Chapter 260: Repay, Wangye was asking for reconciliation? (Part 2)

“Wangye has come, Wangfei will be alright.” Housekeeper Cao didn’t see Xiao Tianyao’s appearance. But, when he heard Lin Chujiu’s voice, he fainted immediately.

He was too old, he can no longer stand such a stimulating event!

“Hold on tight.” Xiao Tianyao held Lin Chujiu in one hand and walked towards the dead assassin with a sword in the body. Lin Chujiu couldn’t see what he was doing. But, she saw blood keep splashing in front of her.

The assassin’s body fell one by one. Under Xiao Tianyao’s hands, those assassins were only like chickens. Once again, Lin Chujiu understood how powerful Xiao Tianyao was.

Her husband was very strong, strong enough to make people scared of him, but also let people felt at ease.

Along the way, Xiao Tianyao killed all the assassins he encountered. No one dared to stop him, because no one could stop him.

When the Xiao Wangfu’s guardsmen arrived, Xiao Tianyao throws the sword in his hand and coldly said: “Clean things up and send their body to the Control Yuan tomorrow morning.”

Those assassins didn’t come to assassinate Xiao Tianyao. It has nothing to do with him. But since he appeared, he could say that they came to assassinate him. The court has to give him a clear investigation.

The assassins were solved in an instant, the guardsmen were very ashamed of themselves.

They were the guards of Xiao Wangfu. It was their responsibility to protect their Wangye, but in reality, their Wangye doesn’t need their protection. Instead, they need their Wangye’s protection.

They lost their face as Xiao Wangfu’s guardsmen.

“Look for a carriage!” Xiao Tianyao didn’t reprimand the guards for failing their duty. He knew very well the level in power of his guards. It’s not that his guardsmen cannot fight, its just the other party was too strong.

They failed to kill the assassins, so they mustn’t fail to find a carriage.

The guards quickly found a carriage, although it wasn’t that spacious, it was enough to accommodate two people.

Xiao Tianyao carried Lin Chujiu on the carriage. In fact, Xiao Tianyao had been carrying Lin Chujiu since he catches her. Lin Chujiu didn’t seem realized this matter.

The guard left Housekeeper Cao and drove the carriage to the Xiao Wangfu. (The next morning, the owner found his carriage was missing, and only found a gold coin on its place. It seemed it has nothing to do with the guard.)


Inside the carriage, Xiao Tianyao put down Lin Chujiu. But, he heard Lin Chujiu screamed in pain, so he has no choice but to put her down lightly: “Where are you hurt?” His voice was cold, as if he was blaming Lin Chujiu.

“I only have a little scratch on my back. I will wipe some medicine when we get back. It’s nothing serious.” When she rolled down from the carriage, she landed on her back.

“Mmm.” Xiao Tianyao didn’t ask anymore.

The borrowed carriage has no night pearls, so the inside of the carriage was dark. Xiao Tianyao can still see everything clearly, but Lin Chujiu cannot.

After carefully sitting in a comfortable position, Lin Chujiu looked up at Xiao Tianyao and said in a low voice: “In today’s event, thank you.”

“Thank you? Are you considering benwang as your life-saving grace? How many times does benwang have to save you?” In the darkness, Xiao Tianyao can see Lin Chujiu with no difficulty, so he saw her face with a little trace of grievances. He opened his mouth and said lightly: “Say, how are you going to repay benwang for being your life-saving grace?” 

Xiao Tianyao specifically emphasized the words “life-saving grace”. Lin Chujiu doesn’t know what he wants, nor his plans. So, she has no choice but to ask: “How do you want me to repay you?” With her body? Well, she was married to him.

“You are benwang’s wife, what can you repay benwang?” Xiao Tianyao’s face looks a bit disgusted, but he didn’t wait for Lin Chujiu to open her mouth, he said: “Forget it, you saved benwang once. Benwang doesn’t care about the past incidents. From today onward, all your accounts in the past incidents are dismissed.”

After he finished his words, Xiao Tianyao’s ears slightly redden, but because it was dark, Lin Chujiu didn’t see it… …

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  1. Hahaha, cheap move XTY to try to start over with your wifey who was holding a grudge about being used as a virtually disposable bait in his previous scheme…. Wonder if demon Lord will reappear to steal cuddles and make vinegar fly….

  2. thanks for, he want to start new married life again but his attitude still the same(advise to LC to spank her hubby or poke his butt with needle)..we cant wait to see lovey dovey soon..

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