Chapter 313: Erase, give an explanation (Part 2)

In short, Lin Chujiu can’t stay in the Meng Family for too long. She needs to go back sooner or later. Xiao Tianyao picking her up can be said giving her a face. If Lin Chujiu refuses, it doesn’t really matter, because she has to go back after 5 days.

While identity brings endless benefits, it also brings endless troubles. And because of this identity, Lin Chujiu must attend the banquet for the Southern Princess and Western Prince.

Lin Chujiu secretly took a breath and pressed down the troubles in her heart, then she coldly said: “Go back, tell Wangye I know.”

“Yes.” The messenger busily stood up and leave.

Not long after the messenger walked away, Meng Da Furen came in and ask: “Chujiu, Xiao Wangye wants to come tomorrow?”

“Yes, Wangye wants to visit grandmother.” This matter was decided by Xiao Tianyao, so Lin Chujiu has no intention to hide it.

After some period of time being together, Meng Da Furen has done a lot of things for Lin Chujiu. She also now has a lot of sincerity towards her. And because she was concerned, she asked: “Chujiu, Xiao Wangye will come here for you, right?”

“Mmm.” That was not a secret, anyone who has eyes can see it.

The old lady has been ill for many days, but suddenly, Xiao Tianyao will visit her? If he was concern to the old lady, why wait until today?

Meng Da Furen saw Lin Chujiu’s face has no trace of joy. So, she asked with concern: “What do you think about this matter?” They certainly support Lin Chujiu, but some things were better off not rejected.

“I will go back with Wangye tomorrow.” Aside from this, she really has no other choice.

When Meng Da Furen heard her, she was freed from worries at once: “That’s good, that’s good.”

Lin Chujiu smiled but didn’t speak.

When Meng Da Furen saw Lin Chujiu’s smile, she sighed inside her heart. She put away the smile on her face and held Lin Chujiu’s hand, then said: “Chujiu, you and Xiao Wangye are husband and wife. You two are inseparable. In a relationship, the one who retreats most of the time doesn’t really mean the loser. Xiao Wangye’s pride is as high as the sky. Just forgive him a little more and don’t think about other things too much. After all, you have to rely on him for the rest of your life.”

These words, it was supposed to be said by Lin Furen. But with Lin Furen’s character, how can she teach Lin Chujiu to get along with Xiao Wangye?

“Chujiu, don’t think aunt is being noisy, aunt just want you to live a good life. You are now married to Xiao Wangye. If you two keep on fighting, the person who will suffer in the end is you. Xiao Wangye is a man and has a high status. If he became dissatisfied with you, he can always marry someone else and have concubines. But you are different, you have no other choice but to rely on him. If Xiao Wangye no longer wants you or dislike you, you can only live at the foot of Xiao Wangfu. What more, it will be very hard for you to live in the capital, people will start bullying you, no one will stand on your side.” In her last sentence, Meng Da Furen’s voice couldn’t help but tremble in sadness.

All the women under the sun were all desperate. They only have one husband they can rely on. If they lose their husband’s love, they will not only be miserable but also will never be happy again.

Even if their husband was not good with them, they can only endure.

“Aunt, you can rest assured, I know what to do.” Whether Meng Da Furen’s words were out of her league, Lin Chujiu knew that she was only being kind. She only wants good things for her.

This was the case between people, people’s heart changed. The previous Lin Chujiu was not loved by her maternal family. But this time, she was loved because she risked her life and saved her cousins.

Lin Chujiu believed that because of that incident, the Meng Family will unconditionally stand on her side, but… …

The Meng Family was still too weak, too weak to defend her!

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5 thoughts on “Chapter 313: Erase, give an explanation (Part 2)

  1. This is exactly why I both love and hate this novel. I love the realistic positions and actions of all the characters for the time and culture. And at the same time it rubs against my modern woman feminist sensibilities like sand paper.
    I really hope LCJ manages to hold on to her own ideals in that world.

    1. Agreed! I also appreciate how LCJ also struggles with merging the two. It’s grating to read, but I think it is also valuable. Thank you for the wonderful translations!

  2. Ahhh!! I dont want to transmigrate there anymore, i’ll just badmouth the male lead in the comment section.
    Its hard to live in that era as a woman haist!!
    Just leave everythingg and run!! HAHAHAHHAHA

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