Chapter 320: Pounding, Noisy enough (Part 1)

The news that Xiao Wangye destroyed the marriage between the Crown Prince and Lin Wanting was smelled and sighted by the higher up in the government. And these people firmly believed that this was the real purpose of Xiao Tianyao in visiting the Meng Family.

“Tianyao, your method is really good. It’s beautiful and simple, yet ruthless.” Su Cha thinks so, then added: “Now that it’s done, I’ll find someone immediately, who can put in a good word, so that Lin Wanting’s chances to become a marriage candidate for the Western Prince greatly improved.”

Su Cha put out his thumb and made thumps up, showing his approval to his method. In order to avenge their Wangfei, Xiao Tianyao used his beauty and charm. Xiao Tianyao really worked hard in this.

On the other hand, Xiao Tianyao didn’t even bother to look at Su Cha. He really doesn’t understand what on Su Cha’s brain. Su Cha actually thought he was going after Lin Wanting? Is Lin Wanting worthy of his troubles?

“Ahem, ahem… …” Liu Bai, who felt that Xiao Tianyao was unhappy, cough out loud to rescue to Su Cha. Unfortunately, Su Cha didn’t appreciate it. Su Cha was still very angry at him for seeing Mo Yuer.

“Tianyao, you can rest assured, that even if you go in the front line, I will manage the rest of the matter in here. Lin Xiang was unwilling to marry Wangfei to you at first. The empress only persuades him. Because of this, the empress owes Lin Xiang a favor. The empress will definitely help him this time.” Su Cha said and promised. It seems Lin Wanting has no other choice but to marry the Western Prince.

“Mmm, keep an eye on the matter.” The Western Prince will arrive after two days. Xiao Tianyao doesn’t want to encounter an accident.

“Rest assured, I will do things well.” Su Cha said, then added: “You can also rest assured, that once you go in the battlefield. I will keep an eye in the capital, including him.” Su Cha pointed out Liu Bai. His eyes stared at him impolitely.

Liu Bai jumped a bit in shock. Well, there was no way he will comfortable: “What about me? Why do you need to keep staring at me?”

“Hmph… If I won’t stare at you, I’m afraid that you will die in a woman’s hand.” Su Cha coldly snorted and said. Liu Bai immediately understood that Xiao Tianyao knew the matter. So, he busily stood up and explained: “Tianyao, the matter regarding my meeting with Miss Mo, is due to my lack of thought. It will not happen again.” He really didn’t think that someone would use that to attack Xiao Wangfu. He always thought it was his private business.

Xiao Tianyao didn’t speak, but Su Cha bluntly replied: “The next time it happened, go straight to your death, as for you to not cause us trouble.” In order to solve Liu Bai’s problem, several of their people in the palace was exposed. It was simply not worth it. 

Liu Bai didn’t open his mouth, he simply lowered his head, looking all embarrassed. Xiao Tianyao didn’t blame Liu Bai, he only said: “Liu Bai, outside, you don’t represent only yourself, you also represent Xiao Wangfu.”

If Liu Bai made a mistake, other people will not cause him trouble, but rather put all the trouble to Xiao Tianyao.

If Liu Bai’s secret meeting with Mo Yuer was brought up to the emperor. The emperor can say that Xiao Wangfu and the harem was in private contact and scheming conspiracy. If that happened, that would be a very troublesome thing.

After dealing with official affairs, Xiao Tianyao rubbed his sore eyebrows. But, when he remembered Lin Chujiu, who had a cold war with him since they returned. He found out that his head was even more painful.

After returning from Meng Family, Lin Chujiu was calm and quiet. Her behavior perfectly fits to be called a good wife.

However, he would rather be with the Lin Chujiu, who was crying at him that day, rather than she was right now.

What he wants was the living Lin Chujiu, not a wooden doll.

They really need to talk.

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6 thoughts on “Chapter 320: Pounding, Noisy enough (Part 1)

  1. if you want the living one, then stop snuffing out her flame!
    Su Cha and Liu Bai keep messing up in very different ways. Su Cha thinks everything that XTY does has to have more than one meaning, and Liu Bai thinks his own actions only involve himself.

  2. Strange, he want temperament woman but without temperament, when LCJ say/make anything on her own he is angry and retaliate on her. Really XTY need good kick and should decide what he want.

  3. XTY is one of the most frustrating male leads I’ve ever read! This moron, every time she tries to assert herself he always beats her down saying she has no right but when she is calm and minds her own business then he wants the ‘living woman’ FU man

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