Chapter 249: Accusations and Complaints

“Huh?” Yun Shishi cries, then she went to the bedroom. However, she didn’t even see a ghost lying in the bed. Yun Shishi thought Youyou was deliberately scaring her. He’s hiding from her to punish her for not going back home, right?

Yet, after quite some time, she still cannot find him.

Yun Shishi suddenly felt worried, so she heads over to the balcony. Then, she nervously holds the fence and looked below. After seeing that there is nothing unusual, Yun Shishi’s heart calms down a  bit.

Her cellphone was smashed earlier, so it’s only natural for her to get some weird thoughts.

However, no matter where she looks, Youyou wasn’t there. Their house is not big, there were only two rooms and one living room. Their flat is only 60 sq. m., so she already had seen every corner of the house.

But still, no one was there.

Yun Shishi got very worried, so she went back to the living room. And in there, she saw a cellphone under the corner of the table. Yun Shishi picked up the cellphone, but when she looks at it, she couldn’t recognize it.

Yun Shishi got very confused, but then, she saw a note on top of the table.

Yun Shishi picked up the note, but only saw a contact number. At that moment, her heartfelt an inexplicable feelings. Yun Shishi dialed the number with the cellphone in her hand. But then, Li Hanlin’s anxious voice came on the other side.

“Are you Youyou’s mommy?”

Because the call came from Youyou’s phone and he left a note on top of the table. Li Hanlin made a guess.

“I am! And you are?!”

“I am President Yun’s… … ahem… … ahem… …”Li Hanlin suddenly stopped what he was saying, but then, he continues to say: “I am the Kindergarten Principal, Miss Yun, we already met before.”

“Hello, Principal Li. By chance, do you… …”

Yun Shishi felt at lost. She doesn’t know what’s going on, so she patiently listens. However, the next moment, Li Hanlin ask with a heavy tone: “Miss Yun, originally, Yun Tianyao is not in a good health, right? And he has congenital heart disease?”

When his voice faded, Yun Shishi had anticipated what happened. Her heart skips a beat, but still, she asked with a trembling voice: “Principal Li… .. what happened to Youyou? I just arrived at our house, but he’s not here. And then, I saw your note on the table… …”

“He is now in the hospital. He called me not long ago. He said he’s feeling uncomfortable, so I hurriedly come and sent him to the hospital… …” Li Hanlin paused and suddenly seriously said: “Miss Yun, I have to criticize you! You, as a single parent and as a mother, how can you just leave your child all alone like that? Yun Tianyou might be a well-behaved and matured child, but in the end, he is only six years old! He was still very young! But, you just left him all alone? Children around this age are still ignorant when it comes to safety. This time, someone was able to come on time, but what about next? Didn’t you see on the TV, many parents left their children alone at home, and then those kids will accidentally fall on the balcony or get seriously injured? The media always shows those kinds of news to lessen the accidents. So, I think you should reflect on your actions!”

When Yun Shishi heard Li Hanlin’s words, her heart got shattered. Her eyes redden and couldn’t help but blame herself!

Yes, Youyou was only six years old, so how can she just leave him all alone in the house?

Youyou has always been poor in health, so she needed to carefully take care of him. But, she selfishly left him at home for a couple of days and without even saying a word. She forgot to provide him the basic care of a mother… …

Because of the cocktail party? She shouldn’t have participated in there!

Because of the red wine? She clearly knows what’s in there, but she still tried to take a sip! She shouldn’t have done it!

The more Yun Shishi blames herself, the more the tears flow down from her eyes.

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13 thoughts on “Chapter 249: Accusations and Complaints

  1. Well… In a normal country her kid would already be taken from her for leaving him without care. I’m not sure what author is trying to do here, but that definitely does not look like a good mother which we were led to believe in the beginning of the novel. Like, it’s so out of character for her to leave her son (which was constantly told to be her everything) alone for two nights… and he’s only six!

      1. Actually it does happen, not sure about last 3-4 years since they were calling for legislation after some horrific accidents all in a row in city, but while my friend had a business there… there are no specific child abuse laws. There are family abuse laws but elderly parents used them more often than children. Abuse is grey ares since corporeal punishment is a norm. Kids as young 1 are left at home if parents are poor and a ambulating size sibling is present. At end of preschool before primary starts , kids already have to take bus or walk by self to school carrying pretty hefty packs and have to let themselves in. Soon as his business had to relocate and made less money my friend had wife at job too. He sold it all out to get her VISA faster and they move to Texas with their 6 yr old.
        On flip side…. parents, like migrants, who have such poor prospects they have to leave kids alone also rush home and do not have the energy, money or will to party all night. This is not accepted norm for the middle class and above

  2. The one I wanted to kill is MYZ he is so inconsiderate and being so selfish as well as the silly mother. Thanks for this chapter.

  3. Yes this is out of character… I’m not too sure myself… Leave for 12 hours is still ok.. But 2 night? No, it is not ok

    1. Author tried to retro number of nights..but two morning wake ups =2 night =48 hours leaving a sickly 6 yr old home alone. Though china has no child abuse law they have family abuse law. abuse is variable definition. But at least when my friend was there , there is no specific laws about latchkey kid age limit. However not sure about laws that apply after a death of ill or very young child. Preschoolers entering elementary school are expected to learn to take a bus carrying a pretty heavy pack and go to school and home alone. My friend sold his business and brought his wife and kids back to US (he is a Texan that lived in china 8 years)

  4. But wasn’t MY the one keeping her over there?? It’s not like she was able to get back on her own.. However I do agree this whole thing and her reactions just don’t make any sense with her character

  5. I guess being drugged repeatedly makes for a muddle head . If you are already muddle headed things can become severe. Mu Ya Zhe makes sure that Yi Chen is cared for why are there no questions about You You. MYZ can’t think without his mindless friend going into action. MYZ needs to find a way to pull his family together. or leave them alone.

  6. Ok f^ck MYZ h clearly knows she has a small child and has spoken to said child, and I believe knows that this is his son but was so busy being a randy rapey stallion that he kept YSS for 2 days? And at no point could she think to say she has a small child at home?

  7. I think she is just has a weak mind and will. Super irresponsible to leave a very young sick child at home all the time as if it is a normal thing to do. Go out partying and be gone for a few days. Yeah there really are retarded parents out their like that. She was one all along. I love you but to show how much I love you let me neglect you.

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