Chapter 157: Heavenly Law and Evil Deeds (Part 1)

At dawn, the peddlers started pushing out their wooden carts. And also started occupying a good spot, one by one on the street.

These peddlers were selling soy milks, wonton, buns, porridge and many other more. Some of them also sell fruits and vegetables. So not long after, the spacious street suddenly become crowded.

And as soon as the aroma of soy milk engulfs the whole street, many more people and scholar students arrived. But this time, the scholar students didn’t come out to discuss the life of a man, but to buy fruits and vegetables.

Today is like any ordinary days, the women were walking in the street with their basket. The people who recognized each other will say hello. While the others will pick a one or two fresh fruits to buy with their small amount of silvers. Or buy the bargain green onions.

Some wretched scholars sit on the greasy table and started talking about the glory of their ancestors. Although the exaggeration in their story is visible, there were still a lot of people who haven’t been out of the capital, so their eyes were full of amazement. 

From time to time, the children’s laughter and crying sound could also be heard. The capital looks chaotic with all the noises, but in fact, every one of them follows the heavenly law. Ordinary people in the capital has long been accustomed to such a life. Because every day is the same and nothing much have changed in the city.

However, while everyone thinks that this day will be like the usual, an unexpected event happened… …

“Quick, look, there are a lot of papers.”

Who knows who suddenly shouts, but not long after, the crowd saw a dozen of papers falling from the sky like snowflakes. Some people started jumping to grab a piece… …

Paper is such a convenient thing, but it is very expensive. So, most people couldn’t afford it. There were already written words in the papers, so they cannot use it anymore to write something. But, it doesn’t matter, because they can still use it to pack some of their things or use it as toiletries.

So, someone people took the initiative to jumped up and grab some more. But, more and more papers fall over their head… …

“There’s something written on it, but what does it mean ah?” Some illiterate children who took the paper, tilt their head and look at each other.

“Young Scholar, can you take a look and read it for us?” A small street vendor took a piece of paper and respectfully ask the young scholar.

Seeing a lot of people were looking at him, and waiting for him to read it. The young scholar didn’t check the content first and just proudly read the text: “Provincial Governor Jiu Men likes young female girls. He keeps numerous young female girls in Yunan Temple outside the city. Right Prime Minister’s young granddaughter was missing three years ago but was actually at Yunan Temple under Provincial Governor Jiu Mei’s custody, and arbitrary using her as his sex slave… …”

After reading up on that part, the young scholar realized what was he is reading. And due to shock, he had a cold sweat. The young scholar no longer continue to read and immediately throw away the paper: “Oh my mother! What the hell is this thing ah!”

The young scholar doesn’t mind losing money. So, right after he left the payment to his untouched food, he runs away very fast.

The people around him also notice what was wrong in it, so their face becomes as white as the paper. The paper on their hands seems had become a hot potato because they busily throw it out.

“Oh, I’m dead, I almost forgot the time, I’ll go back later.”

“This is a heinous crime, hurry, let’s go home immediately.”

“I’m done selling for today, I’ll send you your orders later, I have to go back now.”

Whether it is the peddlers or the women with baskets. They grab their children at once and went home in a hurry. So, the crowded street immediately becomes deserted.  Leaving the paper scattered on… … the ground.

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    1. Just as they say, it’s a hot potato.. They’ll get in trouble once they are found they had something to do with what’s written on the paper.

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