Chapter 161: Situation and Urgent Report (Part 1)

Before Lin Chujiu finished dressing up, half an hour had passed. So, Xiao Tianyao’s figure could no longer be seen outside. And she never learned that Xiao Tianyao came… …

Outside the Xiao Wangfu, the carriage and the coachman along with the guards have long been waiting. But, these guards number is much higher than when she visited the palace.

The four maidservants put all the things that Lin Chujiu might need in the party to the carriage. But, aside from two spare sets of dress, they also brought a set of riding clothes, in preparation for a sudden unexpected event.

Princess Fu An’s birthday banquet is not held in Cui Family’s mansion. Rather, it is in Wan Fu Garden outside the city.

The Emperor gave this Wan Fu Garden to Princess Fu’an. Its name “Wan Fu (Thousand Blessings)” was also given by him, so it shows how much the emperor treasure this younger sister.

The Wan Fu Garden and the Royal hunting grounds are only separated by a wall. So, the four maidservant specifically brought a riding clothes and a boots for Lin Chujiu without a second thought.

And just like when she enter the palace, Lin Chujiu directly went outside and didn’t pay a visit to Xiao Tianyao. Lin Chujiu didn’t find it weird. After all, even though she and Xiao Tianyao are husband and wife, they are more like a stranger.

So, Lin Chujiu felt it’s only normal. However, the four maidservants felt depressed. They keep looking around the gate, but after waiting for a while, they didn’t even see their Wangye to personally bid goodbye to their Wangfei.

Arghh… Thanks to that, their words to their Wangfei catching the good husband was proven wrong.

Outside the Xiao Wangfu, the four maidservants were very anxious. But, inside the mansion, Housekeeper Cao was also feeling the same. And after enduring for a long time, he finally couldn’t take it, so he boldly knocks on the door of the study room.

“Wangye” Housekeeper Cao continue to cheer himself.

“What?” Xiao Tianyao asked, but he didn’t even lift up his head.

The emperor compromise with him and set free all of his confidants. But, it doesn’t mean that he should now sit back idly. Because his 300, 000 soldiers are still on the brink of death. Their lives are on his shoulders, so… … he didn’t dare to relax.

Housekeeper Cao’s heart beats like a drum, but he still bites the bullet and said: “Wangye, this is the first time Wangfei will attend a birthday banquet, do you want to say some reminders to her?”

Wangye, you should show more importance to Wangfei ah!

“Wangfei needs it?” Xiao Tianyao was so busy recently, so he had no time to pay attention to such a trifle matter. 

“Er… …” Housekeeper Cao chocked.

Their Wangfei easily manage the Empress, so it seems she doesn’t need it. But… …

It doesn’t mean their Wangye shouldn’t say a thing or two ah. Their Wangfei is, how to say this, is his woman.

Xiao Tianyao looks at Housekeeper Cao’s twisted face, so he impatiently said: “If you want to say something then go… …”

Housekeeper Cao thought that Xiao Tianyao has figured out what’s on his mind. So, regardless of his old arms and legs, he happily runs outside, but… …

“Wangfei?” Where is the carriage?

The guard replied: “Wangfei has long left.”

Houskeeper Cao: “… …”


In the capital, there were only a few ladies that are more decent than Princess Fuan. But, there is almost no one that is more noble than her. So, in this birthday banquet, no one had dared to arrive late, in fear of making her angry.

Of course, Lin Chujiu is an exception, because Princess Fu An is Xiao Tianyao’s older sister. But, it can be said that their relationship has always been bad.

Not only because of the Emperor, but also because they are totally opposite in nature. However, if Lin Chujiu arrive on time, isn’t the same as Xiao Tianyao giving her a face?

Along the road in the capital, Lin Chujiu didn’t encounter any problem, so she will arrive on time.

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