Chapter 244: Wangye, enough (Part 1)

“Why? Shouldn’t benwang be angry?” When he went out, Lin Chujiu run outside. So, shouldn’t he be angry?

“Why are you angry? I have the freedom to enter and leave the Xiao Wangfu, isn’t it?” Lin Chujiu was taken aback by Xiao Tianyao’s words, so her anger came up: Is he taking back his words?

“You are allowed to leave the Xiao Wangfu, but it doesn’t mean you can just go anytime. You still have to ask benwang’s permission, every time you will go out.” Was Lin Chuji stupid to the point that she can’t tell the danger outside?

The Northern, Southern, and Western Country were eyeing their Eastern Country. All of them were staring out for his recovered legs. Lin Chujiu going around outside was simply asking to be the target.

“Hmph…” Lin Chujiu couldn’t help but sneer. “Wangye, are you joking? I can go out with your consent? Is this still what you call freedom?

“Is there any reason for benwang to joke with you? You know it yourself.” Xiao Tianyao asked with a heavy face.

You… giving me this little credit is useless.” Lin Chuji glared at Xiao Tianyao in anger. Xiao Tianyao was sitting in his chair, so Lin Chujiu doesn’t need to look up to him for the first time. However, even if it that was the case, her momentum was still poor compared to Xiao Tianyao.

In front of Xiao Tianyao’s deep and cold eyes, Lin Chujiu couldn’t stand it. And so, she just looked away and said: “Forget it, I don’t want to argue with you.”

“When did benwang argue with you?” Does he need to argue with a woman? That must be a joke.

“If there is nothing else, I will go first.” Xiao Tianyao was getting more and more unlikable. Lin Chujiu was worried that, in her anger, she might rush and bite Xiao Tianyao. And so, she just turned around to go, but… …

“Stop!” Xiao Tianyao shouted: “Did benwang tell you to go out?”

“Wangye, do you still have something to say?” Lin Chujiu turned and asked indifferently.

This man was really capable of draining her good feelings.

Originally, because of Xiao Zian’s case, she has changed her opinion towards him, but now… …

She just wanted to rush up and kill Xiao Tianyao!

He didn’t make a sound and disappeared for three days. But when he came back, he yelled at her? She was not an airbag ah.

“Take away this thing.” Xiao Tianyao pointed out the small box on the table. Lin Chujiu looked at it and refused: “I can’t afford to accept Wangye’s gift.” It’s so cold, she couldn’t take it away.

“The thing that benwang has given away, will never take back.” Xiao Tianyao didn’t accept Lin Chujii’s refusal.

“Don’t want to take back? Then Wangye, you can throw it, I don’t care.” Who cares if he throws it away. She cared about Xiao Tianyao before, but he throws her away. Now, she decided to be a cold-hearted person to him. Although she couldn’t win, at least she can leave a bad smell.

Lin Chujiu continued to walk to go outside. But, when she touched the door, she felt a strong force pushing her away. She couldn’t touch the door… …

“Wangye, what are you doing?” Lin Chujiu had to stop her movements.

“Take this thing.”

“I said, I don’t want it.” Lin Chujiu refused again. Xiao Tianyao didn’t say another word, he just looked at Lin Chujiu coldly. And then, he threw away the paper with a scattered ink. He took out a new paper and continue to write things.

Lin Chujiu waited for a moment, but seeing Xiao Tianyao concentrating on his work. She once again tried to open the door. However, the same thing happened. She touched the door and she was pushed away by an inexplicable force.

Lin Chujiu turned around in irritation, “Wangye, let me go out.”

Xiao Tianyao did not pay attention to Lin Chujiu.

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7 thoughts on “Chapter 244: Wangye, enough (Part 1)

  1. Really stupid husband. Just because you force things on her, you think that she will like or love you in return? So foolish.

  2. I find him in top 5 horrible ML and wish he was an antagonist 2d lead with lovely hero coming in later chapters but… where did her IQ go. Mad or not, she should be WELL AWARE what a big fat target she is and how much she can compromise the Wangfu in manpower, lives an reputation. WTF? I am beginning to think no one else in this world can deal with her. He can just toss her out and let her enemies sell her to a brothel… ya know? Like it or not.. 20th century independence is NOT possible for her case. She is not very adaptable. And her cursed pharmacy” implant insures a life of misery if not within protections of a major clan, repected master or indulgent husband of good status. Maybe pretending to be man and doctor in army. But this body has illness, poison and weak constitution…..

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