Chapter 267: Purpose, what is the identity? (Part 2)

Lin Chujiu, who was full of negative emotions, walked outside her courtyard and prepared to leave the Xiao Wangfu.

At this time, she had to look after every sick child. Although Houskeeper Cao invited several doctors to also took care of the children. However, some medical procedure could only be performed by her. Such as surgery on a child with rabbit lips.

There were not many children with rabbit lips. Lin Chujiu operated to one child on the first day. She wanted to finish every operation today so that they only need to properly care.

From Lin Chujiu’s courtyard up to Xiao Wangfu, there was a long distance. It’s very inconvenient to come and go. Houskeeper Cao suggested to Lin Chujiu once to change her courtyard, but Lin Chujiu refused. 

In Lin Chujiu’s opinion, changing courtyard will give a hint to Xiao Tianyao. She doesn’t want to be a romantic type at all so that Xiao Tianyao will not take her as a joke in the future.

After walking for two-quarters of an hour, Lin Chujiu finally arrived at the gate. Lin Chujiu was a little short in breathe. But, when she was ready to go outside, she heard someone calling her: “Wangfei, wait… ..”

Lin Chujiu turned back and saw Su Cha running over: “I finally got here, I thought I was late.” Su Cha wiped his sweat. He was also a little short in breathe and also looked tired.

“Are you looking for me?” Lin Chujiu was quite polite to Su Cha. After all, Su Cha was much smarter than Liu Bai.

Su Cha sighed and said: “Wangye said to me this morning before he left, to accompany Wangfei today.”

“Did Wangye left early?” Who knows why, but when Lin Chujiu heard Su Cha’s words, she inexplicably felt better.

“Yes, it seems that there was news about the ambush before. The emperor summoned Wangye in the palace.” Su Cha vaguely said. Lin Chujiu didn’t ask further. Knowing that Xiao Tianyao left early due to his business, Lin Chujiu was quite satisfied. She let Su Cha followed her without any resentment.

“Before we go to the hospital, we will go to the Zhuque Street first.” Lin Chujiu didn’t say much, she believed that Su Cha already knew the two children.

Su Cha’s mission was to meet the two children. So naturally, he didn’t have any scruples: “I will follow Wangfei, no matter where she goes.”

Lin Chujiu smiled. Although she doesn’t know why Su Cha followed her, she knew he must have something important to do. Su Cha didn’t say anything, so she didn’t ask.

The carriage drove to Zhuque Street at the fastest speed. While on the road, Lin Chujiu and Su Cha didn’t talk. Although Su Cha finds it boring, he was more afraid of Lin Chujiu asking his purpose.

The discerning eye can see, he didn’t came to protect her, nor to monitor her. But to say that he has no motive, he himself will not believe it.

Fortunately, Xiao Tianyao didn’t intend to deceive Lin Chujiu, otherwise, things will be much difficult.

When the carriage stopped at the entrance of the inn, Lin Chujiu got off the carriage. Su Cha followed behind her but didn’t say anything. However, his face looked a bit serious.

Zhou Hean and the sick child didn’t go outside. When Zhou Hean heard someone knocked on the door, he knew right away that it was Lin Chujiu, so he opened it soon. But then, he saw Su Cha. Zhou Hean stood in front of the door and didn’t let Su Cha came inside: “Madame, who is he?”

“My chief of staff, he came with me.” Lin Chujiu found a suitable reason for Su Cha. Zhou Hean looked at Su Cha intently. Seeing Su Cha has a gentle face and has no martial arts skills, he let Su Cha come inside with Lin Chujiu. 

Zhou Hean’s alertness made Lin Chujiu understood things in an instant. Zhou Hean’s identity was definitely not simple, and Su Cha came with her to meet him. She doesn’t know who Zhou Hean was, but Su Cha definitely does… …

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  1. She is too unlikable as a character. Shes too weak and far too fickle. How did she all of a sudden develop feelings for him?! He did one decent thing and ALL the prior abuses and continuing abuses were dropped. She wouldn’t be in any of the situations she is in now if it weren’t for him. Shed only have to deal with her paternal family. Which she could do on her own, If it were her only problem. This story has said time and time again that she has little heart and no matter how much “good” a person does after, she will remember the debts owed for their misdeeds towards her yet here she is letting it all go? He used her as bait, repeatedly almost gets her killed, verbally admonishes her, uses the things she does for his own personal gain, takes her freedom, and blames her for all the things he is the cause of. He is a horrible human being!!! And, frankly, she’s no better because she is the world’s greatest doormat. Because of how it.was written I’ve continued to read this thinking she would get to stab this f***er in the face one day but it turns out to be another overly played out Chinese “abuse the woman” love story. I swear I think this is how China grooms their women to be so submissive. All their entertainment shows this as proper affection and not the psychopathic male shovanistic absurdity that it really is. I feel bad for China’s women.

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