Chapter 448: To ruin with flattery, how to clarify (Part 2)

“Although Xiao Wangfei didn’t travel to practice medicine, look at her patients, it’s Xiao Wangye, Third Prince Xiao Zian, and Meng Gongzi. Who doesn’t know how serious their disease was? Divine Doctor Mo has no way to cure them. Especially to Third Prince Xiao Zian and Meng Gongzi, they had been ill for more than 10 years. If they didn’t meet Xiao Wangfei, who knows if they can be cured in this life. “

“Do you remember the children in Ci Entang? I heard several children there were almost dying, but they were all treated by Xiao Wangfei. Those children with additional fingers and slit mouth, have you seen them? My distant relatives are working in the Ci Entang, they said those children are all good now.”

“I also know about Ci Entang. At that time, I also gave rice soup to those children. Xiao Wangfei was truly a bodhisattva, not only she is good in medicine, but also very kind to people.”

“Now that you mention it, I also remember that Xiao Wangfei rescued two orphans, who had no money to see a doctor. Xiao Wangfei is truly kind.”


The same rumors spread at the fastest speed in various corners of the capital, as if there was an invisible hand pushing all of it: “Who could be the person behind it? What is that person’s purpose?”

Thinking of the sudden emergence of the pouch, Ji Fengyu knew that he had been used, but no matter how much he checked, he couldn’t find its origin.

Fortunately, while doing it, he completely concealed himself. No matter how much Xiao Wangfu checked it, they will know it was his doing.

Ji Fengyu felt a bit relieved,  he felt uneasy and useless. The current situation completely went out of his control.

At this point, it’s not just simply giving a person’s credit. Ji Fengyu cracked his brain to think who was the people behind it. While Nannuo Yao, to cover up her illness, she spread the rumor about how Lin Chujiu cured Xiao Tianyao and Xiao Zian.

With the help of all these parties, it can be said that it’s not just the work of one or two people. However, for several days, Lin Chujiu’s reputation in the capital has skyrocketed. When the emperor discovered the seriousness of this matter, he tried to suppress it, but he can’t… …

After hearing the rumors, the Meng father and son came to apologize in person: “Xiao Wangfei, I’m so sorry, it was due to my negligence.”

Before, people in the capital were questioning Lin Chujiu’s medical skills. They stood up for Lin Chujiu out of gratitude, but they didn’t expect other people will use it to exploit others, so now things have developed to this.

Lin Chujiu shook her head and said that she didn’t care at all: “Meng Gongzi’s words are heavy. This matter has nothing to do with you. Even without you, things will eventually turn out like this.”

The rumors in the capital were obviously arranged by someone. Even if she didn’t do anything, but because she was Xiao Wangfei, those people will simply not let her go.

“This matter…  still has a connection with our Meng Family.” Meng Xiuyuan opened his mouth and said. His speech was slower than ordinary people, but every word was delivered very clearly, it sounds good in the ears.

However, people who don’t have a habit of listening to other people’s voices will only find it sound hoarse and harsh, so Meng Xiuyuan doesn’t speak very often. He only speaks a lot in front of Lin Chujiu.

Meng Xiuyuan looked at Lin Chujiu and said word by word, “Xiao Wangfei, rest assured that our Meng family will come forward to clarify this matter.”

“How are you going to clarify it?” Lin Chujiu asked with a smile.

The other side lifted her so high that she almost became a divine god. How will the Meng family clarify this event?


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