Chapter 119: Proud and Will never marry into the Xiao Wangfu (Part 2)

Lin Chujiu couldn’t help but laugh: “Miss Mo, did you forget what you just said? You said that this consort was afraid that you will successfully marry into the Xiao Wangfu and snatched away Wangye’s heart, right? That’s why this consort deliberately framed you. Well, I agree with what you said, because I do really feel like if you successfully marry into the Xiao Wangfu, you will take advantage of the gratitude Wangye felt to frame me. So that later on, you can become the imperial consort. After all, you are the daughter that save’s Wangye’s life. So, why should I help you.”

“I’m not going to do that.” Mo Yuer opens her mouth and said with pride.

Lin Chujiu didn’t argue further and only said: “Well, I know you can’t do anything but complain, so why would I show any kindness? Miss Mo, let me tell you this, you might be able to forget this incident, but I can’t ah. I will never forget that because of the medicinal bath that you and your father have prepared, I was forced to end up like this. So, you listen… … I, Lin Chujiu, whether dead or alive, will never let you marry into the Xiao Wangfu. I don’t want you to marry Xiao Wangye!”

“You, who are you to decide that ah?” Mo Yuer’s face got paled, and her eyes showed uneasiness.

“I am Lin Chujiu, my father is the prime minister of this country. My uncle is a governor, my mother is a good friend of the Empress. The emperor bestowed me to Xiao Wangye to become his imperial consort. I can easily crush you like an ant than you can ever imagine!”

This is the first time Lin Chujiu pointed out her identity. And this is also the first time she had used her identity to pressure someone. So, this is the first time everyone had realized that their Wangfei originally had such a noble identity. Their Wangye cannot put her in his eyes, but they shouldn’t.

“You, how can you use your identity to pressure me ah?” Mo Yuer’s cheek flushed in anger. And pointed out her right finger to Lin Chujiu just like an unreasonable kid.

“Did I used my identity to pressure you? How? Don’t you also have a good identity? So, why not use that to ask the emperor’s permission to let you marry Wangye? Lin Chujiu said because she doesn’t think using oneself’s identity is wrong.

Actually, she doesn’t need to use her identity to pressure Mo Yuer. Because Mo Yuer’s identity is not good enough, right?

“You just got lucky that the emperor bestowed you to Wangye. Because if the emperor did not, do you think someone like you can marry Wangye? Wangye is a hero, he will never fancy marrying a woman like you! So, if it weren’t for your identity, you’re just nothing!” Mo Yuer totally loses her reasoning and just roar her anger to Lin Chujiu.

Lin Chujiu didn’t even slightly get angry. Her smile rather becomes more and more bright: “You’re right, having this identity really has an advantage. Because even though Wangye hates me and look down on me. I can still stay as his Imperial Consort. While you… … even though you can catches his heart, you can only become his concubine. So, what’s there left to fight ah?”

“You’re shameless!” Mo Yuer cursed.

Lin Chujiu laughed and ironically said, “At least, I’m not as cheap as you. I don’t force myself to a man that doesn’t want me.”

With Lin Chujiu’s remark, everyone unconsciously looks at Lin Chujiu with their eyes that full of worship. Xiao Tianyao also looks at her, but Lin Chujiu stayed emotionless, as if… …

Today’s issues have nothing to do with her. As if she didn’t have suffered. As if she didn’t become a hero in Xiao Wangfu. And her haughty attitude when she stopped Mo Yuer from marrying into the Xiao Wangfu, it seems not like her.

This Lin Chujiu is both familiar and not familiar to Xiao Tianyao. So, Xiao Tianyao’s eyes flashed with anxiousness. And then, he frowned: “Benwang doesn’t hate you and look down you.”

“That’s not important.” Lin Chujiu said without care, well, because she really doesn’t care.

Xiao Tianyao’s eyebrows knitted more: “You resent benwang?” Because of the medicinal bath, Lin Chujiu was forced to end up like this.

So, if she was angry and want to blame him. He can accept that. He’s willing to appease her anger, but… …

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28 thoughts on “Chapter 119: Proud and Will never marry into the Xiao Wangfu (Part 2)

    1. ~LC and XTY’s Break-up Musical~
      LC: You and me we made a vow, for better or for worse, I can’t believe you let me down, but the truth’s in the way it hurts~
      XTY: Is it too late now to say sorry?
      Yeah, I know-oh-oh, that I let you down
      Is it too late to say I’m sorry now?
      LC: But it’s too late to apologize, it’s too late~~
      XTY: What have I gotta do to make you want me? What have I gotta do to be heard? (Sorry, seems to be the hardest word)
      LC: Think it’s best we go our separate ways, tell me why I should stay in this relationship when I’m hurting baby, I ain’t happy. (BURN – Usher)
      XTY: Whether’s there desire, there is gonna be a flame. Where there is a flame someone’s bound to get burned. But just because it burns doesn’t mean we’re gonna die. We gotta get up and try, try, try. (Try -pInk
      LC: Well you put quite a show, really had me going, but now it’s time to go, curtains finally closing, and that was quite a show, really entertaining, but it’s over now, no one can take the bow
      XTY: Couldn’t see that I was blind to let you go? I can’t escape the pain inside. Cause love takes time, I don’t wanna be here, I don’t wanna be here alone. (Love takes time – mAriah Carey)
      LC: But everytime you hurt me the less that I cry, and everytime you leave me the quicker these tears dry, and everyrime you walk out the less i love you, baby we don’t stand a chance, it’s sad but it’ true I way too good at goodbyes..
      XTY: Once upon a time I was falling in love, now I’m only falling apart. There’s I could do, Toatal eclipse of the heart.

  1. … You knucklehead XTY >_>; it takes you THIS long to realize MAYBE she doesn’t like you anymore?

    Slightly surprised we suddenly went on a tangent to suppressing Mo Yu’Er. I don’t think suppressing her really has much purpose since there was pretty ironclad evidence that she did something to XTY’s bath already.

    … Guess that just means more chapters of wanting her to get away from XTY 😛

    1. Can you believe this guy? He’s surprised, and possibly a little hurt, by her indifference. The guy who has been antagonistic since day 1. That’s rich, man. He’s just lucky she needs the title to partially protect her from hoodlums, her family, and his. Partially. It’s the Swiss Cheese of armor, but it’s better than nothing.

      It was kind of a random thought to put just at the end of this chapter, though. Proving she’s right, then telling Mo Yuer she’s fired – that’s what this is about. He has zero place in this conversation. The next chapter should be him apologizing. It won’t be, but it should. Instead, we end the triumph over the stupid pretty girl with XTY’s anxiety over not quite knowing this LCJ, and him trying too little and too late to clear up some misunderstandings he feels she is operating under. His surprised hurt over her indifference. Dude, get a clue. Reciprocity is important. At least she isn’t actively seeking to end your miserable life.

      1. This kind of highlights the problem I have with the novel in general.

        I get that XTY’s indifference is probably a marketing gimmick for popularity (and judging by the incensed comments on this blog, a fairly effective one), but at some point there has to be a reasonable logical basis for a relationship to bloom and that’s NOT what this novel has been doing so far.

        We’re given snippet of XTY’s thinking and that he’s positively happy for her whenever he gets a chance to defend her, but over the past few chapters, he’s also shown to be more than happy to ignore her entirely. This disconnect between his “personalities” really annoys me because it’s hard to pinpoint his character.

        Like, be consistent dude, if you’re indifferent to her, be completely indifferent, if you like her, actually make an effort towards liking her. I just can’t emphatise with his way of thinking at all.

        It feels incredibly gimmicky that he’s happy for her when she’s trying to prove herself and it transforms completely into not caring whether she’s safe at all the moment she leaves his sight or doesn’t serve his purpose.

      1. But I do believe that there’s a thin line between love and hate, and at a point when I hate someone so much I come to this realization that I’m wasting my time on them. Why care? Which is why I hold the quote to heart. Especially when people are intentionally provoking

      2. Think of it as saying, the opposite of love is being void of love. Because when you hate, you still care. And really, you care about them enough to hate them. If they didn’t matter to you, you wouldn’t care.

  2. Comn LC just Chuck him hez not worthy of you they even might save that 3rd crippled prince and ask d emperor a favour to bestow the marriage upon his daughter, they still have a chance, u better leave that stupid wangfu and be a free bird sweetie and I really want to hear this comment from her to wangye“I hate you, I am willing to pull out your heart, take out your bones and after you lose your life I will destroy this picturesque country…”

    1. With the feeling that “You tried to destroy me? I’LL DESTROY YOU” vibe… He and the country aren’t worth keeping and hope they all suffer in the long run….

  3. Why LCJ still want to keep her Wangfei position? Don’t understand. She should said take the damn position cos she is leaving for good since her innocence is proven. Argh…

    1. Although I understand what you feel (coz’ I feel it too) and that she loathes the person, she still needs his title, authority and power as her safeguard, because the moment she leaves the mansion, she loses her protection and she might even be harmed (knowing that the Lin Family and Imperial Family hates her even though her connections to them are supposedly close plus the fact that Xiao Mansion’s enemies mighr target her and end up dead)

  4. Am I the only who feels happy that both MY and XTY got face smacked but hate the fact that she had to use her identity to put pressure on them (especially on the not MARRYING part, like ugh~~ Σ( ° ╭∩╮ °|||)︴)

    P.S. Wangye, who wouldn’t resent you? Even the readers resent you, so why wouldn’t Chinju resent you, after all you’ve done to her!!! Uhh, scratch that… no she doesn’t resent you, she loathes you!!!! You piece of s**t!!!!

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