Chapter 361: Who will dare to touch you!

As soon as her voice fell, Mu Yazhe’s face became gloomy.

In the restaurant, he just walked out of the room and heard Li Lan’s voice. He was shocked, but then he also heard Qian Shaohua’s voice.

However, the distance was too far. He didn’t clearly hear the conversation between the two. He only vaguely heard something. Qian Shaohua wanted to take away a woman with him. Unexpectedly, Qian Shaohua turned out to be marking his woman!

Yun Shishi opened her mouth again and said slowly: “Is it true? In your heart, am I like that? A woman with a tag price!”

Seeing him not talking, and only has his cold face. Yun Shishi hurriedly said: “I am not a commodity, so… … you can’t just give me to others!”

However, in responding to her words, her mouth was sealed with a kiss!

A tip of a tongue entered and swept wildly in her little mouth.

Thin lips pressed against her lips. The man seemed didn’t want to give her a chance to breathe. He nibbled the tip of her tongue and plundered her breath all together!

Yun Shishi think that she will suffocate and faint in the man’s arms at the next moment!

Fortunately, when her mind was about to get blank, the man let her go. Yun Shishi was so tired and leaned on the man’s shoulder. Her red lips were greedily gasping for breath. As her consciousness gradually returning, she seemed to have heard the man’s words.

“You are my woman, who will dare to touch you!”

Mu Yazhe’s words sound arrogant but revealed a bit trace of tenderness that was hard to detect. However, she felt awkward in his tenderness, his tenderness made her heart felt a bit painful!

She doesn’t know why her heart felt bad. All she know was she felt a bit uncomfortable.

The tip of her nose was also sour. The bossy care of this man makes her feel inexplicably secure.

Inside her heart, she actually find his words a bit sweet.

This man is overbearing, but… this feeling of being surrounded by arms is quite good!


In a VIP room.

In front of the billiards table, a handsome man was gracefully leaning on it. His hand was aiming at a billiard ball. Then, his narrow and intriguing eyes flashed with a magical stream of light. 


With a crisp sound, the black No. 8 ball fell into the hole. No matter which angle a person looked, the handsome man’s strength was impeccable.

Gu Jinglian lifted up casually the slender club and stroked it’s tip while curving his lips with a smile.

“Chief Yang, why are you only sitting there? You should stand and have some fun.”

After he finished his words, Gu Jinglian turned around and smiled: “Look, I won again. You’ll get no chance with this, Haha!”

When the crowd saw Gu Jinglian‘s strange and unpredictable smile with disdain and contempt. Everyone swallowed hard.

Gu Jinglian was smiling, but everyone present only felt a chill in their back.

They were scared with this man’s uncertain mood.

In the corner to the side.

Yang Shoucheng was stiffly sitting on the sofa. He wanted to sink his whole body in that place if he could. His face was pale and colorless. His shoulders couldn’t stop from trembling.

Yang Shoucheng’s face looked expressionless, but if a person will look closely and fixed their eyes on him. That person will find him sitting stiffly like a soulless puppet.

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  1. So, Gu Jinglian is holding court. And everyone in the court is terrified. While MuYazhe tries to reassure Shishi that she is important to him. Important enough to be protected.

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