Chapter 302: Depressed, not to (Part 1)

When Lin Chujiu got into the carriage, she took the child in the woman’s arms and looked around the carriage. When she saw a brush container, Lin Chujiu released a breathed sigh of relief.

“Furen, no matter what you see, don’t get panic. I will save your son.” Lin Chujiu’s face looked very cold and serious, so the woman nodded her head instinctively.

Then, Lin Chujiu took a small scalpel from the medical system. Without any hesitation, she cut the child’s throat… …

With a *poof* sound, the blood came out.

“Ahh… …” The woman yelled and rushed toward Lin Chujiu: “You, you killed my son, you… …”

“Furen, don’t shout, your son is not dead.” Lin Chujiu lifted her foot to block the woman. Then, she reached out her hand and took the brush container. She cut off both ends of it and inserted it to the child’s throat.

“Furen, furen, what happened?” The loud shout inside the carriage alarm the servant and the other people outside. The woman was readying herself to call her people in, when she heard Lin Chujiu said: “Furen, look at your son, he can now breath peacefully.” Earlier, her son’s face was bluish in color, but now, she can see with her own eyes that he was getting better and better.

The woman came forward to watch closely. When she saw her son was alright, she was so shocked: “How can this be… …” Her son’s throat was cut off, how can he be okay?

“I just cut a small hole to let him breathe, I didn’t cut off her throat. As soon as he gets a little better, I will immediately suture the wound. His life will not be in danger.” Lin Chujiu was afraid to get in trouble, so she busily explained.

“Is that true?” The woman was just an ordinary merchant. She has a little knowledge in medicine, so when she heard Lin Chujiu’s words, she doesn’t know if it were true.

“Give me a quarter of an hour, I promise that nothing bad will happen to your son. If something goes wrong, I will take responsibility.” When Lin Chujiu saw that the woman finally got convinced a bit, she added another sentence: “Furen, I am a stranger to you two, if I didn’t see your son in danger, will I take a risk if I don’t know anything?”

“You’re right.” The woman changed her opinion. After all, she was only an ordinary merchant. She didn’t offend anyone, so why will this young lady kill her son?

Moreover, her son was already having difficulty to breathe.

When the people outside didn’t hear any movement of their master inside the carriage, they had no other choice but to open the door. But, they were blocked by Lin Chujiu: “Furen, I don’t want other people to know how I saved your son.”

“Hurry, hurry, get inside, there is a murderer here. Officer, there is a murderer here.” The servant shouted wildly. His shout attracted the people’s attention.

“What happened? Murder?”

“Didn’t that person said she was a doctor? Is it a lie?”

“How can a poor girl be a doctor? It must be a lie.”

When Lin Chujiu heard the servant’s shout outside the carriage, she had a headache. So, she said to the woman: “Furen, can I bother you to explain to the people outside? I didn’t do anything wrong with your son. I am nothing but a weak woman, so I can’t run away.”

It’s really annoying to save unknown people out of the blue!

“Okay… …” The woman looked at her son. When she saw him breathing steady and his face turned better, she finally made up her mind.

She is willing to take this chance.

“Everything is okay. Zong’er is fine.” The woman opened the door and explain.

“Furen, is young master really okay?” The servant asked while eagerly stretching his neck. But because the space inside the carriage was small, he couldn’t see anything.

“He is fine, that girl is really a doctor.” Although it was a bit scary, her son indeed got better.

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