Chapter 44: Temptation and meeting the sick Prince (Part 2)

Rumors says that the Third Prince has an unparalleled handsome face and has a warm temperament just like an immortal god, which could make a person won’t forget him in just one glance.

Those rumors were spread by the people that had already seen the Third Prince. However, not all the people wanted to believe them so they just said that they will know it eventually once they have seen him. And because not all the people in the entire East Country could see the Third Prince easily, they couldn’t help but just fantasize that the Third Prince is such a romantic man.

And so in just a glance, Lin Chujiu herself find out that the rumors don’t have the slightest exaggeration. The man in front of her is not only handsome but also look as pretty as a painting. He was just quietly sitting there, but she could sense that he is a very modest, self-discipline and gentleman.

Lin Chujiu had already seen countless of handsome men in her previous life. But when she saw the Third Prince, she thought she had seen an immortal god.

“Imperial Aunt” Xiao Zian took the initiative to say hello. At that moment, his eyes looked so clear and his thin lips were looks so good. So, even though he was sitting in a wheelchair it couldn’t cover up the elegance in his style.

This man is simply the enemy of all the men in the world. Every move he makes looks very natural and appropriate, but once you have seen it. Any lady won’t be able to stop herself to get attracted.

Since you unintentionally made yourself attractive, I’m sure those ladies really fall in love with you and dumped themselves to you.

Lin Chujiu’s said her praise with a dark looking face. However, she tried to recover her gentle face soon and sincerely smile: “Your royal highness, Third Prince.” The gentle face of the Third Prince can make a person feel at ease and can stop a person to do harm on him.

However, when Lin Chujiu saw the Third Prince’s current situation. She couldn’t help but think about Xiao Tianyao: Both of them has paralyzed legs, so why is Xiao Tianyao so ill-tempered? He should learn to be calm just like the Third Prince, right?

In front of the Third Prince, the Seventh Prince didn’t act like a spoiled child and stop jumping off. Instead, he just stood beside him just like a grown up man. And every words and action he took are very polite.

The Third Prince didn’t also treat the Seventh Prince just like a child. He spoke with him very serious but didn’t forget Lin Chujiu’s presence.

But because they were in the middle of the road. They haven’t talked much when Third Prince said: “Imperial Aunt and Seventh younger brother, where will you go? Do you want me to show you the way? However, there’s nothing much to see up ahead of the northwest corner.”

“Third older brother, Imperial Aunt and I were just walking around the palace and accidentally came here. But, when we were about to go back, we saw you.” The Seventh Prince smiled and explained. His face looks so innocent and pure, but a person couldn’t help but feel doubt… …

Lin Chujiu couldn’t help but think that the Seventh Prince didn’t accidentally take her in this place. However, why did he bring her here?

Is it for her to meet the legendary handsome Third Prince? And see the that the Third Prince has the same situation of Xiao Tianyao?

Is the Seventh that naive?

“I was about to go to Mufei (mother), do you also want to go?” When Xiao Zian spoke, his line of sight fell on Lin Chujiu to seek her answer. However, Lin Chujiu haven’t answered when the Seventh Prince clapped his hands then said: “That’s good! That’s good! Third older brother, you should go out more. As you also know, Imperial Uncle Tianyao has the same fate as you. But, he doesn’t just stay inside his mansion every day. I heard Big Brother Crown Prince said that Imperial Uncle Tianyao even invited the most famous doctor in the world to treat him. So, if that famous doctor cures Imperial Uncle Tianyao, I will definitely ask him to let that doctor cure your legs too. And when you no longer need to stay in your wheelchair, you can even travel all over the world.”

The Seventh Prince said with full of concern to Third Prince Xiao Zian. But inside his heart, he doesn’t really care. He thought others wouldn’t find his words offensive, but… …

Lin Chujiu know that Third Prince Xiao Zian didn’t like it when the Seventh Princes said that he has the same fate as Xiao Tianyao. After all, the medical system desperately reminding her that there is a patient she should give a treatment. And that patient is no other than the Third Prince himself. But… … 

Inside the palace, how could she just randomly give him a treatment ah?

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