Chapter 285: To kidnap, to kill you (Part 1)

After Lin Chujiu and Meng Shi talks, they did not rush to leave. They stayed for half an hour to drink tea. They only left when a maidservant came and said that Lin Wanting had finished reading the Buddhist scriptures. Lin Chujiu got up and left with Meng Da Furen together with the Meng three brothers.

When the old mama saw Meng Da Furen with four other people, she said with a face full of regret: “Master, young miss, Laofuren just fell asleep.” After listening to the Buddhist for an hour, Meng Laofuren who felt good rest early. Not to mention, now that the situation has calmed down a bit.

When Lin Wanting heard this, she looked at Lin Chujiu with a provocative smile. She wanted Lin Chujiu to travel in vain, so how was that?

Lin Chujiu didn’t look at Lin Wanting, she only said to the old mama: “I just want to see grandmother to check her pulse, then I will go.” She doesn’t need to read scriptures all day to show her filial piety.

“Young Miss, please… …” The Old Mama showed the way to Lin Chujiu and looked at Lin Wanting in a vague way.

The Old Mama knew that Lin Wanting was deliberately doing this, but as a maidservant, she can’t say anything.

The three Meng brothers didn’t think too much. When they heard Meng Laofuren was asleep, they only waited outside the room.

Lin Chujiu was not really going to check the old lady’s pulse, she wanted to use the medical system to check Meng Laofuren’s condition. They said the old lady has a lot of spirits, but her body’s condition was very bad. The medical system’s diagnosis was still the same as yesterday. Her condition didn’t improve at all.

In terms of regulating a person’s condition, Western medicine was not comparable to Chinese medicine. So, Lin Chujiu didn’t give the old lady any medicine. When she learned the old lady had a good night sleep last night, she retired to go.

“Chujiu, is mother still okay?” Meng Shi opened his mouth and asked. But, Lin Chujiu haven’t opened her mouth, when Lin Wanting sadly said: “Sister, is grandmother okay? Your medical skill is superb, you can definitely cure grandmother, right? Sister, grandmother was suffering so much, how can you just bear to kneel beside the bed and do nothing?”

With a *Bang* sound, Lin Wanting suddenly kneel in front of Lin Chujiu: “Sister I beg you, please save grandmother. Wanting knelt in front of you. Can you save grandmother now?”

Lin Wanting said as she tried pulling Lin Chujiu’s skirt to lean on her. Lin Chujiu was quite sensitive, she moved to the side to avoid Lin Wanting’s hand. Lin Wanting didn’t see it, so she fell to the ground.

“Sister… …” Lin Wanting looked at Lin Chujiu sadly.

Lin Chujiu glanced and taunted Lin Wanting: “Fortunately, this is at home, otherwise, the Lin Family’s face will be thrown away.”

“Yes, Wanting, what are you doing? Get up quickly.” Aside from Lin Chujiu, only the three Meng brothers were inside the hall. Seeing Lin Wanting suddenly crouching on the floor, Meng Shi was dumbfounded. He busily sent a signal with his eyes to his youngest brother to help Lin Wanting.

“Wanting, get up quickly.” Meng San Laoye came forward, wanting to pull up Lin Wanting, but she refused: “Uncle, I wanted to ask my sister to save grandmother.”

“Nonsense, do you even need to beg your sister to save mother?” Regarding this matter, Meng San Laoye understood the situation more than Meng Shi. He hasn’t figured it out before, but now he understood Lin Wanting’s intentions.

Lin Wanting was deliberately doing this. If Lin Chujiu failed to cured Meng Laofuren’s disease, uninformed people will think Lin Chujiu didn’t do her best. On the other hand, if she succeeds, all the credit will still go to her.

At such a young age, she can make calculation up to this point. She really has the same virtuous as his second sister. Meng San Laoye’s eyes flashed with a trace of disgust. Regardless of what, he pulled Lin Wanting up: “Girls are supposed to be delicate, don’t just casually kneel in front of people. Uninformed people might think we are bullying you.”  It can be seen that Lin Wanting has a blocked head.

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