chujiu’s body fell on the bedside. When she touched the old lady’s cold body, she felt like her heart was stabbed with a knife.

She was a doctor, so she had long been accustomed to people dying. She was also orphan, so she never experienced the pain of losing a loved one, but at this moment, she finally understood…

This feeling, she never wants to feel it again in her life.

“Grandmother, grandmother… I’m not a good granddaughter, I know that you are in poor health, I should have stayed with you… …” Lin Chujiu blamed herself, she blamed herself so much… …

She herself is a doctor, if she was with her, the old lady will not die so early.

“Grandmother, how can you, how can you leave me? How do expect me to live all alone?” Lin Chujiu hold the old lady’s hand. The more she thinks, the more she gets so sad.

In the future, no one will support her after she was bullied. No one will say to Xiao Tianyao that she also has her own family.

In the future, no one will ever pat her hand and say to her, “Good girl.”

No, she has nothing.

No family, no home… …

“I was wrong, I was wrong, Grandma. I’m wrong, you come back now, okay? I will always accompany you. Please, don’t leave me all alone. I’m scared, I’m really scared… …”

Seeing Lin Chujiu full of tears, the Old Mama couldn’t bear to say that the old lady wanted to see her so bad before she died… …

And now, they’ll never see each other again!


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