Chapter 189: Happiness, Beautiful misunderstanding (Part 1)

Lin Chujiu was heavily wounded before. But after nursing herself for half a month, her injuries were much better. However, she still hasn’t go outside the house very often. So, she couldn’t notice some trivial matters. She doesn’t know what tricks Chunxi and Qiuxi’s were playing at all.

Things in the capital are going smoothly. Every day, Meng Laofuren is looking forward to what things Lin Chujiu will send. When the delivery man came, Meng Laofuren happily came out and said: “My granddaughter is very filial, she’s always thinking about this old lady.”

Wild meat in Zhuangzi is fresh, but the old lady can’t eat it at ordinary times. The old lady also has some people in Zhuangzi, she only need to say a word and things will be sent over to her. But, because those things didn’t come from Lin Chujiu, the old lady is uninterested.

The old lady is not interested in others gimmick. But now, she was very happy to see a basket of wild vegetables and eggs: “When I and old Guo Gong still lived outside the capital, I will dig wild vegetables. While Old Guo Gong will pick some birds nest to improve our health. That old man is a master in picking birds nest, who knows how many eggs did he harm.”

The old lady put away the eggs from the basket first, but when she brought out the eggs, she noticed that there were not many wild vegetables. The old lady couldn’t help but say: “Why is there only a few wild vegetables? Is it because the season for fresh wild vegetables has now changed? When you returned, tell the child not to bother sending wild vegetables anymore to this old lady.”

The delivery man hesitated for a moment, but then he said: “Princess Xiao has also sent a basket of wild vegetables and a rabbit to Xiao Wangfu… …” So old lady, your share lessen.

Meng Laofuren immediately felt unhappy. “Why sent some in Xiao Wangfu? Xiao Wangye doesn’t like eating those things, right?” They didn’t deliver something before. So, why sent some suddenly?

“This lowly one doesn’t know why either.” The delivery man didn’t hear much, but his eyes were sharp.

“Hmm… … It must be Xiao Wangfu’s people that secretly trampled what that child has given to me.” Meng Laofuren was very unhappy. And because of Princess Fu An’s issue, she becomes very dissatisfied with Xiao Tianyao.

Those people in Xiao Wangfu dared to keep a secret… …


Meng Laofuren notices something, so she was unhappy. On the other hand, Xiao Tianyao who received something was in a good mood: “You finally remembered that benwang was also in the capital. It seems you still have some conscience.”

That night, Xiao Tianyao only have two dishes in the table. A small dish of wild vegetables and a braised rabbit. This is the most economical dishes Xiao Tianyao had in his entire life, but also the dishes he had eaten the most.

After eating the dishes in one fell swoop, Xiao Tianyo realized for the first time, that eating a full meal is very satisfying!

After eating a good meal, Xiao Tianyao was naturally in a good mood. Xiao Wangfu was in a turmoil day by day, but after Housekeeper Cao felt the tenderness of spring, he walked in with a smile.

“So originally, Wangye likes eating wild vegetables and rabbit meat ah. I’ve decided, I’ll send some people to Zhuangzi to gather them.” Ever since Lin Chujiu left, Housekeeper Cao also felt pressured.

When Doctor Wu heard Housekeeper Cao’s words, he couldn’t help but laugh: “Your thinking too much. Wangye only likes to eat what Wangfei had sent. Believe me, even if Wangfei had sent a basket of stones, Wangye will still eat them with satisfaction.”

Because of this sentence, Housekeeper Cao quietly withdrew and forget the issue regarding wild vegetables and rabbits.

If it’s not sent by Wangfei, Wangye will not eat it.

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13 thoughts on “Chapter 189: Happiness, Beautiful misunderstanding (Part 1)

  1. Ahhhh but now Old Lady Guo will tell our Lin Chujiu…. and thus Chunxi and Qiuxi’s plot will be exposed? Thank you for the chapter!

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    And I want to see XT face when he figures that it was not LC that send it to him
    Ahhh~~~~ can’t wait can’t wait
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  3. Wasn’t the package exchanged? I thought for sure the eggs w/ vegetables should be sent to XT while the rabbit w/ vegetables was sent to the grandma

  4. Geez these miserable wretches that call themselves “loyal servants” had the gall to visibly reduce Laofuren’s share? They really are asking for death.
    I understand that they want to calm Wangye but at the expense of Wangfei? This novel is so frustrating!! Yet, somehow, I keep coming back for more… Sometimes even I don’t understand me…

    1. Yea I agree with you, that sometimes it does get so frustrating. I say I’m going to take a break from the frustration but I end up reading it.

  5. So he is after his Fu doctor, not missing ..erm… partner (no wife vibe). Poor LC. She drew a short straw! Though for type of era, she is better off in that body than maybe someone even in more peril with less status

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