Chapter 169: Assassins and to catch an illicit act (Part 2)

But of course, it’s not only him. His other three companions also experience the same thing. Because right after Lin Chujiu throw the first bottle of sulfuric acid, she also throws another three bottles.

The four big men were caught off guard. Their face, their hands… … were contaminated by sulfuric acid. It was hot and very painful. The flesh in their fingers direct fell on the ground.

“Ahhh … Bitch… … You bitch.” The four big men immediately rushed towards Lin Chujiu. But, as soon they move, they felt a familiar pain.

“Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!” The four big men keep jumping and screaming while trying to grasp their wound.

After smashing another bottle of sulfuric acid, Lin Chujiu remove the quilt from her body. Then, she throws the pillows and blanket on the floor. While keeping her foot on the blanket, Lin Chujiu walked towards the nearest man and stabbed his heart with a scalpel. After stabbing, she didn’t forget to cut off the artery… …

Her strength is small, but she is a doctor. She knows the exact location where to instantly kill a person.

Taking advantage, while a person is sick!

Lin Chujiu stabbed the other two big men the same way. When the two big men died, the last man couldn’t understand how they died at the hands of a little girl. 

The three big men died. Lin Chujiu was trying to think how she will kill the last person, but she was having a difficulty to breath. So, the last big man took the initiative to move towards Lin Chujiu.

The four big man has more strength than her. She was originally nothing compared to them. But because they were unprepared, she successfully killed the other three. If she didn’t take care of them by surprise, she will be the one lying dead now.

Now that the last big man reacted. Lin Chujiu doesn’t have any advantage at all. Lin Chujiu awkwardly escape. But, she accidentally stumbled on the pillow and fell on the floor. 

When the big man saw it, he laughed out loud: “Stinky woman, prepare yourself to die!”

Half of the big man’s face and hands were destroyed. His left eye was hanging outside his eye, His hands were exposing white bones. He looks scarier than a ghost.

But, Lin Chujiu didn’t even bat an eye. Instead, as soon as the other party rushed towards her, she raised her left hand and toss a white powder.

Lin Chujiu is not an ordinary girl. If she sees a ghost, she would rather stay calm and get rid of it, instead of getting scared and yelling.

“Ahhhhhhh…” The big man waved his hands and move back again and again to avoid it, but it was too late!

*Thud, thud, thud* After three steps, the big man fell on the floor.

Lin Chujiu took a deep breath and exclaimed: “The effect is rather good ah”. Meaning, she doesn’t need to use sulfuric acid, she can use this thing directly.

The danger was temporarily lifted. However, Lin Chujiu didn’t dare to relax. After resting for a short moment, she stabbed the last big man’s heart. Then, she walked outside the house.

She knew Feicui and Zhanzhu were not dead. She must wake them up soon and leave this place immediately.

Lin Chujiu didn’t consider if the two men in black are around the place or not. She quickly took out a medicine and woke up Feicui and Zhanzhu.

“Wangfei?” Feicui and Zhanzhu exclaimed: “Are you okay?”

Lin Chujiu replied: “Don’t yell, get up quickly. Princess Fu An and the others are coming.”

Lin Chujiu just finished, when they heard someone yell near outside the bamboo forest: “Assassins! Assassins! Quick, the assassins run towards Xiaoxang Hall!”

“Princess Xiao is in the Xiaoxang Hall. Hurry! Hurry! We mustn’t let anything happen to Princess Xiao!”

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10 thoughts on “Chapter 169: Assassins and to catch an illicit act (Part 2)

  1. Assassins your face. Hummph. I hope that princess sees the miserable state of those hooligans she hired and realize that if she kept on pushing LCJ then she’ll suffer the same fate as those big burly doofus 😏 now, if Wangye can know how cool his wangfei is 🌚😂😂😂

    Thank you so much for the chapter!!

  2. This is just so satisfying seeing all the men ended up dead. Looking forward to see what’s the Princess next moved after this.

  3. Haha assasins indeed! but no worries they were assassinated by the princess, she was personally thought by Xian Tianyao how to use a scalpel and acid (or so she would say)…

  4. Woo, I knew it was coming but Lin Chujiu is tough. I’m glad the medical system didn’t kick in and force her to help them after she used the sulfuric acid… Though really, it feels like that medical system hasn’t seen much use. So different from other stories with similar systems. Thanks for the Chapter!

  5. Hi, I just wanted to say thank you so much for the translations. I love this story and i love how you translate it. I want to say that from the bottom of my heart I appreciate you doing this and i like how if I hover my arrow over the words the Chinese version of the text shows up. I am not able to read Chinese but I do know some words so having the Chinese and English version side by side helps me a lot! Thank you so much!!!!!! \(^_____^)/

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