Chapter 241: Meng Family, According to the rules (Part 2)

Housekeeper Cao dispelled his worries, then he said to the guards: “You keep looking out for Wangfei. When she came back, tell me immediately.”

“Housekeeper Cao, rest assured. When Wangfei came back, we will immediately report it to you.” The guard also repeated the words he said countless times.

Housekeeper Cao was very satisfied. However, he hasn’t entered the house for a long time, but Lin Chujiu’s carriage appeared. When the guard saw Lin Chujiu’s carriage from afar, he immediately reported to Housekeeper Cao.

Housekeeper Cao rushed to the front yard. He gasped for breath and said: “Wangfei, your finally back.” Housekeeper Cao was really uneasy when Lin Chujiu hasn’t returned.

“Did something happened?” When Lin Chujiu saw Housekeeper Cao’s worried face, she couldn’t help but ask.

Housekeeper Cao busily shook his head: “Nothing, nothing. This old slave was just worried about Wangfei’s safety outside. Wangfei, it’s good you came back safely.”

“At the foot of the emperor, the law and order are quite good. Housekeeper Cao shouldn’t worry.” Lin Chujiu knew what Housekeeper Cao was worried about. But, it doesn’t mean she will not go out for the rest of her life, just because Housekeeper Cao gets anxious.

“What Wangfei said is right, no place is safer than at the foot of the Emperor.” Actually, it sounds strange, if it was really a safe place, why did their Wangye and Wangfei encountered assassins on their wedding day?

But of course, it’s still good to look at the bright side.

Housekeeper Cao walked Lin Chujiu all the way to her courtyard. Then, he ordered the maidservants to prepare hot water and meals. He made sure Lin Chujiu was very satisfied with his service so that she will be reluctant to leave.

Looking at Housekeeper Cao’s diligent service and worried look. Lin Chujiu couldn’t help but shook her head. If she went outside from time to time, and Housekeeper Cao will always be this uneasy, she would feel embarrassed to go outside.

After walking outside for a day, Lin Chujiu was really tired. Under Chunxi and Qiuxi’s service, Lin Chujiu bathed and ate dinner. She walked for two laps and then went to bed. As for whether Xiao Tianyao will return tonight? Lin Chujiu was not curious at all. She will know the answer by tomorrow.

When Lin Chujiu got up the next morning, there were no traces to the bed sheet next to her. She knew at once Xiao Tianyao didn’t return last night.

Lin Chujiu was not worried. Who was Xiao Tianyao? He was a martial god. If he gets in danger, the other party will die.

After Lin Chujiu ate her breakfast, she walked to the front yard to look for Housekeeper Cao. She wanted to inquire about Divine Doctor Mo’s case.

Unfortunately, this case was now handled by the Emperor. So, Housekeeper Cao doesn’t know much information about it. He only knows that the Meng Family of Wenchang College has come… … 

“Wangfei, do you want me to send people out to inquire?” Housekeeper Cao saw Lin Chujiu was interested in this case, so he took the initiative to ask.

However, Lin Chujiu shook her head. “No need, just wait for the result to come out and tell me.” There was a person manipulating Divine Doctor Mo’s case. That person will definitely not let Divine Doctor Mo go. She doesn’t need to join in the fun.

There were many people watching Divine Doctor Mo’s case. Imperial Doctor Qin has been monitoring this case. Those people who had been preaching outside the Judicial Court was arranged by him. However, the Meng Family’s timely arrival has nothing to do with him.

When Imperial Doctor Qin heard that the Meng Family of Wenchang College was in the capital, he couldn’t help but frown: Is this just coincidence?

Imperial Doctor Qin has been with the Emperor for many years now. He knew very clearly that there was no such thing as coincidence in this world.

If it’s not a coincidence, who is manipulating the scene?

Xiao Wangye?


Meng Family of Wenchang College lives very far from the capital. Xiao Wangye only learned this matter recently. It’s very impossible to contact the Meng Family so soon. But if it was not Xiao Wangye, who could it be?

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  1. Who was Xiao Tianyao? He was a martial god. If he gets in danger, the other party will die.—> I like laugh for this statement 🤣🤣

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