Chapter 165: Provocation and totally ignored (Part 1)

Princess Fushou Zhang who was sitting at the main table, stare at the people around her left one by one. At the same time, she felt this event was unreal. Princess Fushou Zhang eyes blurred as if she was in a dream.

“What is this? When did I become so low?” After saying those words, tears slide from her eyes. After all, she couldn’t understand how her life changed instantly.

From being a lofty princess, she becomes a slut that everyone hates!

Her husband was raising concubines, so why she cannot raise her own?

What did she do wrong?

Princess Fu An approached closely, then ask: “Imperial sister, are you okay?”

“I’m not, I’m not feeling good, how can I be fine?” She came today to humiliate Lin Chujiu, but what was the result?

She was the one who severely got humiliated, “I won’t let her go, Fu An. I want her to die! I want her dead!” After she finished, Princess Fushou Zhang cried out.

“Imperial sister, not so loud.” Princess Fu An busily looks at her left and right side, to see if there was someone around them. After confirming that no one is around, she came close and whisper to Princess Fushou Zhang: “Imperial sister, don’t be impatient, today’s event will certainly satisfy you. You might be in a poor state now, but I have someone to help you washed away that dirt.”

Whether Princess Fushou Zhang is willing or not, she already finds people to help take away her sister’s shame. 

“Will she put her guard down at a time like this?” Princess Fushou Zhang said while looking from afar, as her eyes flashed with a trace of intent to kill… …


The Emperor’s gift to Princess Fu An is a huge screen. But, the most interesting part of it is its design. The design on the screen is not the usual the embroidery, but rather a moving picture.

The stream on the screen flows, the leaves fall, while the flowers and birds fly around…

Another interesting part is, the design of the screen change in four seasons. It has summer, spring, autumn, and winter. And in each season, there will be a corresponding picture.

“Sure enough, this thing is really rare.” Lin Chujiu also think that this gift is extraordinary, so she gives a sincere praise.

“I heard this gift is one of the many copies from the Central Empire. But, the only one in the four countries. The Emperor really loves Princess Fu An.”

“Princess Fu An is the Emperor’s younger sister. Even if she got married, the affection is still there.”

This is absolutely directed at Lin Chujiu’s words before. Cui Eldest Furen’s heart jumps in fright, fearing Lin Chujiu will get angry. However, Lin Chujiu acted like she didn’t hear anything and just smile like before.

Seeing Lin Chujiu smile at her, Cui Eldest Furen understand that she is saying ‘she doesn’t care about it’.

Just kidding, but is she worthy of her time?

If it were not for Princess Fu An and Princess Fushou Zhang’s identity, Lin Chujiu will only call her a party dog.

After looking at the Emperor’s gift to Princess Fu An, they all return to the main venue. But, when they returned, Princess Fushou Zhang was no longer there. Lin Chujiu didn’t say anything and just sit in her original place.

Majority of Princess Fu An’s invited guests are naturally close to her. Earlier, these guests only went with Lin Chujiu to look at the emperor’s gift to alleviate the tension. And now that things have calmed down, these guests naturally didn’t speak to Lin Chujiu. Lin Chujiu also didn’t take the initiative to talk to them, so… …

During the feast, she was sitting all alone. Because no one showed any care to her.

To be put into this kind of situation, other people will definitely feel very embarrassed and uncomfortable. But not Lin Chujiu, instead, she was feeling happy. She was enjoying the performances of those young misses while eating her food.

Today, not only the Furen and young misses of the Cui Family came, but also the other noble families. Most of these young misses came to show their talent as their birthday gift to Princess Fu An.

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  1. That part when she said just kidding, ROFL. I want to see how they will humiliate or kill our fabulous MC. Hmph!

    Thanks for the chapter

  2. I don’t especially like anyone in this royal family. However, what in the world is it that convinced women to allow society to feel it was perfectly reasonable for a man, even the husband of a princess, to have concubines, but that it was entirely wrong for a woman to do essentially the same?! How can one be advisable and the other a shameless scandal? I’m sure someone would argue it was all down to physical strength, but why, then, would the women not increase their physical strength?! Or find another equalizer. Sure, it would have been a whole lot of added work for the person who is also most likely to be saddled with raising the offspring, but why not have the men share the child-rearing workload – even penguins do that.

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