Chapter 121: To carry and meaningless (Part 1)

Liu Bai was kneeling outside!

Liu Bai admits that he was wrong!

Xiao Tianyao’s wheelchair stopped in front of Lin Chujiu’s room. And then he asked: “You are seeking benwang or Wangfei?”

“This subordinate wronged Wangfei, so this subordinate will ask Wangfei’s forgiveness.” Liu Bai who was kneeling admits his mistakes.

“Wangfei is not angry with you.” Because Lin Chujiu didn’t take them to heart, so why would she be angry?

“This subordinate understand.” But, he will still kneel outside and wait until Lin Chujiu woke up: “But, this subordinate will not get up until Wangfei woke up.”

Is he … … admitting his mistake or seeking a peace of mind?

Xiao Tianyao didn’t persuade him, he only said: “If that is the case, then keep kneeling.” Xiao Tianyao thinks that its the right time to give Liu Bai a lesson or else he’ll never learn.


In the study room, Su Cha has long been waiting. So, when he sees Xiao Tianyao came in, he immediately stepped forward and said “Wangye, how’s Wangfei?” Obviously, he knows what happened.

“Haven’t died.” Xiao Tianyao said, but he didn’t mean anything bad, he was merely stating the fact. However, when Su Cha heard it, he finds it strange, so he tried saying something else: “Wangye, this time, Wangfei had experienced a great injustice. So, Wangye must coax Wangfei good.”

“Mmm,” Xiao Tianyao’s answer is stingy short as always. Su Cha doesn’t want to get involved much in this matter, so he changed the topic and asked: “Wangye, what are we going to do with Divine Doctor Mo and Miss Mo?”

“Let them stay free, but keep monitoring them.” Sending Divine Doctor Mo away would be meaningless and Xiao Tianyao has other intentions.

Su Cha knew that this will happen. He felt bad for this idea, so he sighed and added: “Lu Yuan keep insisting that Mo Yuer had instructed him to do that. He also said that Mo Yuer specifically used the psychedelic drug because Wangfei will be the only one get affected. The three of you won’t be affected because of the contact with the dragon soul. Her purpose is to use Wangfei to stop your treatment. And because your legs didn’t get healed, you will choose her instead of Wangfei.”

Although there was no hard evidence that Lu Yuan really had said that, what he said makes a lot of sense. Mo Yuer and Xiao Tianyao has no romantic relationship. Everyone can see that, but still… …

“Things are not that simple.” It’s not that Xiao Tianyao can’t see, it’s just that he thinks Mo Yuer is stupid: “Mo Yuer is stupid, she won’t be able to formulate a good plan.”

Su Cha also thinks the same, but finding an evidence to that matter is not easy: “No matter what I do, Lu Yuan refused to answer.” Su Cha is also feeling helpless.

“Then, dispose him.” There were very few people that wants to die.

Su Cha went out and go to see to Liu Bai. But when he saw him actually kneeling, he just sighed and didn’t say anything.

Liu Bai is a stubborn a person. So, if he said that he will keep kneeling until Lin Chujiu woke up, he will keep his words… …

But because Lin Chujiu was heavily injuried, she stayed unconscious the whole day, so Liu Bai has no other choice but to accompany her.

When Lin Chujiu woke up, Housekeeper Cao reported that Liu Bai was kneeling outside and wanted to apologize. After hearing it, Lin Chujiu revealed a faint smile and said: “Please tell Young Master Liu Bai to get up.” As for forgiveness, Lin Chujiu didn’t say anything.

Liu Bai merely misunderstood Lin Chujiu, so when he heard Lin Chujiu’s words, he stood up and dragged his stiffed legs. And lamely walk away.

When Liu Bai got out, he saw Su Cha standing outside. Su Cha came forward and punch him: “Hey, I don’t know, but can you also plead for me?” With this sentence, it shows that their brotherhood didn’t get affected with this matter.

Su Cha felt happy, so he raised his hand and punch him again. His punch looks strong, but in reality, its just a light touch: “You kiddo really needs to eat a lot of bitterness or else you will only keep bragging.”

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15 thoughts on “Chapter 121: To carry and meaningless (Part 1)

  1. Thanks for the chapter. I hope LB will become smarter in the future. And i think XTY need to work hard to win back LCJ’s love

  2. i don’t like any of em. LC, leave that damn place. Those people are XTY’s people. idc if they’re nice or not. You need your own person. I really want her to just leave that place and be happy.

      1. It’s pretty much a death sentence if she tries to run away. 😒, so her choices are to run and hide (good luck with their intelligence network), carve out a place for herself, or die. 😐.

        Thank you for the chapters and stay awesome.

    1. I like the idea but her leaving is much more dangerous than her staying (or rather whether she stays or not, she’ll die in the end, the only difference is, the moment she leaves Xiao Wangfu, she dies)

  3. why would she die tho if she was to leave the male lead?

    BTW, from what i learned in econs, the male lead is acting like a monopolistic firm. since theres no competition, hes being very complacent in winning over the female lead’s heart. if this was another cliche chi novel, there would be many other supporting male leads which would serve as competition and would drive the male lead in hurrying in his efforts to win over the female lead, to the extent he wont care so much about his pride.

    1. Believe the issue here is that she was issued an imperial decree to marry XTY. So if she inadvertently goes against it by trying to run away, that’s punishable by death.

      … At least that’s my assumption. I’m quite certain she outlined the logic in one of the earlier chapters as to why she needs to stick to him. I just don’t remember which chapter…

      1. That added to the fact her family was already killing her by slow continual poisoning… nobody wants to help her. She’s infamous and famous in this town, and she would not manage to leave the city without someone’s permission, so, she’d get tracked down by one of the many groups who want her dead if she left.

  4. More dangerous outside, really? For now she here almost died several times, so I think she could manage that danger. Su Cha, only one of few likeable male characters so far.

  5. I know that XTY is really hateful but I can understand his perspective. First of all, he is the god of war and he is known to be ruthless. This woman, who previously was known as an idiot and aroggant ‘brat’, was bestowed to him by the emperor. That alone would make it really difficult to trust her. Also, at that era in history, because women had to rely on men to survive, a lot of them were very good at faking affection and other ‘feminine’ emotions to evoke pity and ‘love’ from others. Plus, her father is on the side of the emperor, who is XTY’s enemy. All of this would make trusting LCJ very very difficult.

    Then about the tub incident– LCJ didnt have any evidence. This woman whom you just started to trust suddenly acts crazy and interferes with your only hope to regain your legs. I’m sure any person would erupt from anger seeing that. Moreover, XTY is ruthless so his anger would be to the extreme. LCJ is lucky that she was not disposed of. I say ‘lucky’ because at that point in time, women were clearly regarded as nothing but liabilities or ‘2nd class’ citizens.

    Now, LCJ doesn’t have much choice. If she leaves XTY, she becomes a bad wife, an unfilial child, a slut, etc. That time, women practicing medicine also wasn’t very accepted so LCJ can’t just set up a clinic of some sort. Plus, if she left XTY, her bad reputation would make things even more difficult for her (also remember that her Lin family is a bunch of snakes). Also, LCJ can’t just divorce her husband because I am not even sure if women before had that right.

    If LCJ ran away to another country, she might be imprisoned for being a spy even if she is not.

    Women’s lives before basically revolved around being raised to become good mothers and virtuous wives (under her father’s care — a man) then get passed to another man to get married. If you don’t get married, you would be a dishonor to your family. That’s why throughout history, families would always want a son (an heir), and never a daughter. So unfortunate.

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