Chapter 253: Encounter, Luck… (Part 1)

Lin Chujiu’s target was very obvious, she saw it as soon as she turned around… …

On the Zhuque Street, a pharmacy called a ‘century-old pharmacy’ was surrounded by a lot of people. Lin Chujiu couldn’t hear what those people were saying, but she was sure the patient was there.

Without any hesitation, Lin Chujiu walked towards the crowd. The guard wanted to stop Lin Chujiu, but Lin Chujiu glared at him. In fear, the guard only silently followed behind Lin Chujiu.

“These two children are very pitiful. Their father died, and their mother ran away with another man. Rain or shine, they don’t have a place to stay, so the younger child ended up like this.”

“Little Zhou, get up quickly, your brother’s illness is hopeless. Why don’t you save up money and buy him something delicious instead? Just let him die in peace.”

“Yes, that would be better, Little Zhou. Doctor Liu said he can’t cure your younger brother. Continue asking for help here is useless.”

Lin Chujiu squeezed to the front with the help of the guard. She then saw a ragged teenager, holding a fairly clean child in front of the century-old pharmacy. Who knows what exactly happened to the child, but the child’s face was red and swelling. It looks very scary, so no one dared to approach.

“Doctor, I beg you, please save my brother, I will work to pay you back. I’m begging you, please save my brother.” The teenager who was holding the child tightly, keep begging in front of the pharmacy. But, no one came out to help.

“Doctor, please, I beg you.” The teenager’s voice sounds so desperate. His eyes were sluggish, and he seemed at lost.

In the pharmacy, a middle-aged man came out and looked helpless the teenager. “Little Zhou, I really don’t have the ability to cure your brother. Your brother’s illness was dragged too long and became very serious. He is also malnourished, I’m afraid, even ginseng can save his life.”

For a doctor in a pharmacy, such scene was ordinary. Because the family has no money, the patient cannot be saved. The doctor sympathized with them, but they cannot sympathized with everyone. 

When Little Zhou heard Doctor Liu’s words, his eyes lit up: “Doctor Liu, can you give my brother a ginseng first? I will pay you back later.”

Doctor Liu didn’t speak, but the pharmacy drug seller mockingly said: “Pay us back later? What nonsense are you talking about? You can’t even afford to buy a piece of bread.”

“I…” Little Zhou bites his lips. His lips started bleeding, but he didn’t seem to feel in pain. He continued biting his lips, trying to suppress his tears.

Little Zhou, who was holding the child slowly got up. But because his body was also weak, he stumbled and fell. Lin Chujiu hurriedly helped the teenager: “Be careful!” Because she was worried about the child’s illness. 

“Doctor Liu…” Little Zhou called out and looked up. He thought the doctor in the pharmacy helped him, but he saw a young lady. His hope that ignited became a disappointment. He shrank his body and said: “Thank you, young miss. But, you’ll get dirty.”

Lin Chujiu didn’t pay attention to the teenagers’ words. She pointed her finger at the child and said: “I can save your brother.”

“What?” Little Zhou’s eyes widen and stared at Lin Chujiu. He couldn’t believe her words: “Young miss, what did you just say?”

“I said, I can save your brother, can you let me see him?” In fact, even without the medical system’s reminder, she would like to save the child.

“Can you really save my brother? You’re not lying to me?” The teenager’s body trembled. His tears that he had been trying to suppressed finally fell the next moment.

“I’m not lying, I am a doctor, I can really save your brother. Let me see him.” Lin Chujiu took the child from the teenager’s arms.

The teenager didn’t refuse this time. He released his brother and let Lin Chujiu take the child.

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