Chapter 327: Way of life, destiny (Part 1)

A young boy holding a powerful army was like a three-year-old boy holding a golden city, which obviously, people wanted to take away. If Xiao Tianyao wanted to keep this power, he has to fight with those people. The process will naturally be fierce. 

When Su Cha heard Lin Chujiu’s statement, he couldn’t help but asked: “Wangfei, don’t you feel distressed?”

He said so many things, Lin Chujiu’s heart softens by then, right?

What Lin Chujiu’s heart made of?

“Isn’t all in the past? Wangye is not dead, so why do I need to feel distressed?” Thinking about Xiao Tianyao’s situation, Lin Chujiu couldn’t help but laugh when she came back from the Wind Cliff Valley.

She also didn’t die, right?

“Oh… …” Hearing Lin Chujiu’s answer, Su Cha knew at once that bitter statement will not work. However, he didn’t give up, he gave a follow up statement: “Wangfei is right. Everything had passed. Although Wangye is still affected by his past, he indeed survived.”

Things had passed, but some pain will still remain. Xiao Tianyao experienced too many harsh things, that’s why he couldn’t sleep well all these years. He will not be so fond in cleanliness and he wouldn’t hate to get close to women, but… …

Because Xiao Tianyao didn’t mention these things to Lin Chujiu, Su Cha also didn’t mention it.

According to Xiao Tianyao’s pride, he will not use these things to get Lin Chujiu’s sympathy. Su Cha took a great risk mentioning Xiao Tianyao’s childhood experience, but he didn’t tell her in complete details.

Bitterness doesn’t work, so Su Cha simply said: “Wangfei, you also know that Wangye had spent a lot of his years on the battlefield. Before you two married, Xiao Wangfu didn’t even have a single maidservant. Wangye never had a woman next to him all these years, that’s why he doesn’t know how to get along with a woman.”

“What exactly do you want to achieve by saying this to me?” Lin Chujiu said after a bit moment of silence.

Su Cha didn’t rush to speak, he took his teacup and moistened his throat first: “I just want to tell Wangfei, that Wangye really cares about you, it’s just he is not good in expressing it. Otherwise, with his character, when you shut your door, he can just tear apart the whole house and make you surrender.” 

Su Cha was still affected by Liu Bai’s words and tried to speak a bit atrocious. However, in order not to scare Lin Chujiu, Su Cha added another statement: “Wangfei, Wangye may be inhumane in some aspects, but he is not malicious. He only believes that he shouldn’t rely on others, only he can protect himself. Wangye never had a woman before, that’s why he doesn’t know how to get along with you. He sometimes can hurt you, but that’s because he was not aware of it.”

Su Cha came and talked to Lin Chujiu, not only to complete his task but also because he hopes for them to get along.

The two of them had already become a close couple and trusted each other. If they gradually stayed apart, it won’t be good for everyone.

Seeing Lin Chujiu staying silent, Su Cha continued: “Wangfei, right now, Wangye is strong enough to point that nobody dares to hurt him. But, it doesn’t mean he can’t get hurt emotionally. Wangfei, your cold shoulder hurting him.”

Thinking of Xiao Tianyao’s bloodshot eyes and frowning eyebrow, Su Cha couldn’t help but sigh: “Wangfei, can’t you try to get along with Wangye one more time?”

One more time?

How will she answer?

Lin Chujiu looked at Su Cha and silently sighed: “Su Gongzi, I and Wangye are in good terms now.  You shouldn’t blindly ask me to cater him.”

She really felt that they were on good terms. She didn’t quarrel, cry or accuse Xiao Tianyao, right?

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  1. Well… I know what she means. From her point of view the fact that she is being honest about her feelings and expectations with XTY means that they are closer in some ways. But I wouldn’t say that they are getting along at the moment. It serves him right though, he deserves a little torment from his wife. His past experiences were terrible, but they taught him how to protect himself, now he has to learn something new, having a long lasting love and relationship is work, he’s got to learn that. I’m still basking in the fact that she shut the door in his face, that was such a good moment!

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