Chapter 12: Long lost twin brother

Outside of the mall, the sun’s heat is strong.

Youyou was holding his newly bought remote control car when he went outside. He gradually felt the heat on his back, he had just come out from the cold environment of the mall so he was having a hard time to adapt to the sudden change.

He lifted his little face and whispered lightly: “Mommy … …”

Yun Shishi turned and saw his flushed face and feeble eyes, she slowly gets the toy from him, worriedly asked: “What’s the matter? Do you feel uncomfortable?”

Youyou frowned and walk toward her arm, he speaks like a spoiled baby: “Mommy! I feel hot, Youyou can’t walk in this heat. Let’s go back inside! Back, back, back ……”

Yun Shishi couldn’t help but smile and crouched down because of his cute pleading. Youyou saw her smiling face, he bends his waist and naughtily sticks out his tongue. Then he threw himself on her shoulders. Yun Shishi carried him and stood up.

Youyou leaned his little face on her shoulder and ask: “Mommy are you tired?”

“Yes, I’m tired.”

“Don’t worry, Youyou will grow up fast and take care of Mommy!”

Yun Shishi smile and said: “Good! Youyou is definitely Mommy’s little warm man!”

Youyou lifted up his small hands and touch her face, he asked: “Mommy, what is a little warm man?”

“That is… a young boy with a very warm heart”

“Oh, then I will be Mommy’s little warm man, I won’t do it to anybody else!” Youyou sweetly brought close his pink lips towards her face, with a “smooch” sound, he kissed her.

The mother and son smiled and stick closed their head while laughing away.


At the Roadside, an expensive Lincoln car was quietly parked.

A streamlined black body was visible behind the window, that body belong to a young child with a cold handsome face.

The boy was lazily sitting on the leather car couch, his other hand was supporting his jaw while leaning on the car window. He looks like a six years old child, but his matured and indifference face doesn’t match his age. Through the window, he expressionlessly looks at Yun Shishi and Youyou’s amusing scene.

But, he narrowed his pair of cold eyes when their figure was drifting away.

He doesn’t know why his heart felt a strange feeling when he was looking at the back of that mother and son, as they walk away. He really cannot tell why, after all, he doesn’t know them.

His heart actually felt a slight hint of pain and bitterness. Then felt a burst of loneliness.

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