Chapter 178: Reinforcements, will not die (Part 2)

The reinforcement coming was headed by Liu Bai. Doctor Wu was also with him. Well, because Xiao Tianyao kicked his old bones some time ago. So here he is now, galloping in a hurry with Liu Bai. Even though his old bones were hurting.

“It’s Young Master Liu Bai. Young Master Liu Bai came to save Wangfei.” When the guard saw who was the person approaching, he greatly felt relieved.

Only six of them can now fight. If the people approaching are enemies and not reinforcement. They will only have one end, and that is death.

The horse hasn’t stopped, but the guard busily approached: “Young Master Liu Bai, Young Master Liu Bai, hurry, please… … Where is the doctor? Wangfei is in danger, she lost a lot of blood.”

The people lying on the ground was in a more severe condition than Lin Chujiu, but… …

Lin Chujiu is Xiao Wangfu’s Wangfei. So, whether she is in a more severe condition or not, the doctor must first check her condition. Not the mention, she is really dying.

“Doctor Wu, go down.” Liu Bai didn’t dismount, instead, he leaps up while carrying Doctor Wu with his right arm.

“Whoops…ooh ..” Doctor Wu continued to groan. When he landed on the ground, his feet were soft and wobbling. If it wasn’t for Liu Bai grabbing his clothes, he will fall to the ground with his butt: “Let go, let go of me now. This kid, don’t you know what you are doing?” 

Doctor Wu stretch out his arm and pointed his finger at Liu Bai: “This kid, if you strangled me to death, who will go to save Wangfei ah? If something bad happens to Wangfei, you will be miserable!”

Liu Bai loosens his grip and said coldly: “You better go in a hurry now. If something bad happens to Wangfei, you will be miserable too.”

“Are you threatening me?” Doctor Wu glared at Liu Bai. Liu Bai only said: “Threatening you? How could I?”

“You, you, you … … learned Wangye’s bad attitude, ah, you also don’t know how to respect elders now.” Doctor Wu said in anger.

“Come on, leave it aside, Wangfei is waiting. Go to her now.”  Liu Bai said, then point his finger to the blood under the carriage: “There is so much blood down there. Wangfei might not survive this time.”

“Wait a minute, let me soothe myself first.” Doctor Wu said. Of course, it is important to save people. But, the problem is, his heart is beating fast, while his hands and feet feel numb. Saving people’s lives in this condition will only bring more trouble.

“Well, you better hurry. If Wangfei was shot with Zhou Si’s three-shot arrows, Wangye will not let you go.” Liu Bai added another warning.

Doctor Wu didn’t give Liu Bai a face: “If you really care about Wangfei’s life, then you people shouldn’t have done such a thing!”

No one could figure it out before. But, after these things happened, how could no one understand it?

Wangye let Wangfei go outside to use her as a bait. Even knowing that there will be a danger, Wangye still lets her go. So, if Wangfei dies today, it is their Wangye’s fault. It has nothing to do with him, right?

“It’s best not to say this thing. Otherwise… …” Liu Bai didn’t finish his words, but the meaning is obvious.

Doctor Wu shrink her head and fell silent… …

Well, he admits that he is scared ah.

After taking a deep breath, Doctor Wu drink some water. Then, he walked towards the carriage. However, before getting inside, he remembered Lin Chujiu’s words: “As a doctor, we must keep ourselves clean all the time. Otherwise, we will only worsen the patient’s condition. 

Before getting into the carriage, Dr. Wu took off his gray coat and wipe his face with it. He uses the remaining water to clean his face and hands. Then, he went inside the carriage.

Doctor Wu knows that Lin Chujiu is in a bad condition. But, after seeing the pool of blood. He learned that she is not in a bad condition, but rather, in a very very bad one.

“Wangfei is not dead, right?” Doctor Wu was very upset. He stretches out his hand and put his finger right under Lin Chujiu’s nose… …

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    “If you really care about Wangfei’s life, then you people shouldn’t have done such a thing!” what a shameless master and shameless subordinates!!

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    Thanks for the chapter

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