Chapter 252: Suspicious, Unfavorable travel (Part 2)

Lin Chujiu didn’t leave Xiao Wangfu since she left last time. She was so busy in taking care of the wounded guards in these past few days. Seeing the guardsmen’s wound now has stabilized, Lin Chujiu wanted to go out to replenish her spirit.

Lin Chujiu think that if she used the herbs as an excuse, Xiao Tianyao will not be suspicious of her. And so, she decided to go out to buy some medicines.

Lin Chujiu didn’t talk about it to Xiao Tianyao, she directly asked Houskeeper Cao to prepare her a carriage.

“Wangfei, does Wangye know about this?” Housekeeper Cao secretly complained in his heart.

Why Wangfei wants to go out again?!

“He doesn’t know, you go and report it to him.” Since the last time she visited Xiao Tianyao to say thank you, she had never seen him again.

But of course, except during the night. However, even if they slept together, Lin Chujiu was still completely unaware of his arrival.

“This… …” Housekeeper Cao looked embarrassed, he sincerely hope Lin Chujiu could understand his position, but: “Go and report it, I’ll wait for you before I go out.”

Housekeeper Cao couldn’t help but follow. He bites the bullet and reports it to Xiao Tianyao. Housekeeper Cao thought Xiao Tianyao will refuse, but he heard Xiao Tianyao said: “She can with a bodyguard.”

“This slave will arrange it.” With Xiao Tianyao’s consent, what else he has to worry about?

The guard last time accompany Lin Chujiu again. After seeing the guard, Lin Chujiu nodded her head and entered the carriage.

The guard asked Lin Chujiu where she wanted to go. And then, he brought Lin Chujiu to the largest pharmacy in the capital. But of course, the guard will not tell Lin Chujiu, that this pharmacy was opened by Xiao Tianyao.

When the shopkeeper heard Xiao Wangfei came to buy medicinal herbs, he busily brought his people to serve Lin Chujiu. After asking Lin Chujiu what medicinal herbs she wanted to buy, he took out the best samples and showed it to her. Lin Chujiu was very satisfied with the quality. The price was also reasonable, so Lin Chujiu let the shopkeeper sent them to the Xiao Wangfu and settle the bill to the treasurer.

After they finished buying herbs, the guard asked Lin Chujiu again where she wanted to go. Lin Chujiu hesitated for a moment, but then she said she wanted to go to the Ci Entang.

She was an orphan. She knew very clear that children should be well-fed to grow healthy. So, she wanted to go to help.

She has a lot of money, raising a group of children will not be a problem.

The guard thought he heard it wrong, so he asked Lin Chujiu once again. When Lin Chujiu kindly repeated her words, the guard couldn’t help but knitted his eyebrows.

Ci Entang was a place where noble people never wanted to go to. So, the guard couldn’t understand why Lin Chujiu wanted to go there. He wanted to persuade Lin Chujiu, but Lin Chujiu refused when he hasn’t finished his words. The guard has no other choice but to drive towards the Ci Entang.

Ci Entang was a place the government built solely for abandoned babies and children. Ci Entang exists all over the East Country, but people said, the most magnificent branch was in the capital.  

Although the Ci Entang in the capital was not a troublesome place, it was separated from the most prosperous street in the capital. It was built in Zhuque Street.

The Zhuque Street was not broad, carriages cannot pass through it. The guard parked the carriage outside the street and said: “Wangfei, in front of us, is Ci Entang, but the carriage cannot enter there.”

“I’ll go down and we will walk over.” Lin Chujiu got out of the carriage and was about to go with the guard to the Zhuque street, but… …

As soon as she stepped outside, the medical system sent an alarm: A patient needs an immediate treatment.

Aren’t you mistaken?!

Lin Chujiu almost curse…

Does it mean whenever she went outside and there was a patient needed a treatment, she has to treat them? Can she still go out by then?

The patient is in critical condition, please give an immediate treatment. The medical system once again reminded Lin Chujiu, who was standing in the same spot with an ugly face.

After waiting for a long time, the guard still saw Lin Chujiu not moving. So, he couldn’t help but asked: “Wangfei, are we still going to Ci Entang?”

“We will, but not now… …” Lin Chujiu gritted her teeth and turned around indignantly, she will going to look for the medical system’s patient… …

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  1. In any other story it would go –
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    In this story:
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