Chapter 173: Frightened horse and Where to go (Part 1)

Lin Chujiu had been struggling to maintain her elegant and noble posture, she only felt relieved when she got into the carriage.

“Oh!… I’m really tired!” Lin Chujiu really don’t understand how can those women put a masked of smile all day long.

“Wangfei, do you want us to give you a massage?” After leaving the Wanfu Garden, the four maidservants also felt relieved.

They no longer need to worry about a sudden accident. They no longer need to make calculations.

“No, you are also tired, have some rest.” Lin Chujiu shook her head and refused. Then, she eagerly said to the coachman: “Coachman, let’s go.” Lin Chujiu no longer wants to stay in this ghost place. The sooner they leave, the better.

Lin Chujiu leaned on the carriage without any care. She took the kettle and pour herself a glass of water. Then, she said: “In the end, what kind of birthday banquet is that? We are not allowed to eat or drink water, we can only drink wine.” She is dying now ah. 

After drinking a cup of water, Lin Chujiu poured herself another glass in a hurry. She only slows down after drinking three cups of water.

When Feicui heard her words, she becomes tense again, so she worriedly asked: “Wangfei, what happened to you before?”

“Princess Fuan gave me an aphrodisiac, I don’t know how exactly she did it, so I fell from her trap.” She eats such a big defeat. So, of course, she won’t hide it. She’s expecting Xiao Tianyao to help her get revenge.

After all, she met such disaster because of him.

“Aphrodisiac? Wangfei, are you okay?” Feicui and the others got angry. Their eyes were full of killing intent.

Princess Fu An is really brave ah. She even dares to make such a move to their Wangfei. Didn’t she know that their Wangfei is their Wangye’s Achilles heel?

Princess Fu An must be seeking death. Does she think that just because she is the emperor’s favored sister, no one can harm her?

Lin Chujiu didn’t want to answer such a stupid question. If something dangerous happened to her, can they still sit idle now?

As we all know, once a person was given an aphrodisiac, the effect can’t be controlled.

Lin Chujiu stared at her four maidservants with a meaningful look. Feicui and the others felt embarrassed. They lowered their heads and said: “Wangfei, we’re sorry, we asked such a stupid question.”

“I know you are also concerned about the incident. However, we must wait for the right opportunity and only take note of this matter for now. Princess Fu An dared to use an aphrodisiac to me, so who knows if next time, she will use a poison. We shouldn’t let go of her easily.” Lin Chujiu was scared of that kind of trap. That trap wouldn’t be impossible to happen because the other party failed.

With an intention to kill, a person will not feel guilty even if he or she fails.

Today, this event is not an ordinary incident. If she didn’t have the medical system, she will surely end up miserable.

When Lin Chujiu remembered how the medical system saves her from the Empress’s infertility drug and Princess Fu An’s aphrodisiac. Her good impression from it increase.

Aside from its painful reminder and forceful task sometimes. The medical system usually causes her no harm. And if this thing is not with her, she had long been dead.

“We mustn’t let Princess Fu An go easily. We must make her pay for her wrongdoings.” Of course, the four maidservants will not forget about this. So, they relentlessly curse Princess Fu An.

Lin Chujiu nodded her head in satisfaction. She wanted them to have the same feelings, so that when Xiao Tianyao ask them to report. They will express their personal irritation that can make things worst for Princess Fu An.

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  1. It’s frustrating that EVERY SINGLE TIME LCJ faces danger XTY isn’t around. What’s the point of being the ML if he can’t save the FL? He should abdicate the role and pass it to someone who’s deserving. I just wish LCJ leaves him when he realizes his feelings for her. Karma is a bi*ch when that happens.

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