Chapter 436: Blind death, injuring oneself to gain the enemy’s confidence (Part 2)

“She came to the palace to admit her sin? At this hour? Zhen will not see her!” The emperor doesn’t want to see Lin Chujiu’s annoying face at all.

“If she wants to wait outside, let her wait. Zhen will not be threatened by her.”

Lin Chujiu killing his men was wrong, but he ordered them to search Xiao Wangfu which was disrespectful to the first emperor. Before he found the assassin, he doesn’t want to talk about this matter to Lin Chujiu.

The eunuch conveyed the words of the emperor to the palace guards at the gate, so the palace guards didn’t let Lin Chujiu enter the palace.

Half an hour passed, the palace guards changed their shift. When the new palace guards saw a carriage not far away, they couldn’t help but ask: “Which family dared to park their carriage in front of the palace gate, they have big courage.”

“Why didn’t you drive the carriage away, you shouldn’t have let them park in here, what if they are assassins?”

“Don’t mention it, that is the carriage of Xiao Wangfu, who would dare to ask them to go?” The former batch of palace guards was afraid for their peers to suffer, and so they said: “Xiao Wangfei wanted to enter the palace to plead guilty, but when she arrived the gate was already closed. The emperor refused to see her.”

“The emperor refused to see her, so why she’s still here?” The new palace guards don’t know what happened in the afternoon in Xiao Wangfu, so they continued discussing it.

“Xiao Wangfei killed so many imperial guards, the emperor will not let her go. No wonder the emperor refused to see her even if she wanted to admit her sin.” In the eyes of these palace guards, Lin Chujiu was unlucky.

Although no one dared to investigate powerful nobles with their killing, this time, Xiao Wangfei killed so many people. Not to mention, they were imperial guards.

When the new batch of palace guards heard of this event, they couldn’t help but admire Lin Chujiu and Xiao Wangfu: “This is exactly what you call good people fighting against evil. Only big men fight the law. But no matter who wins or loses, only small fry like us suffer.”

When the palace guard said those words, they couldn’t help but feel sad.

They were just simply following orders, why it became their fault?

Xiao Wangfu’s people didn’t dare to confront the emperor, they just face head-on the people who following orders, it’s just shameful!

“What else is there to do, who give us chances to live.” The palace guard patted the shoulder of his peer: “Brother, just focus on what ahead. Don’t offend Xiao Wangfu or you will never know when you die.”

“I know, I won’t mess up with them.”

Although it can be said that what Lin Chujiu did was wrong, she was indeed strong. At least in the future, whether it was an imperial army or palace officials, they will not dare to go inside Xiao Wangfu. Even if they came inside, they will not dare to cause trouble.

Otherwise, they will only be killed by Lin Chujiu. Who wants to die a blind death? No one wants to lose their lives.

The night sky was getting darker. Seeing Lin Chujiu’s carriage staying at the same spot, the palace guards thought the emperor must be wanting to rest first. After resting, he will call her inside the palace to talk.

But does it really necessary to let Xiao Wangfei stay in front of the palace gate at night?

In the palace, if one wanted to enter the palace, that person will have to pass many checkpoints before he could face the emperor. By then, the night has already been cold.

The emperor stayed in Imperial Concubine Zhou’s palace. Before he received another news, two-quarter of an hour had already passed, the emperor was ready to rest.

Upon hearing the eunuch’s message, the emperor snorted and dismissed the message: “Let her wait if she wanted to wait. Let the other palace officials see her early the next morning. Let’s see if she can show her face in front of a hundred officials.”

The emperor knew what Lin Chujiu was trying to do. She’s injuring oneself to gain the enemy’s confidence. But it’s futile if the enemy was aware of it… …


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