Chapter 139: To support and Lin Chujiu is also someone who has a backing (Part 2)

“No, benwang will not let Meng Family lead the army.” Meng Family’s willingness to help is a good thing, but Xiao Tianyao doesn’t want them to get involved in this war.

Liu Bai got puzzled, so he ask: “Is there someone else good than Meng Family?” Meng Family is willing to cooperate, with that, they will be able to minimize their loss.

“None, but Meng Family can not.” In order to support Lin Chujiu, Meng Laofuren sacrifices the reputation and interest of Meng Family. He appreciates this old lady’s decisiveness, but it doesn’t mean that he will accept it.

Liu Bai immediately understands the meaning of Xiao Tianyao’s words, so he depressingly said: “Wangye, you shouldn’t decide this matter base on your private interest. “

Xiao Tianyao’s cold eyes immediately swept past Liu Bai: “Bai, are you doubting benwang’s decision?”

“I, I don’t dare.” Liu Bai said that he doesn’t dare, but his pair of eyes shows that he is unconvinced. Xiao Tianyao no longer bother to look at Liu Bai. Instead, he look at Su Cha: “You? Do you also think the same as Liu Bai? Do you also think benwang’s decision is base on private interest?”

“No,” Su Cha shook his head without any hesitation: “Wangye can’t decide base on his private interest. That is because, Wangfei’s maternal family is only willing to help Wangye because of Wangfei. And if Wangfei is not here, they wouldn’t invest any help to Wangye.”

Meng Family’s wealth is already over the top of the sky. They no longer need to come forward in the war to earn more richness. They no longer need to participate in power struggles of the royal family. Because no matter who sits in the throne, Meng Family doesn’t need more cash.

Liu Bai didn’t agree: “Without Wangye, it’s impossible for a member of Meng Family to be appointed as a general by the emperor.”

“And do you think that is a good thing for Meng Family? Do you think Meng Family’s eldest son is willing to be a general?” Su Cha doesn’t understand how Liu Bai’s brain functions to say such a blunt idea.

To put it bluntly, his action is called a demonstration of loyalty and courage. But, too bad he is silly and stupid.

Liu Bai doesn’t believe in Su Cha’s words. He still believe that Meng Family is so cheap to think like that: “If not because of Wangye, the emperor wouldn’t even remember their name. And most likely to use them.”

Su Cha almost gone crazy, “Do you know what kind of man is the eldest son of Meng Family? In the capital, who doesn’t know that he is not a martial artist and nothing but a rich man? He has no ambition, nor ability to be part of military. But the emperor appointed him as a general? And not only that, the emperor even put Wangye’s soldiers and horses in his hands.”

“I know that.” Liu Bai said in a cool manner: “I’m not a fool, so how can’t I see that.”

“Since you know that, you don’t have any right to think that Meng Family is cheap and just took advantage of Wangye.” Su Cha felt like he was being played.

What Su Cha said is not wrong, but Liu Bai still insist his thought: “The emperor appointed him as a general and ask to lead Wangye’s soldiers. As long as he win this war, he will get fame and fortune. If that is not what you call cheap, then what is it?”

“That is not wrong.” Su Cha immediately replied: “But, it’s impossible for Young Master Meng to have such strength and defeat the Northern Country’s army.”

That is his own problem. Who can blame his own incompetence?” Liu Bai coldly said with a hum. This time, Su Cha no longer argues, because… … 

What Liu Bai said makes sense.

If Meng Shi has the ability, he can take this opportunity to get fame. But the reality is harsh because he has no such skills! 

Su Cha realized that he shouldn’t have wasted time to debate with Liu Bai. So, he immediately change the topic and said: “Wangye, if the appointed general is not from our own people, our 300 000 soldiers will be in danger.”

No matter who leads the army, regardless of purpose, Xiao Tianyao’s 300 000 soldiers will definitely be used in the front line, because… …

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  1. Heh… Then would the Meng brothers have survived to this day if they were capable generals?
    Liu Bai is gatting on my nerves!!! Urgh!
    Thanks for the chap.

  2. I sure hope that Liu Bai is good at fighting, because at this point there is literally no other reason to keep him around. First the thing with Mo Yu Er and now this, he’s a complete and utter idiot. Otherwise maybe Liu Bai is the gopher that runs around while Su Cha is a proper subordinate and does the things that actually require a brain.

  3. LB. how has wangye left you by his side this long? Your judgment and skills are subpar you’ve been proven wrong so many times yet still dare to give an opinion? He was wrong about LCJ wrong about the doctor’s daughter and now wrong about the the Meng Family. He’s like a junkyard dog. Only know how to attack

  4. I can’t believe the stupidity is still in LB after that embarrassing moment about him defended another woman.
    Can the author just kill him already, or better yet, XT could use him to replace the Meng eldest son as general, his risk of death would be higher than just tailing XT daily with his dumb brain

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