Chapter 85: On behalf of and obstructing Laodie (Part 1)

Divine Doctor Mo’s treatment gradually improved Xiao Tianyao’s legs conditions. However, Divine Doctor Mo still can’t guarantee that his legs would return to its original state. But, he can make sure that Xiao Tianyao would be able to stand up and walk.

Hearing such news, they should be jumping from happiness. But, Xiao Tianyao and his wife were not. Because… …

There was a big commotion going on from the outside!


Early this morning, a group of scholar students gathered and shouts tremendously outside the Xiao Wangfu. Because they want Xiao Tianyou to get out and confess his sins to the family of the deceased soldiers.

Xiao Tianyao and Lin Chujiu knows that someone deliberately made a rumor out of Xiao Tianyao’s gossip plan about him taking a break to political issues to focus taking care of his wife.

However, because of that someone, his said gossip plan turns into a more and more dramatic case. And soon, Xiao Tianyao became a hypocrite, coward, lustful and a military exploiter in the eyes of the citizens. And now, the citizens are even thinking that Xiao Tianyao’s achievements were fake. And that he only robbed it to someone else.

Obviously, that someone who instigated those rumors has a nose and eyes to the details in the palace because his depicted information sounds so real. And if Lin Chujiu herself didn’t know Xiao Tianyao personally. She might even think that those rumors were true.

While the rumors were spreading, the palace court officials even dare to make another movement by impeaching Xiao Tianyao’s mentor due to being corrupt. And because of the said corruption, it gave birth to the death of ten of thousands of soldiers during the war. And because of it too, the family of the deceased soldiers didn’t even receive a penny that they should have received. And due to their miserable state, the family was forced to sell their children and daughters. 

In just a short moment, this issue in the palace court immediately spread in the capital. So, Xiao Tianyao’s reputation hit the very bottom. And now, in the eyes of all the citizen of East Country, Xiao Tianyao is no longer the God of War of the East. Instead, he became the Sinner of the East.

And all of this happened because of Lin Xiang, Lin Chujiu’s father.

Fortunately, in regard to this matter, Xiao Tianyao didn’t say anything nor speak about it to Lin Chujiu. After all, her attitude recently shows that they were merely a father and a daughter in named.

Another fortunate thing is that, Xiao Tianyao didn’t get angry nor blamed her. Which is very different to his attitude before. Because of this, Lin Chujiu had a little peace of mind.

However, this is a moment where she shouldn’t forget that she is her father’s daughter, so she needs to be very careful. She can’t control the wind and rain from outside, she can only do her best. So, if Xiao Tianyao will ask for more effort, she’ll try to finish them too. Lin Chujiu wanted to discuss this with Xiao Tianyao to try settling the matter, but she didn’t expect… …

The corruption issue that hasn’t been proven yet will already turn the citizens into madness and incite trouble in Xiao Wangfu.

Wangye, the scholar students that had gathered outside keeps shouting in anger. There were some old and young family members of the deceased and wounded soldiers too. They want Wangye to give a statement.” Housekeeper Cao reported while constantly patting his sweats: “The guardsmen have blocked the gates, but if those group of citizens will still force their way inside. I’m afraid it won’t take long before…”

Xiao Wangfu didn’t expect that things would turn out like this, so they don’t know how will they end this up. In order to force Xiao Tianyao to get outside, the Emperor didn’t even hesitate to act to this extent. 

“Get ready, Benwang … …” Xiao Tianyao said, but he hasn’t finished his words when Lin Chujiu interrupted him by saying: “Wangye, I’ll go, let me deal with it.”

Lin Chujiu stand up and said without any hesitation. She is not sure if she could settle the issue outside, but she must stand up because there was no other choice.

With Housekeeper Cao’s report, she can imagine what will happen to Xiao Wangfu. This is because of her father, so if Xiao Tianyao will get into an accident, she could only blame herself. She could no longer stay in Xiao Wangfu if it will be destroyed. And if her father succeeds, he will definitely not let her stay as Princess Xiao.

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