Chapter 74: To recognize and breaking ties (Part 2)

“Prince Xiao, Brother Xiang just continue your discussion. We won’t bother you anymore.”  3rd Aunt busily said to retire. But, didn’t forget to say goodbye words to Lin Chujiu before she left: “Chujiu, come to our house sometimes. Your Uncle is worried sick about you.”

“I will go and thank 3rd uncle.” It’s rare to see a normal person, so Lin Chujiu felt relieved when she talked to this 3rd Aunt of her.

Although Lin Wanting shames her in front of Xiao Tianyao, Lin Chujiu felt very happy. Well, that is how her family really is. In the end, who ended up losing her face anyway? And Xiao Tianyao himself was the one who disgraces Lin Wanting.

Lin Chujiu wryly smile, then felt relieved that she and Xiao Tianyao is not a normal husband and wife. But if she was still like the Lin Chujiu before, then she won’t definitely be able to lift her head up in front of Xiao Tianyao.

When 3rd Aunt went outside, she met the moody Lin Furen and Lin Wanting. And once Lin Wanting saw her, she immediately wipes her tears away and said: “3rd Aunt, have you also been driven out? Please don’t get angry, Jiejie was sick so she was in a bad mood. I will apologize to you on her behalf, we are sisters after all. But don’t worry, I will go back here in Xiao Wangfu and persuade Jieijie to personally apologize to you.”

Lin Wanting said to save some face to her Aunt and so that she could come again to Xiao Wangfu and. And because she just found out a way to visit again, she really felt happy.

Hearing her words, 3rd Aunt only laugh. Then, she directly said: “Wanting, you’re just thinking too much. Chujiu understands very well the etiquette, so she told me she will visit us. You’ll visit her in Xiao Wangfu again? You don’t need to do that, she is very busy right now. Oh, you also don’t need to visit us, we’ll get very busy.”

Ahhhh… … she’ll definitely wouldn’t allow her daughter to be accompanied by such a shameless thing who could seduce her brother-in-law.

Dasao (Sister-in-law), what do you mean?” Lin Furen‘s face sank and her heart felt unhappy.

3rd Aunt didn’t give Lin Furen a face, she disgustedly said: “Xiaogu (Sister-in-law/husband’s younger sister), not only Wanting can’t understand my words, but also you? Of course, if you are not listening then you wouldn’t understand. What I mean is, after this, you and your daughter shouldn’t come to our place. Laofuren (old lady) doesn’t like seeing you two anyway.”

3rd Aunt didn’t hide the disgust she felt in her eyes to Lin Wanting. Seeing this, Lin Wanting’s body started shaking, then faintly said: “3rd Aunt… … Why are you siding with that slut? She may be Princess Xiao, but I’ll be the future empress. No, no… I want to be Princess Xiao, as long as Prince Xiao will like me and become my man, that’s good enough for me.”

Saying out loud the words that are inside her heart, Lin Wanting felt an inexplicable excitement.

“Wanting !!!” Lin Furen screamed. 3rd Aunt who also sees Lin Wanting’s facial expression couldn’t help but look at her in disgust as if she saw a monster.

“No, no, it’s not really like that. I didn’t mean it.” Lin Wanting tried to explain, but who would listen ah?

After all, there are some things that can be undone once you said it.


Inside the study room, Lin Xiang tried to explain to Lin Chujiu how worried he is when he heard that she was sick for a long time. But, as her father, why did he just come… …

Lin Chujiu tried hard to fight back her urge to vomit and just nodded her head as if she’s really listening. After explaining for a long time, Lin Xiang finally said: “Chujiu, our family’s doctor have long been with us. They understand your body’s condition more than anyone else. So, I went here today… …”

Unfortunately, Lin Xiang hasn’t finished his words when suddenly, they heard Lin Furen’s scream: “Wanting! My poor Wanting! How could you… … Come, someone come, hurry! My daughter fainted! There’s so much blood!”

“Wanting had an accident?” Lin Xiang facial expression change, then run immediately toward Xiao Tianyao: “Wangye, this official will come again later.”

After he finished saying those words, he immediately opens the door and went outside. But after opening the door, he didn’t even saw Lin Furen or Lin Wanting’s shadow, so he walked back and forth.

To have such a father and a family is simply a headache. Thankfully, she didn’t hold much hope.

Lin Chujiu who is looking at Lin Xiang couldn’t help but ask Xiao Tianyao: “Wangye, how did he become a Prime Minister?”

He’s so unreliable, so why did the Emperor find him useful?

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14 thoughts on “Chapter 74: To recognize and breaking ties (Part 2)

    1. Based on my limited knowledge on how Emperor in Chinese Web Novel chose their subordinates (under assumption the emperor got some brain) they’re ideally both competent and obedient (loyalty is relative as you never know) and if I am right… Lin Xiang is more on the latter, as in a good obedient dog the emperor can use as he please as shown by how he can just throw Lin Xiang’s daughter (who has bad reputation) at Xiao Tianyao to shame this little brother of his.

      And so… Lin Xiang is not so reliable as Lin Chujiu said, but very submissive to his ruler.

  1. “3rd Aunt… … Why are you siding with that slut? She may be Princess Xiao, but I’ll be the future empress. No, no… I want to be Princess Xiao, as long as Prince Xiao will like me and become my man, that’s good enough for me.”

    This is about as logical as random girl bragging to her friends/family that she’s going to married to Bill Gates in the future… but then decides that as long as Justin Bieber is willing to take her, she’ll be happy too.

    And indeed, how DID Lin Xiang become prime minister?

  2. Xiao Tianyao: “because birds with the same feather flock together.”
    LC agrees in her mind (hmm indeed uh.) And didn’t notice she was nodding back and forth.
    XT seeing LC nodding nonstop can’t help but thinks that she looks like a cute puppy.
    XT: !!!! ( What am I thinking!)

  3. WOW… I have to say while Lin Furen did ruin original Lin Chujiu’s character, she also did the same with her own daughter. Well, it’s no wonder as holding double standard when raising children in the same environment is difficult. When you ruin one, it’s almost guaranteed the damage spread.
    Lin Wanting is used to be ‘the pretty damsel’ everyone spoils, she is ‘always’ right and pitiful in her family. She might be seem lovely and cute, but when girl her age meets reality of adulthood… which is Xiao Tianyao seems to be the personification of ‘when life gives you bitter gourd’

    She seems to be detached from reality, never really grow up… Wanting seems like having mental illness, she has a mind of selfish little girl who thinks the world revolves around her.

    Anyway… how did Lin Xiang becomes prime minister? He might be a crappy father, but not necessarily an incompetent lackey for emperor.

  4. What a family…a pair of disgusting mom and daughter silly father. Smart & highly suspicious emperor will get a Prime minister who is not intelligent & so loyal so he can sleep at ease.
    What’s next? Can’t wait to read.

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