Chapter 179: Cruel person, departure (Part 1)


She’s alive, she didn’t die!

Doctor Wu breath a sigh of relief and turned around Lin Chujiu. By doing this, he’ll be able to check her wounds properly.

“Eh, Wangfei pulled out the arrow by herself?” Doctor Wu stared at Lin Chujiu with wide eyes open in amazement.

This, this woman is not like a woman at all, how can she so cruel to herself?

Doctor Wu is a doctor himself. He often treats Xiao Wangfu’s injured guardsmen. He knows very clearly, how painful pulling the arrow is to the patient. Especially, if the patient is conscious. So, what more if you were doing it to yourself.

Your other hand is injured, but you still do it alone?

You also tried cutting your flesh with a knife, what if you cut it wrong? In this state, you can’t be so sure about the location, but you didn’t hesitate?

“Oh, you and Wangye are indeed a perfect match.” Doctor Wu said with full of emotion. People that enter Xiao Wangfu are not ordinary people. Their Wangye and Wangfei is a good example. They are both cruel to themselves.

“You have finished all the hard part, I will do the rest.” Doctor Wu looked at Lin Chujiu’s wound. The wound is perfectly handed, the blood almost stopped flowing, so he felt relieved.

Their Wangfei’s medical skill is far greater than him. He can only perform the finishing process. Which is a very simple matter.

But, of course, for Lin Chujiu’s exposed left chest. Doctor Wu said to himself, that he didn’t see anything.

He is not a pervert. If he was married, his grandchildren will definitely have the same age as Lin Chujiu. Plus, he has been treating patients all year round. So, Doctor Wu no longer has gender discrimination.

And just like what Lin Chujiu has said. As long as there are sick people, a doctor must treat the patient regardless of gender. So, what organs a doctor hasn’t seen?

Doctor Wu saw the surgical kit that Lin Chujiu had used.

The surgical kit is fully equipped. It has surgical instruments for minor surgery, debridement and suturing.

Doctor Wu rub his hands with alcohol and wear surgical gloves. He is planning to perform wound debridement and wound suturing to Lin Chujiu.

However, compared to Lin Chujiu, Doctor Wu’s suturing skill is extremely ugly. But, in this situation, suturing is a must, so… …

“Wangfei, I will suture your wound. My suturing skill is very ugly, but it won’t affect the healing process. If you think it will leave a scar on your body, you can ask Wangye to get you a scar removal cream to the palace.”

*Puchi* As the curved suture needle passes through Lin Chujiu’s flesh, her wound become intact.

During the process of wound debridement up to suturing the flesh. Doctor Wu didn’t inject Lin Chujiu an anesthesia. Anesthesia could make the body numb in pain.

However, when Doctor Wu learned that Lin Chujiu took out the arrow by herself earlier. He thought Lin Chujiu is not afraid of pain. So, he no longer injected her with anesthesia.

Lin Chujiu was indeed unconscious, but she is not dead. So, when Doctor Wu perform wound debridement, she woke up, but she couldn’t open her eyes and speak.

Pain comes one after another. Lin Chujiu’s body started trembling in pain. Her teeth also started tattering. Lin Chujiu wanted to shout at Doctor Wu: Didn’t you see the anesthesia in the surgical kit? Can’t you use it for me?

I am a human, not a God. If you are a human, you can feel pain.

“Painful… …” Lin Chujiu who was soaked in sweat and blood curled up her body, as her lips unconsciously moved.

“Eh, Wangfei, you woke up?” When Doctor Wu heard Lin Chujiu’s voice, he immediately stopped. Then, he took a clean cloth and wiped Lin Chujiu’s sweat, then comfort her: “Wangfei, endure a bit more, I’ll finish soon.”


*Debridement -removal of necrotic/dead tissue.

*Note: LCJ cut her flesh multiple times, so DW needs to suture multiple time too.

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